The Fijian Cup Sofitel Resort

The Fijian Cup is the most incredible Nines League getaway and we are delighted that you and your team will be joining us, the following is a taste of your itinerary! A comprehensive itinerary will be shared closer to take off, so keep an eye on your email inbox.

We know that you and your team will want to start planning your free time in paradise right now.

This general run through of the Fijian Cup features key events and the free time available to explore the wonders of Fiji.

Day One 

We welcome our five night guests to the beautiful island of Viti Levu, Fiji.

With all transportation included in The Fijian Cup packages for those of you that have booked flights all you and your team have to do is turn up at the airport!

If you have booked your own flights then you will need to arrange your own transfers once you land in Fiji however we will have everything covered for you from check in at the Resort.

Our Fiji Airways flight will land in the afternoon and after touch down you will take a leisurely drive to the luxurious Shangri La Resort where you will be greeted with a hearty Fijian ‘Bula!’.

Once checked-in you will have the chance to reside to your room for a relaxing evening in paradise!

Day Two 

For our five night guests, this is the perfect day to get a little R&R in before the real action kicks off tomorrow. Shangri La Resort is an incredible venue, offering an 9-hole golf course, onsite pools, bars, restaurants, free non motorised water sports and a luxurious in-house spa.

This evening we will welcome our three night guests followed by our welcome cocktail function with all of our guests.

Day Three

Rise bright and early to fill your boots at the incredible breakfast buffet. Double check the kit bags and transfer to the Lawaqa Park for the Fijian Cup Official Opening Ceremony.

Tournament timings run like clockwork. The tournament format will provide each team with a minimum of three games on each day of the preliminary rounds.

The tournament has a playoff structure through to the finals to decide the winning teams in each division. The order of play will be announced once the final preliminary game has finished.

The tournament concludes at 2 pm each day.

The afternoon and evening is rest and recovery time for teams to use how they please.

Day Four 

Rise bright an early and get fueled up ready for Finals Day! Just as on day one of the tournament, the final game will finish at 2 pm.

After the final whistle is blown and cool-downs are completed, all players, managers, spectators, family and friends will join together for the prize giving ceremony.

You know there is FJD$50,000 in Prizes to play for, right?!

On this closing evening of the tournament, there will be a traditional Lovo and Kava Ceremony, in addition to exhilarating fire walking and epic fire dances.

We’ll dance the night away and perhaps indulge in a celebratory cocktail or two!

Day Five

With the Fijian Cup Tournament officially over, will see us bid a fond farewell to our three night guests.

Day Six 

And that’s a wrap for five night guests. An early rise to the airport will see you on your flight back to New Zealand.

If you have any questions about the tournament structure or the itinerary as a whole please take a look at our FAQs.

Will will be sending a comprehensive itinerary via email and tournament running order before take off.

Feel free to drop us an email at



How to Survive your First Fijian Cup

Players and Local Mens Team at The Fijian Cup

The Fijian Cup Nines is an intensive weekend of world-class sport, luxury vacation and good old fashioned community fun.

When we say that you have to brace yourself for The Fijian Cup Nines, we’re not just talking about hard hitting tackles. The Fijian Cup Nines is a jam-packed long weekend and you’ve got to prepare yourself. We want you to make the most of every minute of your time in Fiji, we don’t want you to burn out early.

So, here are our top tips for surviving your first Fijian Cup Nines

We know this makes us sound ancient and kinda naggy but staying hydrated during the Fijian Cup Nines is vitally important. The heat and humidity take it out of you and nothing dehydrates us like a long haul flight.

Make sure you bring your reusable water bottle with you can keep sipping away throughout the weekend.

You Do You
You have come with your team but that’s a lot of energy to keep up with. We appreciate that some people need time and space for themselves and that is totally cool. You do you friend!

That is one easy way to ensure that you survive your first Fijian Cup Nines is to ensure that you’re making decisions about what you do off the field based on what you want to do. There is so much to explore so if half the team wants to kick back by the pool and the other half want to hit up the golfing green you totally can.

Know Your Limits
Here at the Fijian Cup Nines we like a beer or two…or three as much as the next rugby player. On sure fire way to ensure that you survive the Fijian Cup Nines is to keep your alcohol intake in check.

We’re here on tour and that means that the beers can flow freely however, remember that there is $50,000FJD worth of prizes at stake here and you’ve got to be on your A-Game. Don’t let a couple of beers too many prohibit you from performing your best.

Take it from us, you cannot survive the Fijian Cup Nines without a decent night’s sleep. We have tried! If you want to survive and thrive at the Fijian Cup Nines you have got to get some shut eye. Luckily for you you are staying in a 5* hotel. Now, have you ever had a bad night’s sleep at a 5* hotel? Nope, thought not!

Have Fun
Although there are $50,000FJD worth or prizes at stake and a fierce set of competitors before you remember to have fun during your time at the Fijian Cup Nines.
If you want to make the most of your tie in Fiji you’ve got to not take any of it too seriously. As soon as the final whistle blows off pops your competitive sports person’s hat and on goes the fun-loving, holiday fun in the sun hat!

So, now you know how to survive the Fijian Cup Nines. Hydrate, sleep well and remember to smile. We’ll see you field side in paradise.


How Does Rugby League Nines Influence Your Full 13s Game

Men's Team Winners The Fijian CupSpatial Awareness
Spacial awareness is a vitally important component of both league 13’s and Rugby League Nines. The benefit of 9’s is that there is just so much more space! With only nine players per team on the field during play, the space is obvious and waiting for you to capitalise on it.

Having more space available to you helps you attune your spatial awareness which can help you to become more adept at finding the space on the busier 13-a-side field.

Speed is everything in rugby league nines. Everything! Not only are games shorter meaning you have less time to wrack up points on the scoreboard, there is so much more space to play in. What’s more with less players on the field you have all got to cover more ground.

Speed is essential and by increasing your speed endurance through playing rugby nines you’ll find yourself a cut above the rest when you step back into playing 13-a-side.

Whether you play rugby league or rugby union, rugby is a game of power. Explosive tackles and explosive line breaks are important in equal measure.

You’ve got to have muscle power in abundance to play rugby league nines, where there are no missed tackles allowed and you have to break through those tackles to smash the gain line.

Cardiovascular Endurance
Unlike the full 13-a-side game, rugby nines games are played for just 18-minutes. Playing for just 18-minutes as opposed to 80 minutes means that you have to stay on right from the kick off.

This is a real test for your cardiovascular endurance. If you can keep the tempo up throughout the 18-minutes of play you will find that you feel all the fitter and faster when you return to play 13-a-side.

In terms of cardiovascular endurance, rugby nines is brutal. You are working in your aerobic zone almost entirely and there are only precious seconds of respite. Do you have what it takes?

With just nine players on the field each of you will get your hands on the ball so much more during a 13-a-side game where its not uncommon for a forward (especially) to only get ball contact a couple of times in the game.

The whole team has to ensure that their handling is on point – there is no room for handling errors in nines where possession is even more important.

Short little pop passes and great looping long spin passes all need to be on form. You better get your handling drills handbook out teams! Nothing but practice can improve these essential skills.

There is no doubt about it, playing rugby league nines has nothing but a positive impact on your 13-a-side game. From improved handling to sustained speed and power, if you are looking to up your game, the Fijian Cup Nines is the perfect place for you.


What is the Fijian Cup?

The Fijian Cup Championship Trophy
The Fijian Cup Nines is the most incredible getaway tournament around. Compete, relax and unwind at a tournament like no other!

So what is The Fijian Cup Nines, what does it mean for you and why should you and your team join us in paradise?

The Competition
The Fijian Cup Nines is a unique opportunity for teams from both New Zealand and Australia to join a world-class rugby league nines tournament and to play alongside some of Fiji’s finest sporting talent and emerging superstars. We are offering the sporting opportunity of a lifetime, this competition is serving up your dreams on a plate! The Fijian Cup Nines not only offers you the chance to play on an international stage but also compete for cash prizes worth $50,000 FJD!

The Fijian Cup Nines is an open invite competition so any formal team can register to compete, travel to Fiji with us and have the time of their lives. Places are limited to four teams per country per category. We are providing a platform for amateur and recreational rugby sevens teams to have a taste of the big time – you’ve really got to bring your A-game folks. Competition is tough but fair and friendly.

The Fijian Cup Nines hosts an inclusive itinerary of tournaments; a men’s tournament, women’s tournament and a mixed tournament that all run side by side. This explosive weekend of sport is open for all.

The Vacation
Our action-packed itinerary offers our teams and their supporters the chance to experience a world class sporting environment, connect with the beautiful nation of Fiji, and kick back and relax in 5* luxury.

Once the final whistle of the day has blown you, your team and the rest of the Fijian Cup Nines tour family will return to the 5* Shangri-La Hotel & Resort and your time is yours to enjoy. You can choose to fill every minute of your time in Fiji with action and adventure, you could kick back in a sun lounger with a cocktail or two, or do a little bit of both.

From golf to snorkelling, from spa treatments to jet skis, there is plenty to explore at Fijian Cup Nines.

The Community
One of the core objectives of the Fijian Sevens Cup is that we want provide our players the chance to couple a once in a lifetime getaway with a top-class sporting competition – through our highly successful Fijian Touch Cup we have achieved that and we will emulate and build upon that success with the Fijian Cup Nine. The Fijian Cup Championship is bigger and more encompassing than simply a few games of rugby.

Our programme has been designed with our Fijian players at heart. The Fijian Cup is an opportunity for us to showcase some of the hottest sporting talent Fiji has to offer and to deliver a competition and training support to local Fijian players to step up to the big time. The Fijian Cup has proven to be a vital stepping stone for young Fijian players on their journey to the world stage.

Since day one of the Fijian Touch Cup we have said that by investing in your own game you are investing in the future of sport in Fiji and that is priceless. This remains true for the Fijian Cup Nines, so thank you – seriously.

Throughout your time in Fiji you will meet with players, match officials and coaches from across the continent, you’ll have the opportunity to train like the pros, to expand your field of experience and come away all the better player for it.

In just four short days the Fijian Cup Nines changes hundreds of lives for the better, the ripple effect is real. While the tournament is held across two days there is never a dull moment.

From exploration to cultural connection, from magic on the field to your relaxation time we have catered for every eventuality.

All you have to do is turn up at the airport and be ready for the time of your life – you can do that right?!


What’s Included in the Fijian Cup?

The Fijian Cup Sofitel Resort

The Fijian Cup Nines is one of the most exciting rugby league events of the season. We fly a jet-load of rugby league enthusiasts to Fiji for a world class sporting championship.

We have created a tour package that exceeds that of any other rugby league tour on the market. We are setting the bar high and we know you are going to have the time of your life.

Grab your boots, grab your passport, let’s break down what is included in your Fijian Cup Nines package.

Let’s go!

Entry to the Championship
Included in your Fijian Cup Nines package is you and your team’s entry to the Fijian Cup Championship which covers all the administrative costs of running a world class sporting championship. We fly out referees, coaching staff and more to ensure that you and your team are able to experience what it is to perform at an international level.

This also includes our epic championship prizes worth over $50,000FJD! We are not messing around!

Your package also contributes to funding our local Fijian teams in attending an intensive training camp prior to the Fijian Cup Nines championship with some of Oceania’s top rugby coaches.

From securing fields to referees and match officials, from team registration costs to transfers from hotel to fields you can put your wallet away. We’ve got you covered.

All Flights
You heard us right, your return flight to the Fijian Cup Nines is included in your package. We work to ensure that joining us in paradise is as simple as possible and so our motto ‘just turn up at the airport’ is exactly true!

You have the option of flying to Nadi, Fiji, from Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney. If you fancy staying longer in paradise after the final whistle has blown, or are planning on joining us from another city that’s totally cool. You can knock $600 off your package and arrange your own flights. We will give you all the information you need to know so you can be at the right place at the right time.

All Accommodation
Uhuh! No kidding! Three nights accommodation at the stunning 5* Shangri-La Hotel & Resort in Fiji is included in your Fijian Cup Nines deal! Honestly, the value for money is next level. We guarantee that you would not be able to get a cheaper deal if you booked all these elements independently. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity folks (unless you return next year to take another stab at the championship!)

This hotel is next level – which is why we have chosen to stay here. The staff are incredible and the location is beautiful. For the duration of the Fijian Cup Sevens you will be waking up with the glistening Pacific Ocean just a matter of steps away from your bed!

All Transfers
While you’re away it is the little things that make the biggest difference. You don’t have to even think about how you’re getting from A-B, just be in the right place for your pick up at the right time!

From the airport** to the hotel, from the hotel to the fields and back again we have it all sorted. Just don’t forget to set your alarm!

**Airport transfers included only if you book flights through The Fijian Cup

Daily Buffet Breakfast
There are so many highlights of the Fijian Cup Nines but the daily buffet breakfast has to be up there in the top five! You will find everything you could possibly dream of to eat for breakfast laid out before you every morning of your stay. Fill your boots folks!

We know that rugby players have healthy appetites and nutrition is essential for sportspeople. You are playing at an international level now and we ensure that you are fuelled up and ready for the day ahead.

Welcome Cocktail Evening
What better way to welcome all of our Fijian Cup Nines family to the championship than with a welcome cocktail evening. Don your glad-rags and join us for a laid back evening getting to meet and greet, eye up the competition just a little bit and set the tone for the epic weekend ahead.

$50,000FJD Worth of Prizes
Of course, how could we not shout about our Fijian Cup Nines prizes again! There is so much to play for. While the pride of winning the Fijian Cup Championship is a big draw, our prizes are pretty impressive too.

From bar tabs, to tickets to return next year, to cash prizes and more – there is everything to play for at the Fijian Cup Nines.

Dedicated Photography and Videography Team
From capturing those all important action shots on the field to snapping the good times as they unfold off the fields our dedicated photography and videography team are on the ball – literally! The team are on hand to capture every moment and our wrap videos are EPIC. Make sure you watch last year’s wrap video to see what you’re getting yourself into!

Award Evening and Closing Ceremony
The Fijian Cup Nines is just three short days! Blink and you’ll miss it! To round up the Fijian Cup Championship in the right way we are delighted to invite our teams to our Championship Award Evening and closing ceremony.

There will be traditional Fijian culture, an incredible buffet spread and of course the handing out of our prizes!

Dress up in the chosen theme and come together, to share our appreciation for one another and the new friendships we have all made. As dinner draws to a close we hit the dance floor, drinks flowing and we ascend into one heck of a wrap up party to finish the tournament!

So what are you waiting for? Book your team’s place at the Fijian Cup Nines today!

How Does the Competition Work?

Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament
We are so proud to run The Fijian Cup Nines. The Fijian Cup Competition is now open to three different sporting codes and 48 different teams from three different countries. This diversity not only guarantees the highest standard of sporting performance but also the most exciting and engaging championship imaginable.

The Fijian Cup Nines is conducted in line with competition rules as stipulated by the Rugby League International Federation, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Fijian Cup Nines is divided into four tournament groups; men’s, women’s, mixed and ,ixed masters.

Squads are to consist of 15 athletes and a maximum of 9 players may be on the field at any time. All team members must be registered and confirmed by purchasing an official package.

If you are low on numbers for your Fijian Cup Nines team please do let us know. We have a limitless number of Fijian players who would love to pull on your team’s shirt at the Fijian Cup Nines and they will not let you down.

Competition Format
On the first day of the tournament we will all gather for a briefing about the structure of the tournament, order of play, and go into greater detail about rules, regulations and introduce our team of match officials.

The tournament format will provide each team with a minimum of three games on each day of the preliminary rounds.

The tournaments have a play-off structure through to the finals to decide the winning teams in each division (men, women, mixed and mixed masters). The order of play will be announced once the final preliminary game has finished.

Each game will be 18 minutes long in two halves of 9-minutes each. There is no half time stoppage of play although teams are allowed a maximum of one minute to switch direction of play after the 9th minute. There will be 5-minutes between each match.

Games commence at 9am and the tournament concludes at 2pm each day.

Rugby balls will be provided for the official competition matches only. Team are required to bring their own balls and other training equipment for the purposes of the warm-up and training. If you would like to donate your kit and training equipment that is of good quality after the tournament has ended please do let us know, we can arrange for this to be distributed fairly amongst our Fijian teams.

If you have any questions about transporting your team’s equipment to the Fijian Cup Nines please email

Prize Giving
After the final games and team cool-downs have been held at the end of each day of the tournament players and spectators will be transferred back to the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort. All hotel-field-hotel transfers are included in your Fijian Cup Nines package.

At 6pm on Day Three of the Fijian Cup Nines experience, all guests will be invited to attend the prize-giving ceremony and join us for an evening of entertainment, awards and prizes.

If you have any further questions about how the Fijian Cup Nines competition works please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email up at

Why the Fijian Cup is Great for Families

Families and Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament
The Fijian Cup Nines is a great opportunity for our players to have some quality team time. However we have heaps of players who want to bring their partners and families along for the ride. We love this! The bigger the community the better!

If you want to arrange for your family to tag along with The Fijian Cup Nines as spectators you absolutely can. While we can’t extend all the benefits of the Fijian Cup Nines players packages to absolutely everyone, we can certainly help you make arrangements so that you can all travel as one unit,

Let’s explore how the Fijian Cup Nines is great for families.

Something for Everyone
We chose to work with the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort because of their fantastic facilities. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort.

There is a kids club from 9am-5pm every day, so you and your partner can have plenty of time to yourselves and your little ones can have a holiday all of their own too. You can focus on the competition and your partner can cheer you on from the sidelines. You’ll even have a few extra hours to yourselves before the kids club closes for the day too.

You can also arrange a babysitting service through the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort too – we would hate for you to miss out on all our incredible evening entertainment.

There are activities for the whole family too. Unlimited access to non-motorised sea sports is available too. There is a family pool and a specially designed children’s menu too. If you little ones are not so little anymore and are old enough to hang out and do their own thing while you head off to the fields then there is plenty for them to be getting on with too. There are swimming pools, private lagoons to explore, a gym for a workout and a whole private beach to make the most of.

One Big Rugby Family
Rugby tours have a bit of a reputation to be fuelled by drink and debauchery. Now, while we all enjoy a few beers and a couple of cocktails and we can get a little animated during the Fijian Cup Nines we keep things on the fun and lighthearted.

We are one big happy tour family and we all keep our behaviour in check.

So, if you want to bring your family along to the Fijian Cup Nines, as supporters or just to enjoy a long weekend in the sun while you do your thaaang on the field, they are totally welcome.

The more the merrier! We’ll see you in paradise.

Your Payment Options For Fijian Cup

Down Time at The Fijian Cup Tournament
How exciting! You will be joining us at The Fijian Cup Nines! The countdown is on folks! It’s time to set up your payment options! The Fijian Cup Championship is the most exciting sporting event in the whole of the Pacific and we want to make sure your journey to the games is as free from stress as possible.

So, before you commit to booking your place at The Fijian Cup Nines with your $50pp deposit we thought it helpful for you to know all the payment options that are available to you. We will also send an email to you with all this information too.

The Deposit
Irrespective of how you choose to pay the balance of your Fijian Cup Nines package you have to pay your non-refundable $50pp deposit. Once this is paid your place on the plane to paradise is secure and provided you pay the balance on time you are guaranteed to be running out on the field at the Fijian Cup Nines.

The $50pp deposit secures your spot on the return flight to Fiji, your entry in the Fijian Cup Championship and all the other incredible extras that are included in your package. You can read more about what is included in the Fijian Cup Nines here (LINK).

Once you have paid your deposit you have seven days to decide how you want to fund the rest of your package.

Fijian Cup Nines Payment Plan
Our aim to make the Fijian Cup Nines the most inclusive sports tour around is all-encompassing including how affordable and financially accessible our packages are.

If it works best for you to spread the cost of your Fijian Cup Nines package equally across the months or weeks prior to the championship you absolutely can. It is very easy to join our payment plan and we have made sure that this is as cost effective as can be.

Remember though, before we proceed with any of this, you must pay your $50pp deposit.

Once you’ve secured your spot at the Fijian Cup Nines check your email inbox and you’ll find an email from us explaining your payment options once again and with the link to join our monthly payment plan. It works like this;

Your payment amount depends on how many months or weeks there are left to go before we fly to the Fijian Cup when you pay your deposit. For example; if you pay your deposit the moment packages go live online you will have the full 8 months to pay.

For example, say your package costs $1499.

So that’s $1499 divided by 8 = $187.37 per month.

The same goes for every month and week in between. Naturally the closer to take off you book the larger your installments will be.

Again, the 2.8% credit and debit card fee applies and an additional processing fee of 9%.

Pay in Full
If you are ready to pay the full amount for your package when you pay your $50pp deposit you totally can. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get paid up upfront and then start saving for the next adventure straight away then this option is piercer for you.

Once you’ve paid your $50pp deposit we’ll send you an email asking you if you want to complete the full payment now. If you’re ready to do so get your credit/debit card out and proceed to payment.

For both payment options there is a 2.8% credit and debit card fee. Unavoidable for you and for us annoyingly! You can thank the Ozzie and NZ banking industry for that one!

Just so you know…

For both payment options there is a 2.8% credit and debit card fee. Unavoidable for you and for us annoyingly! You can thank the Ozzie and NZ banking industry for that one!

As a standard with the 5* Shangri-La Hotel & Resort you will be required to put a credit card for security on your room when you arrive. Any funds pre-authorized are 100% refundable, provided you don’t smash anything. Don’t smash anything, please!

We regret to inform you that TourismHQ, organisers of the Fijian Cup Championship are unable to reimburse any Fijian Cup Nines traveller should they choose to cancel. You can, however, sub in another player/spectator provided they are willing to complete the payments. We are happy to say that name changes are free of charge up until 8 weeks before we fly. That way you are totally safe there to on-sell your package should your circumstances change and you are unable to attend..

If you need to change the name on your package between 8 and 4 weeks before we fly a $100 fee is applicable.

In the final four weeks before we fly unfortunately no changes can be made. If you’ve taken out travel insurance they may be able to bail you out.

Remember, if you are low on players or a player pulls out we have a number of eager and super talented local Fijian players who will step up to the mark and do you proud. Just let us know!

If one of your team members fails to cough up the full amount the whole team will lose out. This is why we insist you take out travel insurance as they may cover you if something unforeseen happens.

We’ve tried to keep your Fijian Cup Nines payment options as simple as possible.

If you have any questions fire us an email at and we’ll help in any way we can.

Why You Should Referee at the Fijian Cup

Referee at The Fijian Cup
The Fijian Cup is an incredible opportunity for you to referee some of the best rugby talent in the Pacific. Let’s take a look at why you should referee at the Fijian Cup;

Up Your Game
This is an incredible opportunity to get yourself on the radar of the sport’s governing bodies. Of course, we will send you away with glowing reference and invite you back next year should you wish to do it all again!

The Fijian Cup players are fast, fit and incredibly skilled. Although they play within the law they know the game and know how to stretch and manipulate the rules to work in their favour. These are no ordinary players, many of the Fijian players, in particular, are on a player development pathway that will see them perform on the international stage in the not too distant future.

Refereeing at the Fijian Cup will challenge you mentally and physically. Do you think you have the fitness to keep up with some of the Pacific’s fastest players? Can you maintain a level playing field within a fast paced game? Do you want to up your refereeing game in paradise?

If the answer is yes you all you better apply right now!

Be a Part of Player Development
Like we said, many of the players who attend the Fijian Cup are on player development pathways that will see them hit the international stage very, very soon. This makes the Fijian Cup an exceptional opportunity for players but also an exceptional opportunity for referees and match officials too. Not only do you get the opportunity to up your game and challenge yourself but contribute to the development of players set to change the game big time.

It will be your job to ensure that these players get the most out of their game so they can learn, grow and adapt to the challenges they will face on the international stage. Rugby is no longer a simple training game for the age groups is a competitive sport in its own right and we need the best referees around to ensure that the Fijian Cup remains the best rugby competition in the Pacific.

You, as a referee, will play a key role in the success of the Fijian Cup.

Discounted Package Rates

This is a great reason why you should referee at the Fijian Cup. In order to encourage referees to join us in sporting paradise we are helping to cover the package fees.

Referee packages cost just $999 and include flights and accommodation. You too get a room at the Shangri La Fiji 5* resort and access to kayaking, snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding after the games have finished each day.

Referees are a crucial part of our team and so of course you too will be invited to attend our epic end of festival party and prize giving ceremony.

There are three great reasons why you should referee at The Fijian Cup. To go right ahead and register your interest click here!

Why Fijian Cup is the Ultimate Team Tour

The Fijian Cup Sofitel Resort
If you are looking to shake up your team’s tour this year, then you are in the right place. The Fijian Cup Nines is the ultimate team tour, an opportunity so unique that even we struggle to find the words to explain how life changing this championship has been for our previous teams.

So, let’s explore why the Fijian Cup Nines is the ultimate team tour experience.

World Class Sporting Championship
We are not exaggerating when we talk about the Fijian Cup Nines as a world-class sporting championship. We run the Fijian Cup Nines in accordance with the Rugby League International Federation’s rules and regulations.

Although technically classed as an amateur competition, that does not mean that this is a casual kickabout. This is not recreational rugby! This is as tough and as challenging of a rugby league nines tournament as you’d find anywhere in the world.

With teams joining us from Fiji, New Zealand and Australia we open our doors to some of the most raw, undiscovered and rising talent in the Pacific. With $50,000FJD worth of prizes at stake and of course the pride of winning an international championship the Fijian Cup Nines is well deserving of its status at the ‘ultimate team tour’.

New International Community
Although fierce rivalries bubble up on the field, as soon as the final whistle blows we return to being one big happy tour family! It’s cliched but it is true. Rugby players, especially rugby league players, are famed for their deep sense of community and pride within their community.

The Fijian Cup Nines offers individuals and teams from across Fiji, New Zealand and Australia to come together, to share their love of rugby league, exchange skills, battle it out on the field and revel in all the good vibes and sense of joy that is so synonymous with a rugby tour.

A Whole World of Adventure
One reason we chose to create a rugby league nines championship in Fiji is, in part, because of the national love of the game but too because of the stunning landscapes of the islands and the opportunity for adventure.

Generally speaking rugby players are lovers of life, can barely sit still and are eager to be active and hitting that adrenaline high. Fiji provides the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. We have access to golfing greens, private lagoons, water sports, luxury spas and more during our time at the Fijian Cup Nines. You will always have something to keep you busy.

Cultural Immersion
Our time away at the Fijian Cup Nines is short but there is plenty of opportunity for you to learn, observe and connect to the rich and diverse cultures of Fiji. Throughout the four days of the tournament you’ll be invited to a traditional Kava ceremony, dine at a traditional Lovo dinner, watch warriors walk on fire and so much more.

The Fijian Cup Nines is, without a shadow of a doubt, the ultimate team tour. We can’t wait to share the adventure with you. We will see you field side in paradise folks.