Fijian Touch Cup Rules

Each and every touch rugby tournament or festival runs things a little differently. We run the Fijian Touch Cup in line with the laws set out by the Federation of International Touch in conjunction with Touch NZ and the Touch Federation of Fiji.

Let’s break down the basic rules and regulations of touch rugby at the Fijian Touch Cup;

The Format

The Fijian Cup tournament structure provides each competing team a minimum of three games on each day of the preliminary match rounds.

Once the preliminary matches have concluded we will proceed with a play-off structure through to the finals to establish the winners for each of the divisions.

The divisions are as follows; mens, womens and mixed.

The Matches

Each match will be 30-minutes long played in two 15-minute halves. There will be a 3-minute half time break in each match. There will be five minutes between matches.

Transfers from the Sheraton Fiji will leave at 8am each morning and return players after the final game each day at 2pm.


In accordance with the Federation of International Touch teams are to consist of no less than 10 players and no more than 16. All team members must be registered to play in the Fijian Touch Cup by purchasing an official festival package.

There may only be 6 players from each team on the pitch during live play.

If you are low on numbers or would like to max out your team to the full 16 players reach out to us. We have a long list of local Fijian players who would love the opportunity to play alongside you and your team.

Mixed teams must have a minimum of X female players on the pitch during live play.

Uniform and Kit

All players must remove all jewellery and piercings before they play for their own safety and the safety of their teammates and opponents.

Banned items of clothing include items with buckles, zips, clips or other rigid materials. Metal hair grips and clips are also banned.

All players must wear team kit while at the playing arena in addition to wearing appropriate footwear for matches.

Match Officials and Referees

The decisions made by the referees and match officials is final. Abuse or unpleasant treatment of the referring and match officials team is not tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

The refereeing and match official team will give a full briefing to all teams before the competition commences to discuss any safety issues, impacts of adverse weather conditions or adaptations to the rules of play. Important issues will then be reiterated to the team captains at the toss.

Player Etiquette

Players are expected to adhere to the whistle of the referee and match officials, to play within the laws of touch rugby and treat everyone on and off the pitch with respect.

Players are reminded that although there is a strong competitive element to the Fijian Touch Cup that this is a recreational tournament and therefore the focus is on player/team development not necessarily winning and losing.

Players and teams who do not progress to the finals are encouraged to stay and watch the finals and support those teams still in the competition.

Spectator Etiquette

Spectators are encouraged to cheer and praise as much as they like. As with the players, spectators are expected to respect the decisions of the refereeing and match official team.

Spectators should never berate, condemn or bully players for their performance and are advised that any behaviour deemed to be not encouraging could result in them being asked to leave the venue.

Likewise, spectators from ‘rival’ teams are expected to treat one another with the respect and courtesy rugby fans are famed for.

Should you have any more specific questions about the rules and regulations of the Fijian Touch Cup reach out to us at There will be a comprehensive player and coaching team briefing before the Fijian Touch Cup tournaments commence.

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