Best Instagram photos from Fiji

Photography at The Fijian Cup
Fiji is one of the most vibrant and exciting nations on earth. Teaming ancient traditional and rituals with unrivalled natural beauty you’re gonna fall in love with Fiji and get the best Instagram photos.

Many of you will have visited this special series of islands before but through The Fijian Cup you get to experience the country in a whole new way. Not only do you get a taste of luxury during your stay in Fiji but you also get to see the place in a wholly authentic way.

To get you pumped up and dreaming of Fijian sporting paradise we thought we’d share with you some phenomenal photographers from Fiji.

Let’s take a look;

Things start hotting up when you join us at the Fijian Cup, in more ways than one!

If you’re looking for a post-match protein punch it doesn’t get much better than this!
After a tough morning on the field you’ll be busting to hang out in a beachside hammock, there’s plenty to go around!

Because even on a cloudy day Fiji looks amazing!

5* luxury doesn’t get much better than this! Remember to take off your muddy boots!

If you thought the only action was gonna happen on the field, think again!

A fully stocked well chilled bar awaits you after a morning on the field. If that’s not incentive enough we don’t know what is! Perhaps $50,000+ in prizes?!

Be sure to pick up a $7 note! By way of celebrating Fiji’s gold medal at the Olympics they’ve commissioned a blue seven dollar note. We’re working on getting the winners of the Fijian Cup on a dollar note…wouldn’t that be awesome!

We know you’re gonna be snapping left, right and centre when you don’t have a ball in hand! Be sure to tag us in your photos of the Fijian Cup and use #FijianCup for a feature!

Best Motivational Rugby Quotes

Players and Locals at The Fijian Cup Tournament
In the run up to The Fijian Cup we know you’ll have moments of tiredness, even laziness! Juggling a job, friends, family and rugby can be tough and we know exactly how hard it can be at times to keep motivation for training high. To help give you a little motivational boost when you need it most we’ve found the 10 best inspirational and motivational rugby quote around. Save them as a screensaver, write them on your boots, even get them tattooed on you if that’s what it takes!

The Fijian Cup will be the time of your life, both on and off the field. Just keep dreaming of sporting paradise, we’ll be there soon!

I don’t believe in magic. I believe in hard work.
– Richie McCaw

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
– Anonymous

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
– Vince Lombardi

The days when you ‘don’t want to’ are the days that you need to.
– Anonymous

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.
– Zig Ziglar

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.
– Anonymous

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
– George S. Patton

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life…that’s why I succeed
– Michael Jordan

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.
– Henry Ford

Rugby is a game all about teamwork and support. To go forwards you must first go backwards.
– Anonymous

What words do you use to keep yourself motivated to train? Comment below with your mantras and mottos, we’d love to heat them!

5 Reasons to Why Fijian Cup is the Best Competition in the Pacific

Female Team Winners at The Fijian Cup
We may be bias but we truly believe that The Fijian Cup is a unique and special event. For a huge number of reasons the Fijian Cup is one of the best recreational sports tournaments in the Pacific, if not THE best.

We won’t bore you with the hundreds of reasons why but perhaps these five reasons why the Fijian Cup is the best competition in the Pacific may just convince you to join us in sporting paradise.

Let’s break it down;

Official Partners

We’ve teamed up with Fiji Airways to give you the best possible deal on flights, you won’t get this value for money anywhere else!

And it doesn’t stop there, with the full support from our official event
partner Tourism FIji we have access to local coaches, fields and other
resources to give you an authentic Fijian experience.

5* Luxury

This ones not so much related to the sport but plays a big part in the Fijian Cup as an event. We have teamed up with the Shangri La Resort, Sigatoka to ensure you have a world class experience.

You have access to their classy fine dining restaurant, family restaurants, their poolside cocktail bar and unlimited snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding in the afternoons.

No other recreational sports festival in the Pacific includes 5* accommodation in the competition entry package cost.

Epic Prizes

We know you all want to be in it to win it and what a win it is! Our Fijian Cup prizes amount to more than $50,000 FJD!

Winning teams from each division will each win selected packages for next year’s Fijian Cup including flights, accommodation and competition entry. On top of this winners are also awarded with a cash cheque and bar tabs.

There’s also cash cheques for the most valuable player of the tournament, so bring your A-game!

Giving Back

This is what makes the Fijian Cup so special and therefore the best. In the run up to the ecent we fly over to Fiji a selection of NZ’s best coaches and refereeing to run rugby clinics for the local teams. This elite coaching opportunity is a vital chance for local players to realise and unlock their potential.

We also allow local Fijian teams free entry into the competition and offer you the chance to make up your team’s numbers to the full 16 by adopting a keen and super skilled set of Fijians into your group. Just email us at for more info on this.

We have big plans for the Fijian Cup to become a key stakeholder and player development associate for the youth of Fiji. We will have some big announcements coming soon so watch this space.

For now you can buy your package safe in the knowledge that you are playing your part in creating a talent development pathway for Fiji’s rising sporting stars.

Open for All

Provided you are a registered player in New Zealand or Australia you can join us in Fiji. Regardless of your age (as long as you’re 18+) size or experience you and your team can play for your chance to win $50,000 worth of prizes and the pride of being Fijian Cup champions!

Our divisions all have the same value of prizes, everyone gets the same amount of matches before the finals and everyone is treated like the sporting hero they really are.

We are proud to have equality across out tournament, we think it makes for a far more happy and successful event!

We think that the Fijian Cup is the best competition in the Pacific and we intend to keep it that way! Unless the Olympics come, the Olympics are a bit better than us to be fair!

Top 5 Packing Tips for the Fijian Cup

Prize Giving at The Fijian Cup Championship
Hey there, international jet-setter you! We know you’ve probably got your packing style down to a fine art but in case you were needing a bit of extra help we thought we’d fire over some of our best packing tips.

We’ve been at this a while now and know how easily it is to forget stuff but it’s also really easy to over pack! Now, we went to Scouts and we always like to be prepared but we’re only in Fiji for 3-nights! You don’t need to bring the full holiday wardrobe AND stash AND dress up stuff for the fancy cocktail night!

As seasoned sports festival gurus heed our advice if you wanna pack savvy and travel smart!

Plastic Bag
After a long day strutting your stuff out on the field the last thing you’re gonna want to do is wash your kit. Although the Shangri La does offer a laundry service given that we’re only there for 3-nights we suggest you wait until you get home. Saves you a bit of money too!

We suggest you bring a sturdy plastic bag to shove all of your kit into; boots and all! That way you can keep the smelly, sweaty, grubby stash separate from your fancy holidays clothes.

When you get home just dump it straight in the washing machine and walk away until clean! Easy as!

Foldaway Kit Bag
As your flights include one check-in bag and one carry-on bag we suggest you chuck a foldaway kit back in your check-in bag. Once you get to the Shangri La, Fiji and settled in your room you can then make up your day pack to bring to the field and leave the rest of your stuff in your room.

Remember to bring layers to put on in between games and for the transfer back to the hotel. Although Fiji is toasty hot you cool down pretty quick after the final whistle blows. Chilly muscles mean injuries and we don’t want that!

Roll, Don’t Fold
This is the golden rule for packing wherever and whenever you travel. Folding your clothes makes them creased AF but if you roll them up tight they stay super smooth and super smart. Not only does this keep your clothes smooth but also saves space meaning you can cram in more stash to show off!

If that sounds like something you’d do, skip to tip 5!

Backpack or Suitcase
We think a backpack is way easier to travel with than a suitcase. As we’re travelling as a group we have a couple of transfers to do, we find that those who travel with backpacks get off and out that bit quicker than those with suitcases.

Remember to put a name tag on your bag so the Shangri La Resort Fiji team know what room to send your bag to!

Pack Light
Like we’ve said, we’re only in Fiji for 3-days you don’t need to bring see everything with you!

Although it’s a bit of a nightmare in terms of wardrobe; kit, beach clothes and dress up but don’t worry come as you are! If there’s ever been an excuse to pack light it’s The Fijian Cup!

And last but not least, don’t forget your boots!

Fijian Rugby Words and Phrases

Local Culture at The Fijian Cup Tournament
Whenever you travel to a foreign country it’s always good to be a good traveller. Part of being a good traveller is learning the lingo. Although English is an official language in Fiji we thought you might like to know some rugby specific Fijian Rugby language to try out on your opponents or even the local players that join your team.

Be sure to reach out to us if you’d like to make up numbers in your team with some local players, we have a long list of kick-ass players dying to pull on a shirt.

We’re sure that your new Fijian rugby buddies will teach you all the naughty words but we’re gonna stick to the rugby focused lingo right here, right now.

Let’s get started!

What time does the game start? – Gauna cava e na tekivu qito?

Yes sir (to the ref) – io saka

Pass the ball – yaco na polo

Pass left – yaco imawi

Pass right – yaco donu

I’m injured – Au sa mavoa

You played well – Ko sa rui qito vinaka

Great skills bro – O Baraca maqosa levu

Your boots are cool – O iko na vava vavaku e batabata

I love rugby – Au taleitaka na rakavi

Rugby is my religion – Na noqu Lotu na rakavi

Basic AF and a little cheesy we admit! But we all agree that after a The Fijian Cup we’ll all be saying ‘Au maru, Au sa oca’, I’m happy and I’m tired!

A Brief History of Rugby in Fiji

The Fijian Cup Championship Trophy
For the outside world it feels like Rugby in Fiji has always been a dominating force in world. This has not always been the case. The game of rugby that we know and love was founded in 1823 by a young William Webb Ellis it wasn’t until 61 years later would this incredible sport reach the Pacific Islands.

As a side note the first rugby club in New Zealand wasn’t established until 1870. On 14th May 1870 the first official game of rugby ever to be played in New Zealand took place in Nelson at the Botanics.

It wasn’t until 1884 that rugby reached Fiji and changed the lives of the islanders forever. In a place where a sport has near religious status let’s take a look at a brief history of rugby in Fiji.

Fiji is a rarity, it is one of only a handful of nations where rugby is the primary sport. They share this niche with New Zealand, Wales, Tonga and Samoa; coincidently their biggest rivals too!

In 1884 rugby was first played in Fiji by European and Fijian soldiers on Viti Levu Island where they were stationed for the Native Constabulary at Ba.

By 1900 rugby games were a regular occurrence and even started getting coverage in local media. Admittedly many of the players were military expats; the first rugby competition was created in 1904 and involved a group of civil service personal, constabulary and a couple of locals too.

In 1913 a plumber named Paddy Sheehan from Dunedin and the ex-Otago captain came to Suva to help build the Grand Pacific Hotel. He and his team clocked that there was a need for a formal organisation to oversee what was currently a talented by informal sporting set up.

Sheehan created the Pacific Club and by the end of their first AGM three more clubs had been created and in turn the Fiji RFU. The three other clubs formed were the Services, the Cadets and Rewa. These clubs only played in Suva at this point.

In light of the creation of the Fiji RFU in 1914 the ‘native competition’ was established. This involved local Fijian players led by Ratu Epeli Ganilau. The first ‘native’ clubs were Taipou, Tarirere, Hill and Ofisa (Police) RFC. Within a year the ‘native’ clubs, known as the Fiji Native Union, had joined forces with the Fiji RFU to create a national governing body.

Fiji’s first international match took place in August of 1925 in Apia in Samoa. The kicked off at 7am so that the players had enough time to shower and change and be in work on time. The field also had a giant tree on the halfway line!

Fast forward to 1938 and the New Zealand Maori team flew to Fiji to play against the Fiji XV and the Fiji European teams. Many of the Fijian players played in boots for the first time ever in order to honour their international opponents. However at semi-regular intervals during match boots were flung into touch in favour of playing barefoot. A preference still held by many Fijian players.

In 1939 Fiji made the history books by playing heading to tour in New Zealand for an eight match series and coming away unbeaten. Incredibly they beat the New Zealand team seven times with one draw. Again, many of these players still stepped out onto the field barefoot, much to the delight and amazement of the Kiwi crowd.

By 1971 rugby in Fiji has exploded. The Fiji RFU was renamed the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) and there were 750 clubs registered with a total of 10,000 players across 300 Pacific islands.

1977 to 1984 were an epic eight years for Fiji. Not only did they win the Hong Kong Seven twice but also beat the British & Irish Lions at Buckhurst Park More. In 1982 they beat Vancouver XV which kick-started a 15-match winning streak unheard of at the time.

From 1987 to 1995 rugby in Fiji went from triumph to flop. At the first ever World Cup in 1987 Fiji powered through to the quarter-finals before being knocked out by France. In a steady downwards trajectory Fiji failed to even qualifying for the 1995 World Cup.

In the last decade Fijian rugby has vastly improved, particularly in the sevens game a code that Fiji has dominated from day dot.

In 2006 the Fijian women’s team played their first ever test match. In their first game, against Samoa, they lost 15-27 but upped their game in the following match against Tonga smashing them 52-5.
At the 2016 Summer Olympics the Fiji sevens men’s team won gold in a historic win against Team GB; this was the first time sevens was played at the Olympics.

Both the men’s and the women’s rugby scenes in Fiji are developing greatly and with the support of events like The Fijian Cup and the talent development infrastructure it brings we hope to play our part in raising the profile of Fijian rugby world wide.

Our aim is to raise this tiny island nation up to be greater than we could ever dream, to make its mark on the world’s sporting stage.

Dos and Don’ts of Fijian Cup

Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament
The Fijian Cup is a totally laid back affair. There are no real rules here but nor is there total anarchy! We know our rugby playing friends have more common sense than punchlines would lead us to believe but there are a few do’s and don’ts everyone should take a look at before they head to the airport.

Some of these are silly, some of them are a tad more serious but these are the unspoken (barely written) rules of the Fijian Cup.

Let’s break it down;

Do Hydrate
A dull one to start with by hydration is SO important. Fiji isn’t crazy hot it’s warmer than most players are used to. Going hard out on the pitch means that you’ve gotta go equally hard out off the pitch and get yourself tanked up on the aqua.

Do Warm-Up and Cool Down
You know the drill, like you actually do know the drills, so do ‘em! There is nothing worse than training all season for a big important tournament like the Fijian Cup only to be struck down by an injury or taken out by a niggle that you could’ve avoid if you did a little stretching!

Do Play Your Best
Goes without saying really. Everyone needs to bring their A-game to Fiji. We’re all about rising together, improving together and playing our little hearts out. Leave nothing on the pitch. Next year is a long way away!

Do Be a Gracious Winner
We’re rugby players, not soccer stars. We win with humility and we win with pride. We don’t rub our win in the faces of our opponents on or off the pitch. Once the final whistle blows we’re back in the friend zone!

Do Be a Gracious Loser
Take your loss, if you lose, on the chin. Learn from your mistakes and misj and move on. Build on your game. Thank your opponents, shake their hands and congratulate them on their win.

Do Be a Cheerleader
If you and your team are knocked out or have a game free be sure to support those who are still on the pitch. Here at the Fijian Cup we are a community, we are each others cheerleaders regardless of what shirt we pull on at game time.

Do Have the Time of Your Life
Easy as really, eh?! We’ve laid on a phenomenal rugby festival for you and your team. All you gotta do is get on the plane, get on the pitch and get in the pool! Job done!

Don’t Forget your Boots
You may think this is a silly one, we do to but we have had people rock up bootless before. Don’t be that player!

Don’t Be a D*ck to the Ref
We’re all about peace and love at the Fijian Cup. Dissing the ref, the match officials, the opposition the water runners, the coaches, supporters, bus driver, airplane pilot, the chef, the barman, the cleaners, the cameraman, the dude with the kayaks or the event organising team just ain’t on.

We’re in Fiji not the USA, we ain’t got time for no jocks around here!

Don’t Throw Shade on Your Opponents
Rolling on from the last point, it’s sunny in Fiji, why go throwing shade? We’re all up for a bit of friendly banter or cheeky rivalry but full on disrespect or over the mark winding up will not go down well, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with with legit seriousness.

Don’t Be Hungover on Finals Day
We’re honestly here for a good time not for a long time but don’t go all out on the second night thinking you’re over the hill! Finals day is a big day, a tough day, in need of a clear head day!

As tempting at the Shangri La Fiji bar is, hold off for one more night. Them cocktails will taste all the better after you’ve smashed finals day!

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Share Your Skills
Like we said, we’re all about peace and love and in creating this little harmonious rugby community in Fiji we also encourage you to share your skills, both with the locals and fellow international players. The Fijian Cup has been designed to help up-skill and nurture the talent of all who attend.

If you have a skill to share, a new drill to try out or a sneaky tactic to trial find a tribe and get sharing!

Don’t Miss Breakfast
Our hosts, the 5* Shangri La Fiji, are laying on an epic breakfast buffet every morning. You’ll kick yourself if you skip breakfast mostly because its super tasty and crazy nutritious but also ‘cus it’s a long time til lunch on game days!

Don’t Get Dehydrated
We like to bring things full circle, so we’ll finish where we started. Drink water, don’t get sick, don’t get injured, go home happy!

There you have it, seven do’s and seven don’ts of the Fijian Cup. Pretty easy rules to live by, don’t you agree?

How to Recover at the Fijian Cup

Female Teams and Referee at The Fijian Cup
With so much going on during The Fijian Cup Nines it is easy to think that recovery time can wait until you’ve walked back in the door to your home. Friends, heed our caution! There is so much to dive straight into after the final whistles of the Fijian Cup Nines games have blown but it is so important to incorporate recovery time into your schedule.

Luckily for you we have created an itinerary where active (and not so active!) recovery is a breeze.

Remember to Cool Down
Yup, it may seem like an obvious one but its not uncommon to skip the cool down especially given that there is so much excitement that lies ahead in the rest of the afternoon and evenings of the Fijian Cup Nines.

We know that you’ll have given your all on the field and so it is really important to take that 5-10 minutes to cool down, stretch off and give some love back to the muscles that have carried you through the tournament thus far.

Get in the Gym
Part of the reason we chose to work with the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort for the Fijian Cup Nines is because of their fantastic facilities. Once back at the ranch you can drop by the in-house gym for active recovery spin, a stretching session or even some more strenuous cardio if you fancy it.

Book a Sports Massage
What better way to recover from a hard day of play than to completely unwind with a sports massage. The Shangri-La Hotel & Resort has their own in-house spa, CHI, where you can book in for luxurious treatment. Perhaps you feel the need for a pummelling in a sports massage or to bliss out with a full afternoon of spa treatments to soothe the aching bones.

Adventure Recovery
They say a change is as good as a rest and we are inclined to agree. During the afternoons of the Fijian Cup Nines you can step into a world of adventure. You have free access to all non-motorised water sports. So you could paddle yourself out into the lagoon on a glass bottom boat or dip beneath the surface and snorkel the afternoon away.

If you fancy a bit of golf you can join the crew for a casual (but no less competitive) round of golf or you can have a kick around on the beach.

Just Do Nothing….or Almost Nothing
Remember that the Fijian Cup Nines is as much of a holiday as it is a world class sporting championship! If you and your team want to sit around the pool from the afternoon until long after the sun has set, shooting the breeze and enjoying a few cold beers, you totally can!

The Fijian Cup Nines takes recovery time seriously. Whether your recovery is adrenaline fuelled or suitably flat lines we know that you will have the time of your life at the Fijian Cup Nines.

Do’s and Don’ts For The Fijian Cup

Here at the Fijian Cup Nines we are pretty chilled. We are all here for the same reason; to enjoy a world-class sporting championship and to soak up all the good vibes that Fiji has to offer.

Rugby players are famed for being some of the most fun-loving and chilled out sportspeople around and the folks that join us at the Fijian Cup Nines are no exception.

We don’t have many, any, rules and regulations for the Fijian Cup Nines. We’re all adults, you are your own responsibility and you’re all old enough and ugly enough to look after yourselves!

But, if this is your first time joining us at the Fijian Cup Nines then be sure to read this friendly little list of the do’s and don’t’s of the Fijian Cup Nines. Not rules as such, just some advice from your friends here at the Fijian Cup Championship.

Let’s break it down;

Do Buy Travel Insurance
You know how serious this rule is right? If you haven’t booked your travel insurance yet or have no idea what we’re talking about make sure you read out guide about booking travel insurance after you have finished here.

Do Warm-Up and Cool Down
Just because you’re on tour doesn’t mean that your normal training protocols can go out the window. Remember you’re taking two long(ish)-haul flights in the space of four days, that alone takes a toll on your body. Then there’s the heat and humidity and let’s not forget to mention the world-class rugby league nines tournament you’re about to embark on.

Warm up. Cool down. Don’t get injured.

Do Play Your Best
With $25,000FJD worth of prizes at stake and the opportunity to return next year to defend your title there is everything to play for. An ammeter tournament this may be but the Fijian Cup Nines is anything but recreational. Bring your A-game folks and go for gold!

Do Be a Gracious Winner
We’re rugby players, not soccer stars. We win with humility and we win with pride. We don’t rub our win in the faces of our opponents on or off the field. Once the final whistle blows we’re back in the friend zone!

Do Be a Gracious Loser
Take your loss, if you lose, on the chin. Learn from your mistakes and misjudgments and move on. Build on your game. Thank your opponents, shake their hands and congratulate them on their win.

Don’t Forget your Boots
You may think this is a silly one, we do too but we have had people rock up bootless before. Don’t be that player!

Don’t Be a D*ck
Much like being a gracious winner and a gracious loser, just don’t be a d*ck to anyone at any time. We have a zero tolerance stance on d*ckheads and we will call time on you if you disturb the peace, love and good times flowing free at the Fijian Cup Nines.

There you have it, seven essential do’s and seven don’ts of the Fijian Cup Nines. Pretty easy rules to live by, don’t you agree?

We can’t wait to see your do your thang at the Fijian Cup Nines – we’ll see you in paradise!

Using the Fijian Cup for Motivation

We all need something to aim for, something to work towards, something to keep us motivated through the dingy winter and on those days when work really feels like too much bother.

The Fijian Cup is the ultimate source of motivation! We use it as a motivation, the goal is Fiji baby! If you need something to focus on in the coming months, why not make the Fijian Cup the thing?

The Fijian Cup can be used as motivation in many ways. Let’s break it down;

Motivation for Your Game – The Pride of Champions
If training is starting to get a bit monotonous or you don’t feel 100% committed to your game start using the Fijian Cup as your motivation.

We much as we all f**king love rugby there are days when we can’t be arsed. On those days think of Fiji. Think of playing against some of the best, raw talent in the Pacific and how you’ve gotta bring your A-game.

The standard of play at the Fijian Cup is super high, you’ve gotta go hard or go home. Training and preparation starts now…right now!

Although the Fijian Cup is a recreational competition there is a competitive element and everyone wants to be in with the chance of winning prizes worth over $50,000.

Think about the pride of lifting the Fijian Cup with your teammates and the sheer joy of having a $1000 bar tab at the 5* Sheraton cocktail bar!

When training doesn’t sound appealing think about the pride of winning the best rugby competition in the Pacific. Strap on those boots and get a ball in hand.

That should do the trick!

Motivation for Your Beach Body

If you’re struggling to find motivation for your gym training think about having the perfect beach body when you hit Fiji.

Whether you want a Sonny Bill six pack or toned arms like Portia Woodman think about how you’ll look sauntering along the Sheraton’s private beach while the sunsets on your first evening in paradise.

We think you look perfect just the way you are…seriously! But if you wanna look your best on the beach you’ve gotta earn it.

Get working out, baby!

Motivation for Your Holiday

When work gets tough and boring AF start using the Fijian Cup as motivation. Think about how you can splurge your holiday fund on Long Island Ice Teas by the poolside or treating yourself to one of the Sheraton Fiji’s 5* spa packages.


All that hard work and dedication to the daily grind will be worth it as soon as you get to zip up your suitcase and jump in the taxi to the airport.

The Fijian Cup is a great motivation tool, whether you wanna up your game, get your beach bod or stay focused at work the Fijian Cup is the ultimate reward!