How to Survive your First Fijian Cup

Players and Local Mens Team at The Fijian Cup

The Fijian Cup Nines is an intensive weekend of world-class sport, luxury vacation and good old fashioned community fun.

When we say that you have to brace yourself for The Fijian Cup Nines, we’re not just talking about hard hitting tackles. The Fijian Cup Nines is a jam-packed long weekend and you’ve got to prepare yourself. We want you to make the most of every minute of your time in Fiji, we don’t want you to burn out early.

So, here are our top tips for surviving your first Fijian Cup Nines

We know this makes us sound ancient and kinda naggy but staying hydrated during the Fijian Cup Nines is vitally important. The heat and humidity take it out of you and nothing dehydrates us like a long haul flight.

Make sure you bring your reusable water bottle with you can keep sipping away throughout the weekend.

You Do You
You have come with your team but that’s a lot of energy to keep up with. We appreciate that some people need time and space for themselves and that is totally cool. You do you friend!

That is one easy way to ensure that you survive your first Fijian Cup Nines is to ensure that you’re making decisions about what you do off the field based on what you want to do. There is so much to explore so if half the team wants to kick back by the pool and the other half want to hit up the golfing green you totally can.

Know Your Limits
Here at the Fijian Cup Nines we like a beer or two…or three as much as the next rugby player. On sure fire way to ensure that you survive the Fijian Cup Nines is to keep your alcohol intake in check.

We’re here on tour and that means that the beers can flow freely however, remember that there is $50,000FJD worth of prizes at stake here and you’ve got to be on your A-Game. Don’t let a couple of beers too many prohibit you from performing your best.

Take it from us, you cannot survive the Fijian Cup Nines without a decent night’s sleep. We have tried! If you want to survive and thrive at the Fijian Cup Nines you have got to get some shut eye. Luckily for you you are staying in a 5* hotel. Now, have you ever had a bad night’s sleep at a 5* hotel? Nope, thought not!

Have Fun
Although there are $50,000FJD worth or prizes at stake and a fierce set of competitors before you remember to have fun during your time at the Fijian Cup Nines.
If you want to make the most of your tie in Fiji you’ve got to not take any of it too seriously. As soon as the final whistle blows off pops your competitive sports person’s hat and on goes the fun-loving, holiday fun in the sun hat!

So, now you know how to survive the Fijian Cup Nines. Hydrate, sleep well and remember to smile. We’ll see you field side in paradise.