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The Fijian Cup touch rugby tournament ballot is being drawn, marking the start of the road to the tournament

Freddy Walker/MediaPA

The Fijian Cup touch rugby tournament is set to heat up with the ballot now being drawn for the tournament.

With the countdown for the tournament being less than 250 days away, teams are now gearing towards one of the most exciting and lucrative touch rugby tournaments to be held around the world.

“We are extremely excited for the ballot to be done and the competition draw to be released. It will add a sense of realism to the tournament. The touch rugby will be awesome and the location even better” says TourismHQ, the organisers of the tournament.

The Fijian Cup is complimented by the Kava Cup women’s competition and both will run across two days. Afternoons will be spent relaxing in luxury accommodation with parties being run in the evenings for athletes to unwind.

“We are expecting that for years to come we will have teams continually coming back. We are attracting some high-quality players, which will add more competition to the tournament and see it ranked highly with similar competitions across the world.“

The tournament will be overseen by the Touch Federation of Fiji, who will appoint a Senior Technical Official to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly.

With the ballot now being drawn, teams will be closely following all information to come on the tournament. The tournament is going to be the ultimate touch tournament in paradise.

Head to to find out all you need to know around tournament logistics.

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Prizes at The Fijian and Kava Cups set to blow minds with over FJD$50,000 worth up for grabs

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The most incredible touch tournament in paradise is sure to attract the attention of touch rugby lovers across the globe with prizes adding up to over FJD$50,000!

The tournament is sanctioned by the Federation of International Touch and is run by Touch Fiji with support from Touch New Zealand.

The winning team of the Fijian cup men’s and Kava cup woman’s tournaments will receive a cash cheque for FJD$7,500. 10 accommodation and entry packages are included to allow the winning teams to return and defend their title the next year. Along with this comes a FJD$1,500 bar tab for both teams to celebrate with.

Along with these main prizes are afternoon experience spot prizes, which include Cloud9 trips, massages, zip lining, Beachcomber Island day trips, rounds of golf and half day fishing charters.

The team with the best costume will receive a FJD$1,000 bar tab, and the same amount will be given to the player who scores the most tries.

The tournament will mix enjoyment of the game with competition between some of the world’s best touch rugby players and teams.

“We are expecting that there will be some serious touch players and teams attending the Fijian and Kava cups. It is an exciting opportunity to play rugby in the most beautiful of locations” says Olivia Rogers, head of events for Tourism HQ.

To be a part of the most incredible touch rugby tournament in paradise, visit the Fijian Cup website today at

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Fijian & Kava Cup 2017 touch rugby tournaments just the start of the perfect experience

Freddy Walker/MediaPA

While enjoying the competition of the Fijian and Kava cup touch rugby tournaments, there is plenty to be experienced in beautiful Fiji.

“Along with the cups, we have a number of packages available to suit participant’s travelling needs” says the 2017 Fijian cup touch tournament organisers.

The competitions start on November 4, 2017 with support from Touch Fiji and New Zealand Touch.

There is an option for participants, along with the packages available to enter the touch tournaments to extend their stay by a night either side of the tournaments, two nights either side or to remove flights altogether and stay in Fiji for an extended period of time.

This provides the perfect opportunity for participants to experience all that Fiji has to offer. This includes attractions such as Bula Park, which is a great place for tournament players to cool off and enjoy a day of relaxation in the waterpark.

Another attraction is the famous Cloud9 floating platform. The experience includes an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria. Add to that a music surround sound system like no other, and it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The option to extend your stay is perfectly complimented by the opportunity to spend a day going to the world-renowned Beachcomber Island. The island is hailed as the ultimate ‘party by night, paradise by day’ experience and is one that every participant in the Fijian and Kava cups should strive to be a part of.

Along with these activities, there is zip-lining, golf and massages that can be frequented during the stay in Fiji. Each of these goes hand in hand with the Fijian and Kava cup touch tournaments.

“I would recommend making the most out of the time in beautiful Fiji, and participants really should try and see as much of the country as possible” enthuses the Fijian Cup 2017 organiser.

For more information about what can be experienced during and after the Fijian and Kava cup tournaments, visit

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What is the Fijian Cup?

The Fijian Touch Cup is, quite simply, the ultimate touch rugby competition hosted in the paradise pocket of the world, Fiji.

The Fijian Cup is a four day celebration of pacific island sport within a union of cultural exchange, party and relaxation. We have created an all-encompassing itinerary that provides our guests with a high class touch rugby competition, an authentic Fijian adventure and the chance to experience 5* luxury with all the relaxing benefits that that brings.

Join us in sporting paradise for the time of your life. Let’s break it down;

The Fijian Touch Cup is a chance for teams from across New Zealand and Australia to compete against Fiji’s biggest sporting stars and rising talent. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, not only to play internationally but to compete for prizes worth $50,000 FJD!

The Fijian Touch Cup is an open invite competition meaning any formal club team can sign up and play. Although this is considered a recreational tournament the standard of play is high and competition tough; we insist you bring your A-game! We host a men’s tournament, women’s tournament and a mixed tournament side by side. There’s never a dull moment and the skill level will blow your mind!

Our aim is to provide players a chance to experience true Fiji as well as a top rate sporting environment. The Fijian Touch Cup is bigger than just the event weekend, the programme has been designed to raise the profile of Fijian players and by choosing to attend this phenomenal competition you will be contributing to the development of local players. We believe that the Fiji Touch Cup is the first stepping stone for undiscovered Fijian talent in reaching the world stage. By investing in your own game you are also investing in the future of Fijian sport. Thank you, seriously.

Over the next 5 years we plan to create Academy Fiji, a leading body in the talent development pathway for Fijian players alongside offering a top notch academic education. The Fijian Touch Cup is more than just a competition, it’s a lifeline to sporting talent in the Pacific. For a rundown on how the competition works, click here. (LINK)

We are aware that time at the Fijian Touch Cup is short so we have every last detail mapped out for you, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to chill too. Games will be held across two days and are to be played from 9am until 2pm, this then gives players plenty of time to rest, recover and explore! To find out the full itinerary breakdown, click here. (LINK)

On top of the snorkeling and paddle boarding included in your package you can opt to join on our half day island tours or kick back in the Sheraton Fiji’s immaculate spa complex. You can even join us on Cloud 9! Fiji’s only floating paradise, featuring two levels of bars and a classic wood-fired pizzeria designed for you and your team to party hard after the boots are off!

We want everyone to be able to experience the magic of the Fijian Touch Cup so even if you’re not down for competing you can come along too! We’re always in need of cheerleaders! Bring your Mum, your Dad, your Sis and your Bro for the family holiday of a lifetime! The more the merrier! We have packages for non-paying guests, click here for more info. (LINK)

Bring your boots, your A-game and your smile…you’re in for the time of your life!


What’s Included in the Fijian Touch Cup?

The Fijian Touch Cup is the ultimate open invite sporting competition in the Pacific. To make sure you make the most out of your time in sporting paradise we have created an incredible timetable of events and an awesome package deal.

Our packages have been meticulously designed to not only offer our guests great value for money but the time of their lives. We know that in the run up to kick off your sole focus is on getting ready and fighting fit. So you can concentrate on honing in on your skills we’ve taken all the stress out of organising your trip.

As you know, the Fijian Touch Cup is a chance to raise the profile and empower local Fijian players. By choosing to join us in Fiji you are helping to fund Touch NZ officials to come to Fiji to run refereeing and coaching clinics to our hosts and also the cover entry for local Fijian teams. You’re a bit of a hero to be fair!

Let’s break it down. In your Fijian Touch Cup package you will receive;
Return Flights
We realised that the most time consuming part of organising a trip is finding a good deal on flights, so we’ve got that covered, back to the gym you go! Your Fijian Touch Cup package includes return flights from either Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney to Nadi in Fiji.

If you want to stay longer in Fiji that’s easy as to do! We deduct $600 from your package and you can arrange your own flights and stay as long as you like!

You’ve just gotta turn up to the airport with your boot bag and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your passport too!

5* Accommodation
This is surely one of the many highlights of the Fijian Touch Cup experience! You’ll be staying at paradise within paradise! Our hosts are the 5* Sheraton Fiji resort. Whether you opt for the Two Bedroom Lagoon Villa, or the Ocean Front Twin you’ll be sleeping in style; only the best for our sporting superstars!

Private Transfers
As we said, only the best for our sporting superstars! We have arranged your transfers from the Nadi Airport to the Sheraton and back again, plus transport to and from the playing fields throughout each day. We’re good like that!

Big Buffet Breakfast
You’ve gotta be fuelled up before you hit the pitch! Making sure you get your carbs loaded and your protein fixed we lay on a luxury tropical breakfast buffet every morning.

We know how rugby players love their food; come back for seconds…thirds…even forth servings, there’s plenty to go around!

We love this! Included in your package you have access to paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkeling! Games and competitions finish at 2pm daily leaving you plenty of time to cool off in the ocean for a bit of active recovery!

We have a tonne of add-on activities you can enjoy too, the half-day island tour and the 5* Sheraton spa days are just the start of it!

The Fijian Cup

Last but by no means least is the prizes! Best ’til last!

Included in your package is entry to the Fijian Cup and the chance to win prizes worth $50,000 FJD! The competition is open for mens, womens and mixed teams.

On top of this we have a welcome ceremony with cocktails galore as well as a huge prize giving evening and explosive entertainment!

So there you have it! Not only does your package deal offer you entry to the best touch rugby tournament in the Pacific but 5* accommodation, return flights, incredible island activities and more!

We’re buzzing for the Fijian Touch Cup, we can’t wait to show you our sporting paradise!


How Does the Competition Work?

We are proud to run the Fijian Touch Cup tournament in conjunction with the Federation of International Touch and Touch NZ. In doing this we not only guarantee the highest standards of match officials and referees but ensure that the highest standards of safety are upheld at all times.


The Fijian Touch Cup is conducted in line with competition rules as stipulated by the Federation of International Touch, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The Touch Federation of Fiji assigns a Senior Technical Official who acts in the role of Technical Delegate. The Technical Delegate will oversee the implementation of all the governing rules and requirements of the games. Their decision is final.


Teams are to consist of a minimum of 10 athletes and a maximum of 16. All team members must be registered and confirmed by purchasing an official package.

Only 6 per team can be on pitch at any given moment of live play.

If you are low on numbers or have space free do let us know. We have a limitless number of Fijian players who would love to pull on your team’s shirt!

Competition Format
The tournament format will provide each team with a minimum of three games on each day of the preliminary rounds.

The tournaments have a play-off structure through to the finals to decide the winning teams in each division (men, women and mixed). The order of play will be announced once the final preliminary game has finished.

Each game will consist of two halves of 15-minutes each. There will be a 3-minute half time per match. There will be 5-minutes between each match.

Games commence at 9am and the tournament concludes at 2pm each day.


Touch balls will be provided for the official competition matches only. Team are required to bring their own balls and other training tools for the purposes of the warm up and training. If you have any questions about transporting your team’s equipment to the Fijian Touch Cup please email

Prize Giving

After the final games and team cool-downs have been held players and spectators will be transferred back to the Sheraton Fiji.
At 6pm on Day Three of the Fijian Cup experience all guests will be invited to attend the prize giving ceremony and join us for an evening of entertainment, awards and prizes.

What Makes the Fijian Cup So Special?

Over the past five years the game of Touch Rugby has had a massive surge in popularity. And about time too!

Touch Rugby is one of the best sports in the world for combining serious sporting competitions with a laid back, festival vibe once the final whistle has been blown. Rugby players have earned the reputation of being some of the most fun loving, caring and outright outrageous sporting bods in the world, not to mention the most gracious of winners and courteous of losers too. Whatever the result, rugby is the real winner!

We take these strong rugby values and up the ante. We bring island vibes and a taste of paradise into the mix. This, teamed with our community development pledge, is what makes the Fijian Touch Cup so special.

What is the Community Development Pledge?
In this surge of popularity has come a great deal of profit for sports tour operators, which is great. We, however, have seen an opportunity to send these funds into more deserving places than our director’s back pocket (he works hard and defo deserves a bonus though!).

We’re also keen to make sure our guests receive the best value for money as possible. Having looked at what was on offer we saw that some competitions charge upwards of $1000 per player, for entry alone.

We can do better than that, we thought…so we did.

Our packages start at just $1499 and include entry fees, return flights, 5* accommodation and more. For a full breakdown on what’s included in the Fijian Touch Cup package click here. (LINK).

Back to the point; the funds and the good they can do. Our vision is to create a unique community where Fiji’s most promising sporting talents have access to world class education, life skills training and professional sport development within a safe and motivational environment. We have some big announcements coming up, so watch this space. You’ll be pumped to be part of it!

In the meantime, by joining us for the Fijian Touch Cup you are helping to fund Touch NZ officials and coaches to come to Fiji to train, up-skill and empower local Fijians. Our aim is to support young local players onto the talent development pathway and one day play on the world stage. Not only are you providing them with a challenging opponent during the event but you’re contributing to the kick start their sporting career needs.

In the run up to the Fijian Touch Cup, Touch NZ officials and world-class coaches will be flown to Fiji to run workshops, camps and skills clinics to ensure that the local teams are best prepared for the stiff competition you will give them.

Finally, we believe that Fiji itself is what makes the Fijian Cup so special. Not only is Fiji home to an exhilarating and adventurous style of rugby but home to an exhilarating and adventurous style of travel too.

Off the pitch you can snorkel, kayak or paddle board until your heart’s content. You can kick back and enjoy some of the best beaches in the Pacific or head out into town and absorb Fiji’s vibrant culture. Let’s not forget the chance to be properly pampered at the Sheraton Fiji’s 5* spa complex!

No boring hostel rooms or uninspiring activities here; Fiji is waiting for you, it’s gonna be the time of your life!

Why the Fijian Cup is Great for Guys

Guys we hear you! You wanna head out on an epic team tour but don’t wanna worry about the logistics, booking flights, organising opponents or finding a hotel that’ll house you and your rowdy mob. Well, you’ve come to just the right place!

The Fijian Cup is great for guys for so many reasons, let’s break it down!

All Organised

Literally all you and your boys have to do is turn up at the airport, with your passport and your boots!

We have organised everything else for you; awesome opponents, 5* accommodation, transfers, activities and a big buffet breakfast too. Bring some Fijian Dollars to put behind the bar and you’re golden.

If some of your crew are ready to pay up now and others need to spread the cost that’s no problem either. All you each need is an initial $50 to secure your spot at the competition and we’ll guide you from there. To check out our Fijian Cup monthly payment plan, click here. (LINK)

Team Activities

Paintball and Laser Tag is for the junior boys and gals, you and your crew deserve a more esteemed range of tour entertainment and we have the perfect set of team bonding activities for you.

Included in your package is unlimited kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling. Fiji is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world so be sure to charge up the GoPro. It’s a whole other world down there!

You can also opt to join onto adventurous half day tours of the island after the competition is done for the day, or even pamper yourselves in the Sheraton Fiji 5* spa complex…no, it’s not just for the gals!

Cloud 9 has to be the ultimate rugby tour treat. Cloud 9 is Fiji’s only multi-level floating platform and features not only an Italian wood-fired pizzeria but a cutting edge sound system, DJs and as much booze as a sensible performing athlete can endure! It’s ours for the duration of the Fijian Touch Cup, secure your spot ASAP, this fills up fast!

Value for Money

We looked at the prices teams are paying to enter touch rugby competitions throughout the Pacific and realised that we could do better.

Our package is not only super affordable but offers you and the guys great value for money. This, we hope, means that everyone can join us in sporting paradise.

Our packages start at just $1499 and include flights, accommodation, transfers and more. We have also kept the additional activity costs to a minimum too meaning you can all make the most of your time in Fiji.

Bro Time

We know that although you take your rugby very seriously that it’s actually a big part of your social life and down time too. We appreciate that you and your boys need some time to kick back, relax and shoot the shit. Where better to do that than in a 5* resort in Fiji?

The bar is open ’til late and we have booked out the whole resort. No need to worry about disturbing the honeymoon couple, you’re all in the same boat!

Just don’t be the tournament tw*t though!

There you have it, we doubt you needed any more convincing on whether or not the Fijian Touch Cup is great for guys but there are four top reasons why you should secure your spot right here right now…do it…click here!

Why the Fijian Touch Cup is Great for Gals

Girls, we all know the drill! Organising a rugby tour that keeps the whole team happy can be tough. You all wanna head out to play some high class touch rugby against challenging opponents but teaming this with a bit a R&R can be tricky. Good job you’ve found the Fijian Touch Cup!

This is a touch competition with a difference, you get the best of both worlds; a little touch of paradise and world-class touch rugby too.

The Fijian Cup is great for you and your gals for heaps of reasons, let’s break it down!

Easy to Organise
We feel you, trying to organise hotels, flights, transfers and matches for your tour makes life unnecessarily hectic. Even if you and your team head to a touch rugby festival chance are you’ll be camping or having to sort your own accommodation and hotel owners aren’t too fond of hosting a team of rowdy rugby players…can’t think why?!

sHere at the Fijian Touch Cup we’ve removed all the hassle and stress for you. All you and your gals have to do is register your team, each pay your $50 deposit and you’re halfway there!

Your Fijian Touch Cup package includes 5* accommodation at the Sheraton Fiji, return flights to Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland, transfers, team activities and a big breakfast buffet every morning.

That’s on to top of competition entry, prizes worth $50,000+ and an epic end of festival awards night!

To make organising your trip that bit easier we’ve created the Fijian Touch Cup Monthly Payment Plan so if some of your gals are ready to pay now and others need to spread the cost that’s no worries. We’ve intentionally kept out package costs as low as $1,499 in hope that everyone can join us in Fiji.

Epic Team Activities

Finding team activities to do on tour that aren’t gimmicky is kinda hard. Finding tour activities that everyone is genuinely happy to take part in is even harder. We have a whole host of kick ass team activities for you and the gals to enjoy when you’re not on the pitch.

Your packages include free, unlimited paddle boarding, snorkelling and kayaking. The gentle shores of the Pacific in Fiji are perfect for stand up paddle boarding and a great way to work that core for a bit of active recovery!

Fiji is home to some of the best snorkelling spots in the world. Remember to bring the GoPro to capture the underwater magic.

If you and your gals are in the mood for a party (and let’s face it you will be!) you can join us on Cloud 9!

Cloud 9 is the ideal rugby tour treat and is Fiji’s only multi level floating party platform. Cloud 9 features a state of the art sound system and classic Italian wood-fired pizzeria. This is where the party’s at! Make sure you and your gals book your spot on Cloud 9 as soon as possible; everyone want a piece of the action!

How could we forget! If you’re feeling like you need a bit of pampering between matches you can head to the Sheraton Fiji’s 5* spa complex. You and the gals can opt into a half-day spa package extravaganza; the perfect way to recover from a tough day on the pitch!

Unbeatable Value for Money

Having spoken to players like you we realised that value for money is important and that you and your gals deserve to have the time of your lives while on rugby tour.

We looked at the cost of touch rugby festivals across the Pacific, NZ and Oz and realised that we could do better…so we have!

We are proud to offer you and your gals unbeatable value for money, we hope that this means everyone can join us in the world’s greatest sporting paradise.

The Fijian Touch Cup programme of events has been intentionally designed to give you and the team a chance to experience world-class standard of rugby while having the travel experience of a lifetime all within a super affordable package.

Gal Time

We appreciate that rugby is a massive part of your life but that it’s the social side of things that really makes you love the game.

We also appreciate that work, family and all other parts of your life mean that opportunities to just hang out with your team mates sometimes come few and far between.

The Fijian Touch Cup is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the sisterhood, make heaps of memories on and off the pitch and ultimately have the time of your life in the world’s best sporting island, Fiji.

Well, there are four great reasons why the Fijian Touch Cup is great for gals! Share this with your teammates if they’re in need to convincing!

To secure your spot at the best touch rugby competition in the Pacific click here! (LINK)


Why is the Fijian Touch Cup is Great for Couples

Are you and your lover a rugby mad, uber competitive pair? Is one of you rugby mad and the other supportive but indifferent?

Either way, the Fijian Touch Cup is great for couples and we’re about to tell you why!

Whether you join us on the pitch or on the sidelines we know you and your beau are gonna have the time of your lives in Fiji; let’s break it down!

For Competing Couples

The Fijian Touch Cup is made for people like you! Whether you play for a guys team, a gals team or in the mixed teams the competitive element will do your relationship the world of good.

Psychologist have suggested that competitive couples are happier! By being active together you are constantly elevating stress and producing endorphins that boost your mood; competing the same environment can make for a more relaxed relationship.

You’ll also find you become each other’s cheerleaders. When your partner shares with you your successes and failures they can be a source of encouragement and critique too.

Seeing your lover succeed or perform well makes you want to up your game too. So although you’re competing against your opponents you’re also secretly competing against one another to see who really is the best touch rugby player in the house!

Off the pitch the Fijian Touch Cup is pretty damn perfect too. This festival is not only about rugby it’s about being able to experience Fiji and ultimately have a holiday too.

Always bear in mind that if you both win your respective competitions you win the chance to return next year to defend your title…

If you wanna add a touch of romance to your time away be sure to book onto our 5* spa afternoon at the Sheraton Fiji. There’s nothing like staying at a 5* hotel to start feeling a little bit lovey-dovey if you know what we mean!

We can literally take you and bae to Cloud 9! The ultimate Fijian party destination and it’s beyond luxurious!

For Playing/Supporting Couples

If you’re competing at the Fijian Touch Cup why not bring your lover along? We all need a cheerleader and this way everyone’s a winner! You get to play the game you love and your lover gets to see you do your thang while kicking back in paradise.

Even if your lover isn’t keen on rugby at all, bring them along!

A) They may find they get caught up in the spirit of the festival and find a new love of the game!

B) Competition only runs from 8am-2pm so they can do whatever it is that makes them happy for half the day while you’re playing and then you can enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening together at the 5* Sheraton resort.

We have package deals designed for non-playing guests too, they’ll have a whale of a time, we promise!

The Fijian Touch Cup is the ultimate couples holiday whether you’re a competitive pair or a playing/cheerleading combo.

You’re gonna have the time of your lives, we can’t wait!

Why You Should Referee at the Fijian Touch Cup

The Fijian Touch Cup is an incredible opportunity for you to referee some of the best touch rugby talent in the Pacific. Let’s take a look at why you should referee at the Fijian Touch Cup;

Up Your Game
Our tournament is organised and managed in conjunction with the Federation of International Touch, Touch NZ and the Touch Federation of Fiji. This is an incredible opportunity to get yourself on the radar of the sport’s governing bodies. Of course, we will send you away with glowing reference and invite you back next year should you wish to do it all again!

The Fijian Touch Cup players are fast, fit and incredibly skilled. Although they play within the law they know the game and know how to stretch and manipulate the rules to work in their favour. These are no ordinary players, many of the Fijian players in particular are on a player development pathway that will see them perform on the international stage in the not too distant future.

Refereeing at the Fijian Touch Cup will challenge you mentally and physically. Do you think you have the fitness to keep up with some of the Pacific’s fastest players? Can you maintain a level playing field within a fast paced game? Do you want to up your refereeing game in paradise?

If the answer is yes you all you better apply right now! Click here to apply now! (LINK)

Be a Part of Player Development

Like we said, many of the players who attend the Fijian Touch Cup are on player development pathways that will see them hit the international stage very, very soon. This makes the Fijian Touch Cup an exceptional opportunity for players but also an exceptional opportunity for referees and match officials too. Not only do you get the opportunity to up your game and challenge yourself but contribute to the development of players set to change the game big time.

It will be your job to ensure that these players get the most out of their game so they can learn, grow and adapt to the challenges they will face on the international stage. Touch rugby is no longer a simple training game for the age groups is a competitive sport in its own right and we need the best referees around to ensure that the Fijian Touch Cup remains the best touch rugby competition in the Pacific.

You, as a referee, will play a key role in the success of the Fijian Touch Cup.

Discounted Package Rates

This is a great reason why you should referee at the Fijian Touch Cup. In order to encourage referees to join us in sporting paradise we are helping to cover the package fees.

Referee packages cost just $999 and include flights and accommodation. You too get a room at the Sheraton Fiji 5* resort and access to kayaking, snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding after the games have finished each day.

Referees are a crucial part of our team and so of course you too will be invited to attend our epic end of festival party and prize giving ceremony.

There are three great reasons why you should referee at the Fijian Touch Cup. To go right ahead and register your interest click here!

Fijian Touch Cup Rules

Each and every touch rugby tournament or festival runs things a little differently. We run the Fijian Touch Cup in line with the laws set out by the Federation of International Touch in conjunction with Touch NZ and the Touch Federation of Fiji.

Let’s break down the basic rules and regulations of touch rugby at the Fijian Touch Cup;

The Format

The Fijian Cup tournament structure provides each competing team a minimum of three games on each day of the preliminary match rounds.

Once the preliminary matches have concluded we will proceed with a play-off structure through to the finals to establish the winners for each of the divisions.

The divisions are as follows; mens, womens and mixed.

The Matches

Each match will be 30-minutes long played in two 15-minute halves. There will be a 3-minute half time break in each match. There will be five minutes between matches.

Transfers from the Sheraton Fiji will leave at 8am each morning and return players after the final game each day at 2pm.


In accordance with the Federation of International Touch teams are to consist of no less than 10 players and no more than 16. All team members must be registered to play in the Fijian Touch Cup by purchasing an official festival package.

There may only be 6 players from each team on the pitch during live play.

If you are low on numbers or would like to max out your team to the full 16 players reach out to us. We have a long list of local Fijian players who would love the opportunity to play alongside you and your team.

Mixed teams must have a minimum of X female players on the pitch during live play.

Uniform and Kit

All players must remove all jewellery and piercings before they play for their own safety and the safety of their teammates and opponents.

Banned items of clothing include items with buckles, zips, clips or other rigid materials. Metal hair grips and clips are also banned.

All players must wear team kit while at the playing arena in addition to wearing appropriate footwear for matches.

Match Officials and Referees

The decisions made by the referees and match officials is final. Abuse or unpleasant treatment of the referring and match officials team is not tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

The refereeing and match official team will give a full briefing to all teams before the competition commences to discuss any safety issues, impacts of adverse weather conditions or adaptations to the rules of play. Important issues will then be reiterated to the team captains at the toss.

Player Etiquette

Players are expected to adhere to the whistle of the referee and match officials, to play within the laws of touch rugby and treat everyone on and off the pitch with respect.

Players are reminded that although there is a strong competitive element to the Fijian Touch Cup that this is a recreational tournament and therefore the focus is on player/team development not necessarily winning and losing.

Players and teams who do not progress to the finals are encouraged to stay and watch the finals and support those teams still in the competition.

Spectator Etiquette

Spectators are encouraged to cheer and praise as much as they like. As with the players, spectators are expected to respect the decisions of the refereeing and match official team.

Spectators should never berate, condemn or bully players for their performance and are advised that any behaviour deemed to be not encouraging could result in them being asked to leave the venue.

Likewise, spectators from ‘rival’ teams are expected to treat one another with the respect and courtesy rugby fans are famed for.

Should you have any more specific questions about the rules and regulations of the Fijian Touch Cup reach out to us at There will be a comprehensive player and coaching team briefing before the Fijian Touch Cup tournaments commence.

Best Activities at the Fijian Touch Cup

Who said the Fijian Touch Cup was all about rugby?! With matches finishing at 2pm each day you have heaps of time to chill out in paradise! If you wanna make the most of your time in Fiji you should check out our awesome activities.

You may just want to kick back and enjoy tropical cocktails at the poolside bar, or perhaps you’ll want to get your tan on down at the beach, or perhaps you’d like to be a little more active? Many of these activities are included, and unlimited, in your package deal!

Let’s break it down;


Included in your package is kayaking. Whether you want a single or a double kayak it matters not! The water in Fiji is so clear that you can spot all kinds of marine life from the comfort of a kayak. If you’re heading to the Fijian Touch Cup with your teammates and need to get a little last minute arms session in this is the perfect activity for you.

Just kidding! The crystal clear calm sea is a joy to experience in a kayak and it’s an ideal way to see Fiji’s island landscape from afar.


If you love marine life you’ll be delighted to hear that snorkelling is too included in your package deal. Flippers, masks and snorkels are all provided for you and you’ll be amazed by the abundance of marine life that you can see within metres of the shoreline.

Be sure to bring your GoPro with you, you’ll want to capture all the underwater action we’re sure.

Paddle Boarding

If you and your teammates are looking for an active recovery session it doesn’t better (or more fun!) than stand up paddle boarding. This is another of our complimentary activities and its perfect for all the team.

One great thing about paddle boarding in Fiji is that if you fall off you fall into the warm Pacific Ocean rather than the chilly Tasman like you would at home!

Sheraton Spa Experience
Our hosts, the Sheraton Fiji, are a 5* resort and so it seems only fitting that they have a 5* spa complex to match. We have collaborated with their team to create an incredibly relaxing and luxurious half day spa package for guests joining us for the Fijian Touch Cup.

This is an activity open for all and yes, they do offer treatments for guys too! After a big day on the pitch a visit to the Sheraton Spa is the perfect way to soothe those aching muscles!

Cloud 9

We’ve already told you that your Fijian Touch Cup experience will be the time of your life but we can literally take you and your team to Cloud 9!

Cloud 9 is Fiji’s only multi-storey floating party venue, complete with classic Italian wood-fired pizzeria and cutting edge sound system. Cloud 9 host an awesome team of DJs who bring the party to the next level.

If you and your team are looking to blow off some steam after a day on the field you’ll be blown away by the Cloud 9 experience.

Half Day Island Tour


Big Bula Waterpark

For all you big kids out there you’ve gotta book your spot at the Big Bula Waterpark. A total novelty, yes, but after busting a gut out on the pitch the Big Bula Waterpark is the perfect place to unwind and mess around.

Some may argue there is such a thing as too much fun but we don’t believe them! If you wanna experience the world’s largest inflatable water park you better book you and your team’s spot ASAP.

With countless crazy water slides, climbing walls and water trampolines you’ll laugh your sock off at Big Bula Waterpark!

If all that sounds like a lot to cram into three days in addition to a world class touch rugby competition, you’re right! If you want more time to relax and play in paradise remember that we can deduct $600 from your package deal so you can extend your stay in Fiji by arranging flights that suit you!

A word to the wise; activities like the spa experience, Cloud 9 and Big Bula fill up pretty quick so if you and your teammates don’t wanna miss out you better get booking ASAP!

Why Touch Rugby is the Ultimate Island Sport / 5 Reasons Why Rugby is the Ultimate Island Sport

Rugby really is a special sport; touch rugby in particular is an incredibly accessible sport that not only improves players health and fitness but plays a key role in their social lives and development of interpersonal skills.

Without being too geeking and sports sciencey about it touch rugby has made a massive impact on the young communities of the Pacific islands and will continue to considerably contribute to their well-being in the years to come.

Touch rugby is without a shadow of a doubt the ultimate island sport and we’re gonna explore the reasons why. Let’s break it down;

Mixed Teams

What we love about touch rugby is that it is an all-inclusive game. Guys and girls, young and old, can join in with a game of touch rugby and enjoy a little light competition.

In the island villages it’s not uncommon to see youngsters having a game of touch before the sun goes down and they get called back home for dinner.

Unlike many other sports guys and girls can play touch rugby on a completely level playing field. The Pacific islands have a strong focus on community and the touch rugby community is one of the most open and welcoming sporting groups around.

Short Games

The islands are hot, always hot! Touch rugby is the ultimate island sport as games are only 30-40 minutes long. Short, sharp and highly skilled, touch rugby is made to be played in the hot, humid island nations.

Fun and Informal

Unlike the full contact game of rugby touch rugby is a more laid back, informal and fun version of the sport. The fun, laid back nature of the game mirrors the fun and laid back vibe of island life.

Although in full training and competition mode we all take our touch very seriously, outside of tournament time touch rugby is a great way to share skills, laugh, smile and get fit together.

Little to No Kit

Although at the Fijian Touch Cup we bring out the big guns and do everything by the book you actually need very little to play touch rugby. Literally just a ball (or ball like object..coconut?!) and jumpers for try lines.

If you’re playing on the beach you can draw the touch lines in the sand with a bit of driftwood and you’re away.

In terms of kit to wear on the islands you really can just come as you are. No need to fork out for the latest Nikes or Adidas boots, barefoot in the sand will do!

Get Beach Fit

Sports scientists reckon that in just 40-minutes of touch rugby the average player burns 700-calories! That’s the equivalent of one hour of jump rope! We know what we’d rather do!

Touch rugby is the ultimate island sport for making your beach buff and beautiful!

If you can think of more reasons why touch rugby is the ultimate island sport we’d love to hear from you! Share this post on Facebook and add your ideas to the list!


Our Ethos

If you want to get to know who we are, why we do what we do and why you should join us for the Fijian Touch Cup you’ve come to the right place.

Who are we?

We are TourismHQ. We are a New Zealand registered travel company who specialise in delivering fully immersive travel experiences with a team who have over 50 years experience in the industry.

Tourism HQ founded New Zealand’s first Fiji festival getaway with ‘BlueSky FIJI’ in 2012. We are also the team who created Spring Break Experience now available in Fiji, Rarotonga, Samoa and Vanuatu.

We specialise in creating once in a lifetime travel experiences and international festivals. We are passionate about delivering our clients the best value for money, and ultimately, the time of their lives. We stop at nothing to deliver the perfect event.

Why Are We So Great?

With our wealth of knowledge, specialised skills and extensive network of industry alliances, we create experiences that exceed your expectations and blow our competition out of the water.

We take a great deal of time in researching the market so we can create packages that are designed with our guests wants and needs front and centre.

Our Reasoning

We looked at the recent boom in touch rugby festivals across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific and we identified a number of issues that we were not happy about. Rather than sitting back and throwing shade over the recreation sports tours industry we decided to take matters into our own hands, to up our game and to offer you the ultimate touch rugby festival.

We came to realise that players and forking out upwards of $1,000 for entry fees alone. On top of this they then had to fund international or across country travel, accommodation and food. We thought this was not only too much money but also too much hard work for the players.

We removed the organisation mayhem and created a package deal that includes return flights, 5* accommodation, transfers, daily breakfast, water sports AND tournament entry fees. We’ll even connect you with kick-ass Fijian players if your team numbers are running low!

Our Ethos

The TourismHQ team then came to another realisation, that the Fijian Touch Cup has the ability to be a platform for identifying and developing local Fijian rugby players. This is where our story gets interesting and our ethos is explained.

We believe that the Fijian Touch Cup is a community event at heart and as such we put the needs of the young Fijian rugby community at the centre of everything we do. In the run up to the Fijian Touch Cup we fly out a team of coaches and match officials to run skills clinics for local teams.

We invite local teams to compete at the Fijian Touch Cup for free so they have an opportunity to experience a high class tournament but also so you, our guest, can play against some of the best undiscovered sporting talent in the Pacific.

In the not so distant future we intend to create Academy Fiji, a unique community where Fiji’s most promising sporting talents have access to world class education, life skills training and professional sport development within a safe and motivational environment. By choosing to join us for the Fijian Touch Cup you are helping pave the way for young sporting talent in Fiji to reach the world stage. Thank you.

In a brief phrase, or rather, in a tweet our ethos is to ‘host an event where players receive high class touch rugby competition, enjoy the wonders of the Fiji & give back to the athletes of tomorrow’

The Fijian Touch Cup is unlike any other touch rugby tournament in this part of the world. We’re all about community and player development. We’re here for a good time, not for a long time. We can guarantee that your four days at the Fijian Touch Cup will be the time of your life. You and your teammates will wanna come back year after year and we can’t wait to make memories with you!

See you at the airport! Remember your passport, your boots and your smile!

What to Pack – Guys / 7 Things Not To Forget

Do you have your pre-match rituals? Do you have to have your kit back all neatly packed and ready the night before? Or do you just chuck everything in a rucky and jump on the team bus?

Regardless of your packing style we’ve realised that the guys sometimes need a little extra help on the organising side of things.

Here are the seven things you have to pack for the Fijian Touch Cup!


Duhh! Well, maybe not so duhh! We’ll let you into a secret, we’ve had players rock up to the Fijian Touch Cup without boots! Although you can buy boots in Nadi and there’s bound to be some old boy who’ll run home and get his tattered pair out of the shed for you, you really should just bring ya own!

Most players play in their 3G boots but if there is a big bout of rain in the run up to the tournament we’ll email all participants to tell you whether or not you need your hard studs.

Compression Tights

They really do work! We know full well that compression tights or leggings are a rugby stash staple but after the Fijian Touch Cup games are over you’ll be transferred back to the Sheraton Fiji, this is the perfect time to whip on the compression tights to help you recover before you get distracted by the kayaking, the paddle boarding or perhaps more realistically the poolside bar!


’Tis sunny in Fiji! Although you can’t wear sunnies while playing they are essential for when you become a spectator.

Also, if you wanna check out the competition on the sly you’re gonna need a pair of sunglasses to make you look totally inconspicuous!

Protein Shakes & Electrolytes

It is super hot in Fiji, hotter than most players are used to training and playing in; dehydration happens quicker than you think.

We highly recommend you bring along an electrolyte drink mix to skull after your games and a protein shake will help you recover that bit quicker too.

Water is provided down on the pitches but we, again, highly recommend you and your team bringing your own water bottles and nominate a water boy/girl.


One of the little things that is easy to forget to put in the toiletries bag! You’re staying at the 5* Sheraton Fiji, we’ve promised them no smelly, muddy rugby players traipsing through the foyer; you gotta keep your part of the bargain boys!


You’re in Fiji! Of course you’ll wanna swim. Pool recovery is one of the most effective methods of post-exercise recovery and you have the choice of the balmy Pacific Ocean or the expansive resort pool!

Smart Clothes

As much as we all love bumming around in rugby kit 24/7 you may want to chuck one semi-smart outfit in your bag for the welcoming cocktail party and the final night awards ceremony and party.

This is by no means a black tie event but it’s nice to look nice…right? Rugby players have somehow managed to make a name for themselves as always being smart and suave…don’t let the side down!

Finally, don’t forget your passport! If you forget all the above we may just be able to help you out but if you don’t have your passport you ain’t going anywhere buddy! Go find it…now!

What to Pack – Girls

There are only two kinds of girls in this world, the ones who are super organised and strategic in their packing and those would literally never give it a second thought.

Regardless of what kind of packer you are we thought we’d give you a heads up about the 7 things the girls tend to forget (or rather be reminded) to pack when heading out the the Fijian Touch Cup, let’s break it down;

Yeah, sounds obvious doesn’t it. Perhaps too obvious as we’ve had a couple of people turn up to the Fijian Touch Cup without their boots. Seems too obvious to forget doesn’t it?

Double check before you head to the airport that you’ve got your 3G boots and your trainers. Most players find wearing their 3G boots comfy enough in Fiji. If there is a big downfall of rain in the run up to the tournament we’ll email to let you know you need to bring your studs.

Hair Ties

This one defo applies for the guys as well to be fair. Remember that you’re not allow to wear metal hair grips during the games so bring some extra hair bands or a Buff to tame your mane!

Whether you’re taking a dip in the pool for a post-match recovery session or heading out on the free kayaks and paddleboards. You’ll definitely want to make the most of the free snorkelling too.

Perhaps you’re not a water baby and just want to chill by the poolside or catch a tan on the beach. Either way you’ll need to pack your swimmers!

Compression Tights

The ultimate form of rugby stash. Right? Although it’s super hot in Fiji you cool down really quickly once you stop playing. Cooling down too fast can lead to cramp or niggley injury that could take you out of the tournament.

Doing a proper cool down after your final match and whipping on the compression tights is a sure fire way to avoid injury and DOMS!

Electrolytes & Protein Shakes
Another way to avoid injury, and illness in fact, is to bring along an electrolyte mix and a protein shake powder too.

Electrolytes will help hydrate you after the games and help you retain water, dehydration happens slowly and can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke…not cool.

Protein shakes help your muscles to recover quicker and give you a little energy boost after you’ve given your all on the pitch,

Dress Up Clothes

Rugby girls do like to dress up really! You and your teammates are invited to our welcome evening cocktail party and our end of festival awards evening and party. Although neither of these are black tie formal it’s great to see everyone hit the dance floor in their finery.

We’re staying at the 5* Sheraton Fiji resort so why not embrace the high life for a couple of days!

Water Bottle & Snacks

Down at the playing grounds we have plenty of water available for players but in a bid to help the environment and reduce plastic we encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle with you. That way you can help keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

There is SO many food options at the Sheraton Fiji but if you know you need a snack boost between games or at half time we suggest you stock up at home and bring some bits with you to keep you going between meals and between games.

Last but not least, don’t forget your passport! Of all things don’t forget your passport! Is your passport in date? Go check now…go!

Best Instagram photos from Fiji

Fiji is one of the most vibrant and exciting nations on earth. Teaming ancient traditional and rituals with unrivalled natural beauty you’re gonna fall in love with Fiji.

Many of you will have visited this special series of islands before but through the Fijian Touch Cup you get to experience the country in a whole new way. Not only do you get a taste of luxury during your stay in Fiji but you also get to see the place in a wholly authentic way.

To get you pumped up and dreaming of Fijian sporting paradise we thought we’d share with you some phenomenal photographers from Fiji.

Let’s take a look;

Things start hotting up when you join us at the Fijian Touch Cup, in more ways than one!

Fijian culture #fiji #fijian #fijianculture #robinsoncrusoe #fire #island

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If you’re looking for a post-match protein punch it doesn’t get much better than this!

grilled fish como #sorongcity #fish #samoa #fiji #maori

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After a tough morning on the pitch you’ll be busting to hang out in a beachside hammock, there’s plenty to go around!

Because even on a cloudy day Fiji looks amazing!

Talking of clouds, have you booked your spot on Cloud 9 yet?

You legit don’t wanna miss out on Piña Coladas, pizza and this epic view!

5* luxury doesn’t get much better than this! Remember to take off your muddy boots!

If you thought the only action was gonna happen on the pitch, think again!

A fully stocked well chilled bar awaits you after a morning on the pitch. If that’s not incentive enough we don’t know what is! Perhaps $50,000+ in prizes?!

Be sure to pick up a $7 note! By way of celebrating Fiji’s gold medal at the Olympics they’ve commissioned a blue seven dollar note. We’re working on getting the winners of the Fijian Touch Cup on a dollar note…wouldn’t that be awesome!

We know you’re gonna be snapping left, right and centre when you don’t have a ball in hand! Be sure to tag us in your photos of the Fijian Touch Cup and use #FijianTouchCup for a feature!


Best Motivational Rugby Quotes

In the run up to the Fijian Touch Cup we know you’ll have moments of tiredness, even laziness! Juggling a job, friends, family and rugby can be tough and we know exactly how hard it can be at times to keep motivation for training high.

To help give you a little motivational boost when you need it most we’ve found the 10 best inspirational and motivational rugby quote around. Save them as a screensaver, write them on your boots, even get them tattooed on you if that’s what it takes!

The Fijian Touch Cup will be the time of your life, both on and off the pitch. Just keep dreaming of sporting paradise, we’ll be there soon!

I don’t believe in magic. I believe in hard work.
– Richie McCaw

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
– Anonymous

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
– Vince Lombardi

The days when you ‘don’t want to’ are the days that you need to.
– Anonymous

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.
– Zig Ziglar

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.
– Anonymous

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
– George S. Patton

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life…that’s why I succeed
– Michael Jordan

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.
– Henry Ford

Rugby is a game all about teamwork and support. To go forwards you must first go backwards.
– Anonymous

What words do you use to keep yourself motivated to train? Comment below with your mantras and mottos, we’d love to heat them!


5 Reasons to Why Fijian Cup is the Best Competition in the Pacific

We may be bias but we truly believe that the Fijian Touch Cup is a unique and special event. For a huge number of reasons the Fijian Touch Cup is one of the best recreational sports tournaments in the Pacific, if not THE best.

We won’t bore you with the hundreds of reasons why but perhaps these five reasons why the Fijian Touch Cup is the best competition in the Pacific may just convince you to join us in sporting paradise.

Let’s break it down;

Official Partners

In order to ensure not only the highest standards of safety and refereeing but to create a world class stage for you to perform upon we have teamed up with the Federation of International Touch, Touch NZ and the Touch Federation of Fiji.

No other touch competition in the Pacific works with three sport governing bodies. In collaborating with the games makers we can bring in top notch coaching, awesome match officials and get you on the radar of the sport’s governing body.

We’ve also teamed up with Fiji Airways to give you the best possible deal on flights, you won’t get this value for money anywhere else!

5* Luxury

This ones not so much related to the sport but plays a bit part in the Fijian Touch Cup as an event. We have teamed up with the Sheraton Fiji and we take over the resort! For four days the place is ours, and in turn yours too.

You have access to their classy fine dining restaurant, their poolside cocktail bar and unlimited snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding in the afternoons.

No other recreational sports festival in the Pacific includes 5* accommodation in the competition entry package cost.

Epic Prizes

We know you all want to be in it to win it and what a win it is! Our Fijian Touch Cup prizes amount to more than $50,000 FJD!

Winning teams from the mens, womens and mixed tournament will each win 10 packages for next year’s Fijian Touch Cup including flights, accommodation and competition entry. On top of this winners are also awarded with a cash cheque for $5,000 FJD and a $1,000 FJD bar tab!

There’s also a $500 cash cheque for the most valuable player of the tournament, so bring your A-game!

Giving Back

This is what makes the Fijian Touch Cup so special and therefore the best. In the run up to the festival we fly over to Fiji a selection of Touch NZ’s best coaches and refereeing to run rugby clinics for the local teams. This elite coaching opportunity is a vital chance for local players to realise and unlock their potential.

We also allow local Fijian teams free entry into the competition and offer you the chance to make up your team’s numbers to the full 16 by adopting a keen and super skilled set of Fijians into your group. Just email us at for more info on this.

We have big plans for the Fijian Touch Cup to become a key stakeholder and player development associate for the youth of Fiji. We will have some big announcements coming soon so watch this space.

For now you can buy your package safe in the knowledge that you are playing your part in creating a talent development pathway for Fiji’s rising sporting stars.

Open for All

Provided you are a registered player in New Zealand or Australia you can join us in Fiji. Regardless of your age (as long as you’re 18+) size, gender or experience you and your team can play for your chance to win $50,000 worth of prizes and the pride of being Fijian Touch Cup champions!

Our mens, womens and mixed tournament all have the same value of prizes, everyone gets the same amount of matches before the finals and everyone is treated like the sporting hero they really are.

We are proud to have equality across out tournament, we think it makes for a far more happy and successful event!

We think that the Fijian Touch Cup is the best competition in the Pacific and we intend to keep it that way! Unless the Olympics come, the Olympics are a bit better than us to be fair!


Top 5 Packing Tips for the Fijian Cup

Hey there, international jet-setter you! We know you’ve probably got your packing style down to a fine art but in case you were needing a bit of extra help we thought we’d fire over some of our best packing tips.

We’ve been at this a while now and know how easily it is to forget stuff but it’s also really easy to over pack! Now, we went to Scouts and we always like to be prepared but we’re only in Fiji for 3-nights! You don’t need to bring the full holiday wardrobe AND stash AND dress up stuff for the fancy cocktail night!

We have created a packing list for the guys and for the gals, (LINK) but as seasoned sports festival gurus heed our advice if you wanna pack savvy and travel smart!

Plastic Bag
After a long day strutting your stuff out on the pitch the last thing you’re gonna want to do is wash your kit. Although the Sheraton Fiji does offer a laundry service given that we’re only there for 3-nights we suggest you wait until you get home. Saves you a bit of money too!

We suggest you bring a sturdy plastic bag to shove all of your kit into; boots and all! That way you can keep the smelly, sweaty, grubby stash separate from your fancy holidays clothes.

When you get home just dump it straight in the washing machine and walk away until clean! Easy as!

Foldaway Kit Bag
As your flights include one check-in bag and one carry-on bag we suggest you chuck a foldaway kit back in your check-in bag. Once you get to the Sheraton Fiji and settled in your room you can then make up your day pack to bring to the pitch and leave the rest of your stuff in your room.

Remember to bring layers to put on in between games and for the transfer back to the hotel. Although Fiji is toasty hot you cool down pretty quick after the final whistle blows. Chilly muscles mean injuries and we don’t want that!

Roll, Don’t Fold
This is the golden rule for packing wherever and whenever you travel. Folding your clothes makes them creased AF but if you roll them up tight they stay super smooth and super smart. Not only does this keep your clothes smooth but also saves space meaning you can cram in more stash to show off!

If that sounds like something you’d do, skip to tip 5!

Backpack or Suitcase
We think a backpack is way easier to travel with than a suitcase. As we’re travelling as a group we have a couple of transfers to do, we find that those who travel with backpacks get off and out that bit quicker than those with suitcases.

Remember to put a name tag on your bag so they Sheraton Fiji team know what room to send your bag to!

Pack Light
Like we’ve said, we’re only in Fiji for 4-days you don’t need to bring eeeeeverything with you!

Although it’s a bit of a nightmare in terms of wardrobe; kit, beach clothes and dress up but don’t worry come as you are! If there’s ever been an excuse to pack light it’s the Fijian Touch Cup!

And last but not least, don’t forget your boots!


Fijian Rugby Words and Phrases

Whenever you travel to a foreign country it’s always good to be a good traveller. Part of being a good traveller is learning the lingo. Although English is an official language in Fiji we thought you might like to know some rugby specific lingo to try out on your opponents or even the local players that join your team.

Be sure to reach out to us if you’d like to make up numbers in your team with some local players, we have a long list of kick-ass players dying to pull on a shirt.

We’re sure that your new Fijian rugby buddies will teach you all the naughty words but we’re gonna stick to the rugby focused lingo right here, right now.

Let’s get started!

What time does the game start? – Gauna cava e na tekivu qito?

Yes sir (to the ref) – io saka

Pass the ball – yaco na polo

Pass left – yaco imawi

Pass right – yaco donu

I’m injured – Au sa mavoa

You played well – Ko sa rui qito vinaka

Great skills bro – O Baraca maqosa levu

Your boots are cool – O iko na vava vavaku e batabata

I love rugby – Au taleitaka na rakavi

Rugby is my religion – Na noqu Lotu na rakavi

Basic AF and a little cheesy we admit! But we all agree that after a the Fijian cup we’ll all be saying ‘Au maru, Au sa oca’, I’m happy and I’m tired!


A Brief History of Rugby in Fiji

For the outside world it feels like Fiji has always been a dominating force in world rugby. This has not always been the case. The game of rugby that we know and love was founded in 1823 by a young William Webb Ellis it wasn’t until 61 years later would this incredible sport reach the Pacific Islands.

As a side note the first rugby club in New Zealand wasn’t established until 1870. On 14th May 1870 the first official game of rugby ever to be played in New Zealand took place in Nelson at the Botanics.

It wasn’t until 1884 that rugby reached Fiji and changed the lives of the islanders forever. In a place where a sport has near religious status let’s take a look at a brief history of rugby in Fiji.

Fiji is a rarity, it is one of only a handful of nations where rugby is the primary sport. They share this niche with New Zealand, Wales, Tonga and Samoa; coincidently their biggest rivals too!

In 1884 rugby was first played in Fiji by European and Fijian soldiers on Viti Levu Island where they were stationed for the Native Constabulary at Ba.

By 1900 rugby games were a regular occurrence and even started getting coverage in local media. Admittedly many of the players were military expats; the first rugby competition was created in 1904 and involved a group of civil service personal, constabulary and a couple of locals too.

In 1913 a plumber named Paddy Sheehan from Dunedin and the ex-Otago captain came to Suva to help build the Grand Pacific Hotel. He and his team clocked that there was a need for a formal organisation to oversee what was currently a talented by informal sporting set up.

Sheehan created the Pacific Club and by the end of their first AGM three more clubs had been created and in turn the Fiji RFU. The three other clubs formed were the Services, the Cadets and Rewa. These clubs only played in Suva at this point.

In light of the creation of the Fiji RFU in 1914 the ‘native competition’ was established. This involved local Fijian players led by Ratu Epeli Ganilau. The first ‘native’ clubs were Taipou, Tarirere, Hill and Ofisa (Police) RFC. Within a year the ‘native’ clubs, known as the Fiji Native Union, had joined forces with the Fiji RFU to create a national governing body.

Fiji’s first international match took place in August of 1925 in Apia in Samoa. The kicked off at 7am so that the players had enough time to shower and change and be in work on time. The pitch also had a giant tree on the halfway line!

Fast forward to 1938 and the New Zealand Maori team flew to Fiji to play against the Fiji XV and the Fiji European teams. Many of the Fijian players played in boots for the first time ever in order to honour their international opponents. However at semi-regular intervals during match boots were flung into touch in favour of playing barefoot. A preference still held by many Fijian players.

In 1939 Fiji made the history books by playing heading to tour in New Zealand for an eight match series and coming away unbeaten. Incredibly they beat the New Zealand team seven times with one draw. Again, many of these players still stepped out onto the pitch barefoot, much to the delight and amazement of the Kiwi crowd.

By 1971 rugby in Fiji has exploded. The Fiji RFU was renamed the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) and there were 750 clubs registered with a total of 10,000 players across 300 Pacific islands.

1977 to 1984 were an epic eight years for Fiji. Not only did they win the Hong Kong Seven twice but also beat the British & Irish Lions at Buckhurst Park More. In 1982 they beat Vancouver XV which kick-started a 15-match winning streak unheard of at the time.

From 1987 to 1995 rugby in Fiji went from triumph to flop. At the first ever World Cup in 1987 Fiji powered through to the quarter-finals before being knocked out by France. In a steady downwards trajectory Fiji failed to even qualifying for the 1995 World Cup.

In the last decade Fijian rugby has vastly improved, particularly in the sevens game a code that Fiji has dominated from day dot.

In 2006 the Fijian women’s team played their first ever test match. In their first game, against Samoa, they lost 15-27 but upped their game in the following match against Tonga smashing them 52-5.
At the 2016 Summer Olympics the Fiji sevens men’s team won gold in a historic win against Team GB; this was the first time sevens was played at the Olympics.

Both the men’s and the women’s rugby scenes in Fiji are developing greatly and with the support of events like the Fijian Touch Cup and the talent development infrastructure it brings we hope to play our part in raising the profile of Fijian rugby world wide.

Our aim is to raise this tiny island nation up to be greater than we could ever dream, to make its mark on the world’s sporting stage.


Dos and Don’ts of Fijian Cup

The Fijian Touch Cup is a totally laid back affair. There are no real rules here but nor is there total anarchy! We know out rugby playing friends have more common sense than punchlines would lead us to believe but there are a few do’s and don’ts everyone should take a look at before they head to the airport.

Some of these are silly, some of them are a tad more serious but these are the unspoken (barely written) rules of the Fijian Touch Cup.

Let’s break it down;

Do Hydrate
A dull one to start with by hydration is SO important. Fiji isn’t crazy hot it’s warmer than most players are used to. Going hard out on the pitch means that you’ve gotta go equally hard out off the pitch and get yourself tanked up on the aqua.

Do Warm-Up and Cool Down
You know the drill, like you actually do know the drills, so do ‘em! There is nothing worse than training all season for a big important tournament like the Fijian Touch Cup only to be struck down by an injury or taken out by a niggle that you could’ve avoid if you did a little stretching!

Do Play Your Best
Goes without saying really. Everyone needs to bring their A-game to Fiji. We’re all about rising together, improving together and playing our little hearts out. Leave nothing on the pitch. Next year is a long way away!

Do Be a Gracious Winner
We’re rugby players, not soccer stars. We win with humility and we win with pride. We don’t rub our win in the faces of our opponents on or off the pitch. Once the final whistle blows we’re back in the friend zone!

Do Be a Gracious Loser
Take your loss, if you lose, on the chin. Learn from your mistakes and misj and move on. Build on your game. Thank your opponents, shake their hands and congratulate them on their win.

Do Be a Cheerleader
If you and your team are knocked out or have a game free be sure to support those who are still on the pitch. Here at the Fijian Touch Cup we are a community, we are each others cheerleaders regardless of what shirt we pull on at game time.

Do Have the Time of Your Life
Easy as really, eh?! We’ve laid on a phenomenal touch rugby festival for you and your team. All you gotta do is get on the plane, get on the pitch and get in the pool! Job done!

Don’t Forget your Boots
You may think this is a silly one, we do to but we have had people rock up bootless before. Don’t be that player!

Don’t Be a D*ck to the Ref
We’re all about peace and love at the Fijian Touch Cup. Dissing the ref, the match officials, the opposition the water runners, the coaches, supporters, bus driver, airplane pilot, the chef, the barman, the cleaners, the cameraman, the dude with the kayaks or the event organising team just ain’t on.

We’re in Fiji not the USA, we ain’t got time for no jocks around here!

Don’t Throw Shade on Your Opponents
Rolling on from the last point, it’s sunny in Fiji, why go throwing shade? We’re all up for a bit of friendly banter or cheeky rivalry but full on disrespect or over the mark winding up will not go down well, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with with legit seriousness.

Don’t Be Hungover on Finals Day
We’re honestly here for a good time not for a long time but don’t go all out on the second night thinking you’re over the hill! Finals day is a big day, a tough day, in need of a clear head day!

As tempting at the Sheraton Fiji bar is, hold off for one more night. Them cocktails will taste all the better after you’ve smashed finals day!

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Share Your Skills
Like we said, we’re all about peace and love and in creating this little harmonious touch rugby community in Fiji we also encourage you to share your skills, both with the locals and fellow international players. The Fijian Touch Cup has been designed to help up-skill and nurture the talent of all who attend.

If you have a skill to share, a new drill to try out or a sneaky tactic to trial find a tribe and get sharing!

Don’t Miss Breakfast
Our hosts, the 5* Sheraton Fiji, are laying on an epic breakfast buffet every morning. You’ll kick yourself if you skip breakfast mostly because its super tasty and crazy nutritious but also ‘cus it’s a long time til lunch on game days!

Don’t Get Dehydrated
We like to bring things full circle, so we’ll finish where we started. Drink water, don’t get sick, don’t get injured, go home happy!

There you have it, seven do’s and seven don’ts of the Fijian Touch Cup. Pretty easy rules to live by, don’t you agree?


Top Tips for Rookies

Are you heading out for your first Fijian Touch Cup? We are buzzing to meet you and can’t wait to see you show off your skills on the pitch! This year’s tournament is bigger and better than ever and we are so excited you’re gonna be part of it you little Rookie you!

Now, we know you’ve played at heaps of rugby tournaments before, even though you’re a Rookie at the Fijian Touch Cup you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to rugby festivals.

The Fijian Touch Cup is a little bit different so to help you make the most of your time in sporting paradise and to make sure you do it right from the start we’ve created our top tips for Rookies, ‘cus we’re nice like that!

Let’s break it down!

Stretch On the Plane
Start as you mean to go on. Although the flight to Fiji is only a couple of hours long sitting down the whole time is really bad for your blood circulation and can lead to cramp later in the day.

Be sure to get up and take a wander down the aisle every half an hour or so just to keep everything moving. If you wanna go all out you could do a little standing yoga session near the jump seats.

Just remember to wait for the fasten seatbelt sign to go off!

Water Bottle
Along with keeping moving on the plane it’s really important you keep hydrated too. There’s something about being up in the air that just sucks you dry (no mile high club jokes please!).

This goes for the duration of the competition, bring a refillable water bottle with you can keep sipping throughout the day. Did you know that dehydration can cause a dramatic decrease in performance?

Just a 1% loss of body weight in fluids can cause fatigue, reduced endurance and considerable loss of concentration.

Mingle with Other Teams
Although you’re heading to the Fijian Touch Cup with your team be sure to spend some time hanging out with other people when you’re away from the pitch. The Fijian Touch Cup is the perfect place to meet like-minded people and even find new opponents for your team to play against in the coming season.

Joint training sessions and friendly training matches are a great way to up your team’s game and the Fijian Touch Cup is the ideal time to start making new friends.

Get Out on Activities
We’re all about the rugby here at the Fijian Touch Cup but with heaps of free activities included in your package you’d be a fool not to get in on the action.

Now you’re in competition mode the hard work training has been done. Just like with your revision at school if you don’t know it now you never will. Maybe not quite that dramatic but if you’ve not got that left handed spin pass bang on when you arrive, don’t worry. Take some time to relax and enjoy wondrous Fiji. You never know, a bit of relaxation may be all you need to spin one off the wrist to the left!

Raise Your Game
So we’ve told you to relax and now we’re gonna tell you to raise your game Little Rookie it seems we’re being rather confusing!

We think it is possible to relax and raise your game. In fact, the more relaxed you are the more naturally and autonomously you’ll play. A little of the island vibes may be exactly what you need!

Bring you A-game Little Rookie. Although the Fijian Touch Cup is a recreational tournament the competition is tough and the standard of play high.

You, as the newbie, have the opportunity to raise the standard, to give the old hands a run for their money and be the best that you can be!

Go for it! We’ll see you pitch side in Fiji, it’s gonna be epic!


How to Survive the Fijian Touch Cup

The Fijian Touch Cup is a pretty intense few days, not only are you catching two flights in four days but you’re also competing at a high class sporting event…we’re not exaggerating, the standard of play is world class, in an undiscovered diamond in the rough kinda way!

Although you’ve survived many a rugby festival before we thought we’d give you a rundown on how to survive the Fijian Touch Cup just to help you out!

Let’s break it down;

Warm Up & Cool Down

The easiest way to survive the Fijian Touch Cup is to not get injured. The easiest way not to get injured? A comprehensive warm-up and cool down of course!

After the excitement of the finals or the blow of being knocked out the last thing players want to do is a cool down but this is just as important as your warm up; yes, your PE teacher was right!

Whatever the outcome of your final match remember to do a thorough cool down, even if it’s super hot, even if its super chilly, cool down baby!

We probably harp on about this one way too much but one sure fire way to survive the Fijian Touch Cup is to stay hydrated! In the Fijian heat you lose more water than you realise, you don’t have to have gotten super sweaty to be low on fluids.

Dehydration is not only linked to a huge dip in performance but is also the primary cause of heat exhaustion and heat stroke which are deadly serious. Drink up!

Good Night’s Sleep
Although we have a cocktail welcoming drink party on the first night make sure you don’t stay up all night on the dance floor, as tempting as it is! If you wanna survive the Fijian Touch Cup you’ve gotta suck it up and get a couple of early nights!

Stretch on the Plane
Sitting down is really bad for your circulation; sitting down on a plan, in a pressurised cabin does weird shit to your body. Even though the flight to Fiji is only a few hours long be sure to get up and walk about. Make an effort to stretch your legs out and get the blood flowing freely again.

When you get to our hotel take some time to stretch some more or even take a dip in the warm swimming pool. A mini aqua aerobic session may be in order!

We know you’re all about the rugby but don’t forget that you’ve come to the Fijian Touch Cup for a little holiday too. We have laid on some fantastic activities for you; half day tour of the island, a trip to the Big Bula Waterpark or a visit to Cloud 9.

To help you survive the Fijian Touch Cup you’ve gotta let your hair down, explore Fiji and embrace the island vibes!

Click here for a full rundown of our activities! (LINK)

As sensible of an athlete though you are, you’re here for a good time not for a long time. Once the competition is over don’t dwell on the result head to the bar and get in on the action.

Three sets of tournament winners get a $1000 bar tab to burn on their final night. Try as they might they may be in need of some drinking assistance! Piña Coladas all round team!


Why Book Early

If you’re dead set on joining us at the Fijian Cup you gotta get booking your team’s place ASAP and we’ll tell you why!

We know that rugby players are the laid back, last minute kinda travellers but seriously, if you wanna be playing in paradise you’ve gotta book early.

We Book Up Super Quickly

Does that really surprise you though? To be in with the chance of winning over $50,000 FJD of prizes you’ve got to secure your spot as soon as you can. Everyone wants a piece of the action.

The Fijian Cup is becoming more and more popular year upon year and we predict that this year packages will sell out faster than ever before.

As soon as packages go on sale the race is on! We’ve had people emailing us asking when this year’s packages go on sale for months now and so we know there is already a big crowd of players and supporters ready to click ‘book now’ within minutes of going live.

Accommodation Choice

We are stoked to be teaming up with the 5* Sheraton Fiji resort to accommodate the Fijian Cup crowd for the duration of the competition.

5* luxury it may be but we’d place good money on you still being a bit picky about what kinda room or suite you want. Right?

If you wanna stay in the Lagoon Villa chances are some other jammy buggar wants to as well! Yes, there are several Lagoon Villas but they book out pretty damn quick. It all books out quickly, we keep saying it ‘cus it’s true!

If you want to stay in your chosen room at the Fijian Cup you’ve gotta secure your spot, and that’s super easy…promise!

No Money? No Worries!

Well, not quite! Securing your spot at the Fijian Cup is super cheap and we’ve done that on purpose! Being a little strapped for cash right now doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your place on the pitch.

All you need to secure your place at the Fijian Cup is $50…that’s it!

Once your deposit is paid your place on tour is secured and we’ll email you with your payment options after.

To be fair, what kind of chancer wouldn’t secure their place at the best sporting event in the Pacific for just $50?! Book your place at the Fijian Cup as early as you can, you never know who else has their eyes on the prize!


Payment Options

So, you’re keen to sign up to join us at the Fijian Cup?! Yaaaas! You’re gonna love it! The best sporting competition in the Pacific!

But fair enough, you wanna know your payment options before you secure your spot.

We’ve created the Fijian Cup payment plan to make sure everyone can join us in sporting paradise. We have package deals that start at just $1,499, we appreciate that this is big chunk of cash to hand over in one go so we have create some payment options for you to make getting to Fiji that bit easier.

Let’s break it down;

The Deposit
Whether you choose to pay upfront or join our Fijian Cup Monthly Payment Plan it matters not. In order to secure your spot at the 5* Sheraton resort and be in with the chance of winning $50,000 worth of prizes you’re required to pay a non-refund $50pp deposit.

This deposit also secures your spot on the return flight to Fiji, access to kayaks, paddle boards and snorkelling galore as well as entry to our kick-ass end of competition party. Just sayin’!

Once you’ve paid your deposit you’ll have the option, if you wanna, to arrange your own flights to Fiji. We’ll deduct $600 from your package rate so you can fly from somewhere other than Auckland, Sydney or Brisbane OR stay longer in the Pacific! We know what we’d do!

Following your deposit payment you have seven days to decide on how you want to pay for your package.

Upfront Payment

For those of you who are cashed up and ready to roll, great! You can pay for your Fijian Cup package all in one go. We’re not going to rope you to a payment plan without good reason.

Once you’ve paid your $50pp deposit we’ll send you an email asking you if you want to complete the full payment now. If you’re ready to do so get your credit/debit card out and proceed to payment.

FYI, there is a 2.8% credit and debit card fee. Unavoidable for you and for us annoyingly! You can thank the Ozzie and NZ banking industry for that one! Soz!

Fijian Cup Monthly Payment Plan

If you want to spread the cost of your Fijian Cup package out over a few months, that’s no problem. It’s easy as to join our monthly payment plan and spread the cost.

One thing remains the same though, you’ve gotta pay your $50pp deposit.

Once you’ve secured your spot at the Fijian Cup we’ll send you an email offering you the option to join our monthly payment plan. Its super simple and works like this;

Your monthly payment amount depends on how many months there are left to go before we fly to the Fijian Cup when you book. So, if you pay your deposit the moment packages fo on sale you’ll have the full 8 months to pay.

For example, if you book the Ocean Breeze Solo with no added extras your package will cost. $1749.

So that’s 1749 divided by 8 = $218.62 per month.

The same goes for every month in between. Naturally the closer to take off you book the larger your monthly instalments will be.

Again, the 2.8% credit and debit card fee applies and an additional processing fee of 9%.

Just A Heads Up

You’ll be required to put a credit card for security on your room when you arrive. Any funds pre-authorized are 100% refundable, provided you don’t smash anything. Don’t smash anything, please.

Sorry to say that we are unable to reimburse any Fijian Cup traveller should they choose to cancel. You can, however, sub in another player/spectator provided they are willing to complete the payments. We provide free changing of names until 6 weeks before we depart so you’re totally safe there to on-sell your package.

If you need to change the name on your package between 6 and 4 weeks before we fly a $100 fee is applicable.

In the final four weeks before we fly unfortunately no changes can be made. If you’ve taken out travel insurance they may be able to bail you out.

Remember, if you are low on players or a player pulls out we have plenty of incredibly fast and skilled Fijian players keen to join your team. Just let us know!

If one of your team members fails to cough up the full amount the whole team will lose out. This is why we insist you take out travel insurance as they may cover you if something unforeseen happens.
We’ve tried to keep your Fijian Cup payment options as simple as possible. If you have any questions fire us an email at and we’ll help in any way we can.


Booking Guide

Here at the Fijian Cup we have made the booking process easy AF. Rugby players have a reputation for being a bit slow on the uptake (we defo disagree!) but just in case this proves to be true we have made the booking process foolproof…we think!

Here is your step-by-step guide to booking your place at the Fijian Cup. Let’s break it down;

Step 1: Assemble Your Team
First thing first, you gotta find yourself a team! If you’re coming as a spectator you can skip straight to step two!

At the Fijian Cup you need a minimum of ten people to make up a team and a maximum of sixteen. If you’re running low or want to make your team up to the full sixteen let us know. We have a whole host of super speedy and highly skilled local Fijian players who would love to pull your team’s vest.

Crew assembled? Onto step 2…

Step 2: Choose Your Accommodation

Do you want to wake up each morning with a view of the Pacific Ocean or perhaps the lush green, manicured gardens of the 5* Sheraton Fiji? Maybe you want a little extra space to spread out and fancy staying at the luxury Lagoon Villa?

The next step is to decide on what room you want and who you want to bunk up with. The Sheraton Fiji offers rooms for up to four people.

For those travelling with the fam, here’s what you need to know. Up to two children can stay free of charge in each room at the Sheraton Resort with existing bedding. Flights for children aged 1 -12 months is $65pp and aged 1-12 years is $449pp. You will be provided the option to add children to your booking following deposit of $50pp.

Step 3: Secure Your Spot

Talking of deposits, let’s talk about step 3, securing your spot at the Fijian Cup. In a bid to ensure everyone can join us in sporting paradise not only have we made our package deals super affordable but made securing your spot as cheap as possible.

In order to secure your spot on the pitch, to be in with the chance of winning $50,000 worth of prizes and to have access to the lavish American style buffet every morning you’ve gotta pay a deposit of $50pp.

Easy as really!

Step 4: Keep the Flights or Fly Solo?

Once you’ve secured your spot at the the Fijian Cup with your $50pp deposit you’ve got a few choices to make.

You can add an extra two nights to your package for just $250pp. Just $250 to stay an extra two nights at the 5* Sheraton resort…you won’t find better value for money elsewhere, promise!

You can also select the ‘own flights’ option. By doing this you’re opting to arrange your own flights to Fiji meaning you can fly from a starting point that suits you or stay longer in paradise. We’ll deduct $600 from your package deal.

Step 5: Pick Your Extras

On the second day of the tour you have the option to book onto one of our outstanding activity packages.

As you know, snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding are all included in your package cost. If you want to really make the most of your time in Fiji we highly recommend you book onto one of our extra packages.

You have the option of a half day luxurious spa package at the 5* Sheraton spa complex, or join us on Cloud 9! You can alternatively opt on to our half day island tour or head to the Big Bula Waterpark.

For a full rundown of our epic extras click here! (LINK)

Step 6: Payment Plan or Upfront

Once you’ve paid your deposit and secured your spot on our epic extra activities we’ll send you an email explaining your payment options.

It’s pretty simple and you can find the full details here (LINK). You have the option of paying for your Fijian Cup package up front and in full or joining our Fijian Cup Monthly Payment Plan.

Whatever suits you best!

Step 7: Train, Pack and Fly!

And that’s it! Once you’re all paid up the only thing to do is to get training! We have tonnes of helpful tips on how to survive the Fijian Cup (LINK) and what to pack too! (LINK)

Get training, get packing and get ready to touch down in sporting paradise at the Fijian Cup.


Why Travel with Us

That’s a good point actually, why travel with us? We know why you should travel with us but with so many recreation sports competitions and tours out there it’s kinda hard to establish who the good guys really are.

So we’ll tell you, it’s us! We’ll explain why, read on dear friend!

Who Are We?
We are TourismHQ. We are a New Zealand registered travel company who specialise in delivering fully immersive travel experiences with a team who have over 50 years experience in the industry.

Tourism HQ founded New Zealand’s first Fiji festival getaway with ‘BlueSky FIJI’ in 2012. We are also the team who created Spring Break Experience now available in Fiji, Rarotonga, Samoa and Vanuatu.

We specialise in creating once in a lifetime travel experiences and international festivals. We are passionate about delivering our clients the best value for money, and ultimately, the time of their lives. We stop at nothing to deliver the perfect event.

What Makes Us Awesome?

We have decades of experience in the travel and tours industry and call upon every lesson we’ve ever learned to make sure the Fijian Cup is an experience of a lifetime.

We work with the best in the business to ensure our guests have the time of their lives. We have teamed up with Tourism Fiji, Fiji Airways and the 5* Sheraton Fiji to make sure that we deliver the highest standard of hospitality to you and your team throughout the event.

On top of that we work with the Touch Federation of Fiji and Touch NZ to make sure our touch rugby competition is run to the highest of standards.

We’re passionate about rugby and know you are too. It’s a match made in heaven really!

What Makes the Fijian Cup the best sporting event in the Pacific?

This one is easy really. So on top of teaming up with the best of the best we have created a package deal to trump all package deals.

No other sports tours company offers the value for money that we do in the Pacific. You package not only included your entry fees to the competition element of the tour but also return flights to Auckland, Sydney or Brisbane, 5* accommodation, epic breakfast buffet every day, all your transfers and unlimited snorkeling, kayaking and paddle-boarding when you’re not on the pitch.

Did we mention your package cost also includes prizes worth over $50,000 FJD?

Well, it does!

Why Fiji for a Recreational Sport Competition?

Fiji is the unofficial home of rugby. They play an innovative and exciting kind of rugby and they have an unrivalled passion for the game.

We want to raise the profile of Fijian rugby players and through the Fijian Cup have a number of player development initiatives in place that we growing year upon year.

Our aim is to support young Fijian players from the pitches of the Fijian Cup all the way up onto the world stage.

You have the opportunity to raise your game and support raw, undiscovered talent onto the world stage.

It doesn’t get any better than that. And that is why you should travel with us. You’ll have the time of your life, swear down!


Using the Fijian Cup for Motivation

We all need something to aim for, something to work towards, something to keep us motivated through the dingy winter and on those days when work really feels like too much bother.

The Fijian Cup is the ultimate source of motivation! We use it as a motivation, the goal is Fiji baby! If you need something to focus on in the coming months, why not make the Fijian Cup the thing?

The Fijian Cup can be used as motivation in many ways. Let’s break it down;

Motivation for Your Game – The Pride of Champions
If training is starting to get a bit monotonous or you don’t feel 100% committed to your game start using the Fijian Cup as your motivation.

We much as we all f**king love rugby there are days when we can’t be arsed. On those days think of Fiji. Think of playing against some of the best, raw talent in the Pacific and how you’ve gotta bring your A-game.

The standard of play at the Fijian Cup is super high, you’ve gotta go hard or go home. Training and preparation starts now…right now!

Although the Fijian Cup is a recreational competition there is a competitive element and everyone wants to be in with the chance of winning prizes worth over $50,000.

Think about the pride of lifting the Fijian Cup with your teammates and the sheer joy of having a $1000 bar tab at the 5* Sheraton cocktail bar!

When training doesn’t sound appealing think about the pride of winning the best touch rugby competition in the Pacific. Strap on those boots and get a ball in hand.

That should do the trick!

Motivation for Your Beach Body

If you’re struggling to find motivation for your gym training think about having the perfect beach body when you hit Fiji.

Whether you want a Sonny Bill six pack or toned arms like Portia Woodman think about how you’ll look sauntering along the Sheraton’s private beach while the sunsets on your first evening in paradise.

We think you look perfect just the way you are…seriously! But if you wanna look your best on the beach you’ve gotta earn it.

Get working out, baby!

Motivation for Your Holiday

When work gets tough and boring AF start using the Fijian Cup as motivation. Think about how you can splurge your holiday fund on Long Island Ice Teas by the poolside or treating yourself to one of the Sheraton Fiji’s 5* spa packages.


All that hard work and dedication to the daily grind will be worth it as soon as you get to zip up your suitcase and jump in the taxi to the airport.

The Fijian Cup is a great motivation tool, whether you wanna up your game, get your beach bod or stay focused at work the Fijian Cup is the ultimate reward!


Best Speed Drills to Add to Your Session

Touch Rugby is a fast paced game, can you keep up? The standard of play at the Fijian Cup is near world class and we insist that you bring your A-game.

The locals aren’t called the Flying Fijians for nothing! These guys and girls have been blessed by the rugby gods with natural pace and agility.

If you want to be able to keep up you’ve gotta start training now. To help you work on your speed in the run up to the Fijian Cup start incorporating some of these drills into your sessions, on and off the pitch.

Weighted Sled Pulls

You don’t have to have access to a flashy gym to do this exercise, although it helps. You can create your own sled pull using a car tyre and a rope.

Weighted sled pulls have been proved to increase the power in the legs.

Quite simply, the more power you have in your legs the faster you will be able to sprint.

Be careful not to overload your sled too early on in your progressive training as this can have a detrimental effect on your sprinting technique.
Check out this video for a bit of inspiration.


Single Leg Hurdle Jumps

These are a super simply way to work on your multi-directional speed.

Stand on one leg and brace into a high squat position, immediately power into a single leg broad up propelling yourself over a low hurdle.

Focusing on driving your hip and knee forward rather than up.

Land on the same foot as softly as possible.

Check out this video for a demonstration;


Circle Around the Cone

This is a great drill to help improve not only your fast feet but explosive sprinting power too.

All you need is one cone to pedal around and a marker for the sprint finish line, 7-10m away from the single cone.

Start in front of the cone and use fast feet to pedal around the cone. Once you’ve completed one circle around the cone immediately sprint the 7-10m across the finish line, full acceleration.

Be sure to stay as tight as possible to the cone and use all your explosive force in your first step into the sprint.

For an example, watch this video.


These drills may seem simple but they will make a big difference to your speed game if practiced regularly.


Best Agility Drills to Add to Your Session

Speed, handling and agility are the three most important aspects of the touch rugby game. Along with endurance and power of course!

Whether you’ve never worked on your agility before or whether you’ve started adding this focus into your training programme we have found a few kick ass agility drills that you should add to your session in the run up to the Fijian Cup.

We’ll tell you now, the local players are super speedy and super agile. It’s a joy to watch them weave their magic on the pitch but it’s not so fun trying to compete against them if you’re not prepared!

To help you bring your A-game to the Fijian Cup check out these agility drills to add to your session.

Ladders are a great training tool for speed and agility. You don’t even need the proper training ladders, you can use cones or even a real ladder!

There are many different ladder drills and the video below runs you through some of the best.
One option is to use fast feet and step both feet into each rung of the ladder. Alternatively you can place one foot, then the other inside the rung, then the left foot to the outside of the rung and the right to the opposite outside before moving onto the next rung.

Check out this video for some ladder agility drill inspiration:


Agility Balls

Agility balls are a brilliant way to improve your agility, hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Agility balls aren’t very expensive and can be bought at most sports shops.

Find an empty all and stand about 3m away. Throw the ball at the wall using your dominant hand and catch using your non-dominant hand. The ball will rebound off the wall in a different direction each time.

To progress the drill move closer to the wall or use only your non-dominant hand. Even use two at a time.

Remember to stay light on your feet and keep up a quick throw/catch pace.

These kinds of drills are great for developing agility for every sport; football, lacrosse tennis, you name it!

X Drill

The X drill is one of the best agility drills around. This helps improve your footwork and multi-directional speed. Agility is, after all, the ability to change direction at pace.

You need just four cones or markers for this drill set up in a square about 5m apart. Start at the top left cone and sprint on the diagonally to the bottom right. The shuffle laterally to the lower left cone. Immediately run diagonally up to the top right and laterally shuffle back to the top left cone.

Repeat this drill again but instead start at the top right cone, working the opposite side.

To see how it’s done and for more cone drills, watch this video


These drills require very little equipment and can be done using stuff you’ll find lying around the house. So, there’s no excuses to not start working on your agility now!


Best Strength Exercises to Add to Your Training

We know you’re gonna bring your A-game to the Fijian Cup but it’s not all about the competition day. If you wanna be in it to win it you’ve gotta start training hard as of now!

Touch rugby is not for softies! Don’t listen to what they say! To compete with the best at the Fijian Cup you’ve gotta be strong, powerful and skilled.

Champions aren’t made in the gym, rather in the kitchen, that much is true. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to workout!

Strength training is not only vitally important to your playing game but also helps to keep you on the pitch. Strength training can help reduce your risk of injury.

We’ve collected some of our favourite strength exercises that we think will benefit you and your touch rugby game.

Let’s take a look;

Medicine Ball Throws and Slams
Medicine balls are the strength trainer’s best friend, aside from the barbell of course.

You have two simple options with the medicine ball, the throw and the slam.

Aim for 3 sets of 6 reps of each. Start off with a low weight and slowing increase the weight as you improve.

The Throw – hold the ball in two hands at chest height. Drop down into a semi-squat and lower the ball towards your feet. Then, using all your power, thrust your legs upwards and swing your arms towards the ceiling, propelling the ball above your head. Catch the ball and use the momentum to carry you into the next repetition.

The Slam – this is the opposite of the throw. Start with the ball above your head and engage your core. Using all your power slam the ball into the ground, bending at the knees to soften the blow. Pick up the ball and repeat.

To make it harder you can slam the ball down on alternate sides, working the core muscles more.

To see how it’s done, watch this video!

Box Jump

For this exercise you need a plyometric box or a park bench. Start a comfortable distance from the box, test the distance before you start!

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart. Drop into a sem-squat and swing your arms back. Explode upwards jumping onto the box and propelling your arms forward for extra power. Land as softly as possible and engage your core muscles for balance.

Gently step back off the box and repeat. Aim for 10 reps in 30 seconds for 3 sets.

Check out this video to see an example.



There are so many squat variations that you can add to your training sessions, it is a staple strength exercise that is used by the world’s top athletes.

You can incorporate a squat flow into your training session very easily. You can use your own body weight or weight your squats if you have access to a gym.

Front Squat – the weight of the barbell or pole is resting on the front of the shoulders. Step into the bar and bring your arms up and under, keeping the elbows high. Your upper arms should be parallel with the floor. Take the weight of the barbell and step back from the rack. With your feet shoulder width apart and your weight in your heels start your set.

Back Squat – this is the most commonly practiced squat. The weight of the barbell is taken on the back of shoulders. Step under the barbell and place your hands a comfortable distance from your shoulders and grip the barbell. Take the weight of the barbell and step back from the rack. With your feet shoulder width apart and your weight in your heels start your set.

Overhead Squat – There’s no hiding bad form on the overhead squat. It’s best to practice this with a plastic pole or bamboo cane before adding weight. Step your feet shoulder width apart and grip the pole with your hands a little further than shoulder width apart. Raise the pole above your head and lock out your elbows. Drop into a squat and repeat.

For more squat variations watch this video!



Best Touch Rugby Warm Up

The warm up is one of the most important parts of your training session. Not only does it get you psychologically prepared for the session ahead but helps reduce the risk of injury.

A good warm up is made up of 4 key components;

● The Heart Rate Raiser
● Stretching
● Skills Practice
● Mental Preparation

We have created a basic, easy to follow warm up for your touch rugby training sessions. Let’s break it down;
The Heart Rate Raiser

This is the easiest part of the warm up but also one of the most important as it gets the heart rate and breathing rate up, the blood pumping and starts to get you, well, warm!

One simple exercise is to get into groups of 4 and simply jog from the try line to the 22m line and back again, using simple hands to pass along the line. When you hit the 22m line turn around and head back to the try line.

This helps get you mentally prepared as well by focusing on passing well off your left and right hands. This is the time that the gossiping stops and you hone in on the session ahead.

Repeat this two or three times.


Stretching is a vitally important component of the warm up, it allows ease of movement, increases flexibility and in turn helps to reduce the risk of injury.

Stretches should be dynamic and held for 10-20 seconds each. Stretches shouldn’t just focus on the lower body but the upper body and core too.

For those who have old injures or specific injury prevention exercise prescribed by an S&C coach or physiotherapist these should be incorporated into this section of the warm up.

For ideas for dynamic stretches watch this little video!


Skills Practice

This is another chance to get you and your team focused on the task in hand. This is an opportunity to get communication levels up and warm up those handling skills too.

Rugby Netball is a super simple warm up drill for touch rugby. It focuses on getting players to look for space to run into, offering support to the ball carrier and communication.

Divide the players into two teams first of all. The aim of the game is to score on the opposite team’s try line. This drill can be run on a quarter pitch. The condition of the game is that players can only move if they have NOT got the ball. Once the player catches the ball they have one step to stop moving and look for space.

The ball can be placed in any direction and tackling/contact is not permitted. Interceptions can be made and turnover ball is awarded if the ball is dropped, more than one step is taken by the player with the ball or a tackle/contact in made.

To make sure everyone gets involved you can bring in the condition that a try cannot be scored until all players on the team have touched the ball.

For more touch rugby warm up drill ideas, click here (LINK – )

As we said, the warm up is the most important part of a session. Make sure you have your team warm up planned when you come to the Fijian Cup, and remember to bring your own kit. We only provide match balls!


Best Touch Rugby Cool Down

Just as the warm up is an important part of your training session and game preparation the cool down too in a vital component. Some may argue that a cool down is even more important than a warm up as it helps remove lactic acid from the system and reduce the risk of injury.

There are several benefits from an effective cool down, including lowering the heart rate, circulating blood and oxygen to your muscles and reducing the risk of muscle soreness.

Just as the warm up has its individual components the cool down is divided into distinct sections too.

● Gentle movement
● Low intensity, static stretching
● Refuelling

In the excitement of the Fijian Cup competition it’s easy to skip the cool down and head straight back to our 5* resort and start relaxing but this is not the wisest of moves.

An effective cool down can be completed in just ten minutes and it can make a massive difference to your recovery.
Let’s take a look at an effective cool down session for the Fijian Cup;

Gentle Movement

Although you may not feel like it a gentle jog will help re-oxygenate your system. Remove lactic acid and start to bring your heart rate back down.

This can be a gentle jog around the pitch while you and your teammates discuss the pros and cons of your game, or a few minutes of light handling exercises if you just need that final dose of rugby action!

Make sure you’re taking in big deep breaths!


The stretching part of the cool down is vitally important. Unlike in the warm up, in the cool down stretches should be static and held for longer; 30-60 seconds each.

Lots of people make the mistake of over stretching during the cool down to remember to go easy on yourself! You’re about the rest, it’s not an Ashtanga yoga session!

The aim is to gentle stretch your muscles and release the lactic acid build up, not necessarily to improve your flexibility.


This is the best bit! Food! Food and drink! Rehydrating at the Fijian Cup is super important! Exercising in the heat removes more water from your system than you’d think so as soon as you the final whistle blows the rehydration programme starts.

You may be ravenous after your games but remember that snacking in the first hour after exercise is better than a meal. Easily digestible foods like fruit are a good start point.

So there you have it! No excuses not to do a cool down now! We’ll be watching and checking to make sure you do! No sympathy from us if you skip the cool down and are sore tomorrow!


Best Handling Drills for Touch Rugby

You can be the fastest player in the world, the most agile player in the world or the strongest player in the world but if your handling skills aren’t up to scratch you may as well stay at home!

The skill level at the Fijian Cup is near world class. The local players are phenomenal, you’ll think they’ve been born with a rugby ball in their hands the way they play!

Handling errors lose matches, and if your handling isn’t top notch you run the risk of being knocked out of the Fijian Cup at the group stages and losing out on $50,000 worth of prizes. We don’t want that now do we?!

To help make your sessions a bit more interesting we have found the best handling drills for touch rugby, let’s take a look.

Fastest Five

This is an uber simple drill that’s a great addition to the skills section of your warm up.

Each player has a ball each and the challenge is to pass the ball around their torso from one hand to the other, five times as quickly as possible.

If you drop the ball you must start again. Here are a couple of the England Rugby boys to show you how it’s done.


Draw and Pass

This is a basic 2 v 1 drill. This drill should be performed in close quarters to up the intensity and reduce the decision making time.

Two players start behind the half back with one defender 5m away. The half back pop passes up to the first attacker and their job is to commit the defender and secure a pass away.

The attacking team should always win! The focus is on quick, accurate hands from the ball carrier and solid communication from the support player. Holding the ball in two hands is a good habit to get into and especially important for drawing in defenders.

To visualise how this drill works, check out this video.


Solo/Duo Accurate Passing Drills

Although these kinds of drills seem more designed for half backs they are important for everyone especially in touch rugby.

These drills are fun and expertly performed by the All Blacks but it just goes to prove that you don’t need much equipment to work on your accurate handling skills, nor do you need the whole team!

In your free time, or before and after training set up handling challenges for yourself and spend 10-minutes testing yourself. You’ll be amazed at how addictive these solo/duo handling and passing drills become and how much of an impact they have on your game.

Check it out!



History of the Cibi

Kiwis have the Haka, Tongans have the Sipi Tau and Samoan have the Manu Siva Tau but what about the Fijians?

Fiji is a true Pacific Island nation and they do too have their own traditional war dance that they perform before international sporting occasions. The Fijian war dance is called the Cibi. It’s an incredible tradition to watch and of course you’ll be able to observe the local guys and girls performing during the Fijian Cup. Perhaps you’ll even try it for yourself? They’re always keen to share culture with our guests.

So what is the Cibi, what does it signify and what is its history? Let’s break it down!
Cibi the Meke
Meke is the Fijian work for dance; first and foremost the Cibi is a dance. Traditionally men and women do not perform mekes together, rather sticking with their fellow sex and performing dances with different cultural significance.

Traditionally the Cibi was performed before and after battle. The Fijian Rugby Union team are the most famous group of players to still use this war dance in the modern day. The Cibi performed by the Fijian rugby team is also known as the Teivovo.

The tradition of the Cibi dates back to Fiji’s war torn past, when they battled their neighbouring Pacific nations in tribal warfare. When they returned from battle they would boast their victory by raising flags; one flag for every enemy killed in battle.

On their return to their tribes the warriors would be met by the women of the tribe who would sing victory songs along with dances.

The Cibi was used as a pre-battle scare tactic but it was most significantly used as a celebration of victory once the warriors returned home.

Cibi translates from Fijian to mean ‘a celebration of victory by warriors’.

Modern Cibi
Back in 1939 when the Fijian rugby team was preparing for their inaugural tour of New Zealand leader Ratu Sir George Cakobau thought that the team should have a warrior dance to match the All Blacks famous Haka.

Ratu Sir George contacted the high chief of the Navusaradave warrior clan in Bau to asked him to teach the team the Cibi. Since that day the Cibi has been the pre-match ritual for the Fijian rugby team.

The Cibi is said to be a lucky omen for the Fijian team went unbeaten by the All Blacks on their tour.

Cibi vs Bole
Both the Cibi and the Bole have been used as pre-match rituals by the Fijian rugby team.

In 2012 the decision was made to use the Bole rather than the Cibi as the Bole is ‘the acceptance of challenge’ and is a rousing war cry. Many believed that this was a more fitting precursor to the sporting battle that was about to commence.

Use of the Bole in international rugby was short lived however as after the 2012 Pacific Nations Rugby Cup the team decided to go back to its roots and stick with the Cibi.

Learning the Cibi
You’ll have plenty of opportunity to chat with the local guys and girls and try your hand at the Cibi, if you’re tough enough that is!

Here is the war cry for you to start learning now!

(Leader)Vaka rau! Cibi!
Ai tei vovo, tei vovo
E ya, e ya, e ya, e ya;
Tei vovo, tei vovo
E ya, e ya, e ya, e ya
Rai tu mai, rai tu mai
Oi au a virviri kemu bai
Rai tu mai, rai tu mai
Oi au a virviri kemu bai
Toa yalewa, toa yalewa
Veico, veico, veico
Au tabu moce koi au
Au moce ga ki domo ni biau
E luvu koto ki ra nomu waqa
O kaya beka au sa luvu sara
Nomu bai e wa mere
Au tokia ga ka tasere
Tuletule buka sa dredre
Tuletule buka sa dredre
Tou vaka tosoya
Vaka malua.
E ya, e ya, e ya, e ya

Get ready! Cibi! (War dance of celebration)
The war-fence, the war-fence,
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, (spoken like warning in a cry before war)
The war-fence, the war-fence
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Look here, look here,
I attack your defences,
Look here, look here,
I attack your defences
A rooster and a hen,
They attack, attack, attack
It is forbidden for me to slumber
Except to the sound of breaking waves
Your ship lies sunken below,
You say I may have drowned.
Your fence is just made of creepers
I peck at it, and it comes undone.
I turn the tree to uproot it,
It is difficult but it is there.
The tree is out of the ground
Slowly, we are able to move it.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!


Why You Need Travel Insurance

We try our best to keep all the information we send your way about the Fijian Cup light hearted but some stuff we’ve gotta get serious about and travel insurance is one of them.

We’ll keep it brief (promise!) but here is a run down on why you’ve gotta get yourself covered before you join us in Fiji.

Let’s break it down.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Legally no, but you’d be a total chancer if you don’t get yourself covered.

And not like a big, brave kinda chancer…a bit of a tit kinda chancer!

What Does Travel Insurance Do?

We’re not gonna patronise you, you know what travel insurance does! We’re gonna tell you again anyway ‘cus this shit is serious guys and gals!
Travel insurance covers you for everything, little or large, that could go Pete Tong during your time in Fiji.

We’re not totally mental! We’ve thought of every eventuality in and have a massive file of contingency plans should the shit hit the fan. In all honesty in 99% of situations everything will be hunky dory, but that 1% doesn’t sit right with us, nor should it with you!

In that tiny 1% of cases lies a try saving touch that results in a broken nose. In that 1% is a hurricane hitting Fiji in December and the whole event being cancelled because of ‘an act of God’! In that 1% is you dropping your phone into the Sheraton Fiji’s 5* swimming pool…5* swimming pools are no less sympathetic towards tech than normal swimming pools annoyingly!

What Cover Do I Need?

For the Fijian Cup you need a single-trip fully comprehensive travel insurance policy.

A fully comprehensive policy will cover you for literally every scenario. This is everything from a breaking your leg and needing to be flown home to see a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, to compensating you if your bags are lost by the airline.

We know that rugby players think they’re invincible and you should go on thinking that. It’s good for motivation and to keep you psyched up and ready to tear up the pitch. But just in case you’re not invincible we need you to get covered.

Shit happens, sadly, shit often happens when you go on holiday; life’s just not fair like that.

What is Fully Comprehensive?

A fully comprehensive policy will cover you for pretty much every outcome, their job is to assist you abroad and pay out for;

• Lost or stolen passport
• Lost, stolen or damaged luggage
• Trip cancellation
• Oversees medical fees
• Repatriation
• Person Liability
• Accident Cover for Extreme Sports/Activities (some policies do not include this as standard).

A fully comprehensive policy will also cover you if, for whatever reason, the Fijian Cup competition has to be cancelled; e.g a hurricane hits the Pacific and the NZ or Australian Ministry of Travel declare it an unsafe destination to travel.

This is where travel insurance will compensate you for the trip, should we be unable to find a solution.

Things to Think About

Make sure that your travel insurance covers you for playing recreational sport. Although touch rugby is not a contact sport it may still be classed as an ‘extreme sport’ by some insurance providers. This may mean you have to pay a little extra to upgrade your policy but those extra couple of dollars could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Accidents that occur under the influence of alcohol are seldom covered by insurance policies. So be sure to confirm this before you depart. Obviously, you’ll be drinking sensibly because you’re in competition mode so there will be no chance of a drunken accident, right?!

Before you leave remember to give your insurance policy details to someone at home, your SO or parents, so that should you be unable to make a claim or inform the insurance company of an incident, someone else can call on your behalf as soon as possible.

Serious stuff out the way! Still have a few questions about travel insurance for the Fijian Cup? No worries, drop an email to and we’ll do our best to help you out.


Health Benefits of Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby is a form of exercise…duh! An exercise of any kind brings with it a tonne of health benefits. We all play rugby for the love of the game and on the off chance that if we work hard enough in the gym that a Sonny Bill six pack may just appear!

Aside from looking buff AF touch rugby has whole host of health benefits, both mental and physical.

Rugby is good for you, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of touch rugby.

Cardiovascular Health

The raising of the heart rate that occurs during the warm up alone is enough to strengthen your cardiovascular system. A strong cardiovascular system not only reduces your risk of a heart attack but other forms of heart disease and strokes too.

The short intervals of activity mimic that of interval training used by trainers to improve cardiovascular health. The stronger your heart and lungs are the quicker they can deliver oxygen to your muscles and the better you will perform.

Weight Management
Supposedly, playing touch rugby for 40 minutes can burn upwards of 700 calories! If you’re trying to get in shape for the Fijian Cup as well as hone in on your skills you’re kinda killing two birds with one stone!

Don’t worry about hitting the gym, just up the ante in your touch rugby training sessions will help you tone up in no time!

Muscular Endurance

The explosive power used by touch rugby players has major health benefits, the development of lean muscle and fat reduction are just two of them.

Muscular endurance is important part of everyday life as it is the ability to work a group of muscles for a continued amount of time without tiring. In terms of everyday life, increased muscular endurance would mean that you’d be able to race up the steps to work rather than double over exhausted at the halfway point.

Reduces Stress

Exercising in any capacity triggers the release of endorphins into your system. Endorphins are a hormone that boost your mood and help you feel happier and less stressed. A solid boost of endorphins helps for a good night’s sleep too.

By releasing endorphins into your system you’re reducing stress and taking away the negative tensions you hold onto in daily life.

Social Benefits
Being part of a team and working together can help boost your mental state too. The social aspects of touch rugby, on and off the pitch, are some of the greatest benefits it brings to all involved.

Self confidence is a massive benefit of touch rugby, especially in young players. The beauty of touch rugby is that everyone can play and bring their skills to the table. You can leave your insecurities at the door!

So there you have it five great health benefits of touch rugby. We could have gone on for hours but that would start to get boring and you need to get back to training…don’t you?!


How Touch Rugby Influences your Contact Game

Touch rugby was originally created as a training game for school boys in the UK. Bob Dykes and Ray Vawdon may beg to differ however! They are regarded as the official creators of touch rugby.

Regardless, touch rugby is a sport in its own right but it also greatly influences your contact game. For good and for bad. Some people claim that when they spend too much time focusing on touch that it starts to make them tackle-shy in the full contact game.

That maybe true in some cases but we believe that the benefits far surpass negatives. Touch rugby is a great opportunity to spend time focusing on the non-contact elements of your game. After all, isn’t the whole point of contact rugby to avoid being tackled and keep the ball alive?! The front row may beg to differ!

Let’s take a look at how touch rugby influences your contact game.

Handling is the most important part of touch rugby. With no rucks or mauls to hide the ball away in you and your teammates have to focus on minimising the handling errors even further.

Accurate handling wins games. End of! Touch rugby gives you the chance to focus on getting those hands up to scratch without thinking about body management in the inevitable tackle to come.

It’s safe to say that some players would rather take the tackle than use their fancy feet. Touch rugby is the perfect time to start working on your agility; the odds of you being able to sidestep the opposition are far greater because there is so much more space on the pitch.

Don’t take the tackle, flash that footwork. Your contact game will thank you later in the season!

Communication is vital to success on the pitch. Touch rugby is a more ‘heads up’ style of rugby and with so much more space on the pitch letting your teammates know where to pass the ball is even more important.

With matches being shorter than that of a contact game you’ve got to make every minute count. There’s no buying your time in touch rugby!

See. Do. The perfect mantra for touch rugby. Being able to communicate effectively on the pitch is important for both codes but the recreational nature of touch rugby and the Fijian Cup are the perfect opportunity to start finding your voice.

Spacial Awareness
Spacial awareness is a vitally important component of both contact and touch rugby. The benefit of touch rugby is that there is just so much space! With only six players per team on the pitch at any given moment the space is obvious and waiting for you to capitalise on it.

Being able to read the space on the touch rugby pitch helps you hone in on the skill making you more attuned to finding the space on the busier 15-a-side pitch.


The 15-a-side full contact game can get slow, especially nearing the 70-minute mark. Part of the joy of touch rugby is that it’s short and concentrated bursts of play. You only have 15-minutes each half, every second matters.

As such, the game of touch rugby is consistently more fast paced than the contact game. Developing your speed endurance through touch rugby has nothing but positive repercussions in your contact game.

Well, there you go! Whether you play contact rugby or not knowing that your developing transferable skills is a confidence boost for sure. Touch rugby has a whole host of health benefits too. Click here to find out more (LINK)

What You Win

This is possibly the most exciting part of the Fijian Cup. Second only to staying in the 5* Sheraton resort, our kick-ass opening and closing parties and our off the hook extra activities!
Although it’s cringeworthy and cliched here at the Fijian Cup it really is the taking part that counts. Let’s chuck all the cliches in there…ultimately, rugby is the real winner!
It’s cliched but its true! The Fijian Cup is an opportunity for grassroots players from New Zealand, Australia and Fiji to come together to share their skills, strut their stuff and, well, enjoy the world’s most impressive sporting paradise.
Equal Winnings

We’re not like the golf PGA tour, here at the Fijian Cup all winners are equal. Our winners all put in the same hard graft and display the same grit, determination and kick-ass skills, so naturally they all win equal prizes.

We have prizes for the men’s division, the women’s division and the mixed division too. All the winning teams get exactly the same prize package.

Let’s take a look at what you win!

The Prizes

The Fijian Cup is a prestigious award and the winning teams from each division get to take home with them their Fijian Cup to proudly display in the club house for all to admire!

Each championing team wins the opportunity to return to the Fijian Cup next year to defend their title. We offer winners ten accomodation and competition entry packages to come back next year to enjoy not only rock the Fijian Cup touch rugby competition but enjoy our whole event programme.

Winners also receive a team cash cheque of $5,000 FJD. This can be spent however you like! Most teams reinvest it in kit and equipment for the next season. Some would like to splash the cash behind the bar but there’s no need; we’ve got that covered!

The final prize for each winning team is a $1,000 FJD bar tab at the Sheraton Fiji’s epic bar. Will it be Long Island Iced Teas or Pina Coladas all round? With $1,000 to spend you can have both…and then some!

Most Valuable Player

This is a really wonderful prize. From the moment you step on the pitch its eyes on the prize. The Most Valuable Player award goes to the player we think has contributed the most to the tournament, who has played with grace and sportsmanship and who embodies the ethos of the Fijian Cup.

The Most Valuable Player will take home their trophy, a $500 FJD cash cheque and the admiration of the Fijian Cup family.
Wow! That right there is over $50,000 of prizes! It doesn’t get much better than this!

All who attend the Fijian Cup, playing and non-playing, are invited to attend our closing ceremony and awards party on our final night in paradise. Be sure to bring your glad rags, this is quite the occasion!
Our Hosts – Sheraton Fiji

Here at the Fijian Cup and Tourism HQ we pride ourselves on working with the best in the business. Our aim is to offer our guests the time of their life, room the moment they touch down in Fiji to the moment we (sadly!) head home.

Part of our ethos is to work with partners who share the same beliefs as us when it comes to delivering the highest standard of hospitality. In light of this we have teamed up with the incredible 5* Sheraton Fiji to offer our players and supporters a taste of luxury while at the Fijian Cup.
Why The Sheraton Fiji?

We have chosen to work with Sheraton Fiji because of their 5* experience.

Everything from the incredible location of the resort to their welcoming and hospitable team of staff to the amazing range of restaurants they have to offer makes us think that this is a little gem of perfection set in a true paradise.

The Sheraton Fiji is beautifully situated on Denarau Island and can house up to 300 people at a time. You may think that 300 is a lot of people, that the place may feel busy and overcrowded. Far from it, the Sheraton’s grounds are so expansive that it feels calm and peaceful while offering guests plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle.
What’s At The Resort?

Legit, it’s easier to ask what’s not at the resort! Swimming pools, an epic fitness centre and four restaurants are just the start!

If you’re a real foodie or just want to experience how the other half live be sure to book at table at Ports O’Call, the island’s best fine dining restaurant.

Once you’ve finished on the pitch chances are you’re going to want to soothe those aching muscles. The Sheraton Fiji has an exquisite spa complex offering a Vichy shower, hydrotherapy pools and high tech sauna room. Offering everything from Fiji Bobo massage to a silicium super lift facial you’ll feel like a whole new person when you emerge from the magical spa rooms.

What Are The Rooms Like?

As you would expect from a 5* resort the Sheraton Fiji’s rooms are pretty darn spectacular! We have five accomodation options for you to choose from, it’s a difficult choice to be fair; all the rooms are awesome!

As the name would suggest the Ocean Front Suite offers you unrivalled views of the Pacific Ocean to wake up to each morning. The Lagoon Villa is a spacious private apartment set back in the lush gardens of the Sheraton Fiji. Finally the Ocean Breeze suites are ground floor rooms that open up into landscaped gardens and look out towards the ocean.

What’s Included?

Included in your room package is an epic American style buffet breakfast each morning. On top of this you have access to the Sheraton’s swimming pools and fitness centre.

To sweeten the deal even further you have complimentary use of snorkelling equipment, kayaks and paddleboards for a bit of added fun and active recovery during your time at the Fijian Cup.

We are proud as punch to be working with the Sheraton Fiji to host the Fijian Cup. One thing is for sure, you’re never gonna wanna leave!


Must Have Stash for Fijian Cup

Let’s face it, we’re all all about the stash! What’s the point in playing rugby if you don’t get to stock up on the stash!

We know that you don’t need any excuse to get shopping for stash but just in case you needed to justify a spending spree, here is the must have stash for the Fijian Cup!


Unlike in the 15-a-side game you don’t go wearing a proper shirt for touch rugby. The touch rugby trend is vests. After all, the guys and the girls wanna show off their guns on the pitch!

It’s a case of the tighter the better when it comes to the vests. Although you want something cool and loose to stop you from overheating the reality is a baggy top means easy touches, and the occasional tug!

Kinda obvious? Well, maybe not! There’s always someone who forgets their boots. Although the ground is hard you’ll want something a bit more sturdy than just trainers for playing in the Fijian Cup.

3G/artificial turf or firm ground boots are your best bet. Remember, only wear bright boots if you’re gonna bring your A-game!

Compression Tights
Although compression tights help keep you toasty warm it’s a great idea to bring a pair with you to the Fijian Cup. The temptation to not to a proper cool down and race back to our 5* resort to max out on the complimentary kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling but with games to play the following day you need to help your muscles to relax and recover.

Although compression tights don’t replace a cool down they are the best way for the lazy athlete to recover.

Plus, leggings and rugby shorts is the go-to look for players literally everywhere in the world!

Water Bottle
The golden rule of the Fijian Cup is to sip, sip, and sip some more! In competition time you’ve gotta keep yourself hydrated and back at the hotel you’ve gotta keep the cocktails flowing!

Be sure to include a big water bottle in your stash to help keep you on top form.

Despite it being sunny AF and damn hot in Fiji you cool down pretty quick once the final whistle has blown. Make sure to chuck your fav rugby hoodie in your kit bag to throw on after the match.

Just remember to take it off if you go to dinner at the Sheraton’s Port O’Call restaurant ‘cus it’s well posh!