Dos and Don’ts of Fijian Cup

Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament
The Fijian Cup is a totally laid back affair. There are no real rules here but nor is there total anarchy! We know our rugby playing friends have more common sense than punchlines would lead us to believe but there are a few do’s and don’ts everyone should take a look at before they head to the airport.

Some of these are silly, some of them are a tad more serious but these are the unspoken (barely written) rules of the Fijian Cup.

Let’s break it down;

Do Hydrate
A dull one to start with by hydration is SO important. Fiji isn’t crazy hot it’s warmer than most players are used to. Going hard out on the pitch means that you’ve gotta go equally hard out off the pitch and get yourself tanked up on the aqua.

Do Warm-Up and Cool Down
You know the drill, like you actually do know the drills, so do ‘em! There is nothing worse than training all season for a big important tournament like the Fijian Cup only to be struck down by an injury or taken out by a niggle that you could’ve avoid if you did a little stretching!

Do Play Your Best
Goes without saying really. Everyone needs to bring their A-game to Fiji. We’re all about rising together, improving together and playing our little hearts out. Leave nothing on the pitch. Next year is a long way away!

Do Be a Gracious Winner
We’re rugby players, not soccer stars. We win with humility and we win with pride. We don’t rub our win in the faces of our opponents on or off the pitch. Once the final whistle blows we’re back in the friend zone!

Do Be a Gracious Loser
Take your loss, if you lose, on the chin. Learn from your mistakes and misj and move on. Build on your game. Thank your opponents, shake their hands and congratulate them on their win.

Do Be a Cheerleader
If you and your team are knocked out or have a game free be sure to support those who are still on the pitch. Here at the Fijian Cup we are a community, we are each others cheerleaders regardless of what shirt we pull on at game time.

Do Have the Time of Your Life
Easy as really, eh?! We’ve laid on a phenomenal rugby festival for you and your team. All you gotta do is get on the plane, get on the pitch and get in the pool! Job done!

Don’t Forget your Boots
You may think this is a silly one, we do to but we have had people rock up bootless before. Don’t be that player!

Don’t Be a D*ck to the Ref
We’re all about peace and love at the Fijian Cup. Dissing the ref, the match officials, the opposition the water runners, the coaches, supporters, bus driver, airplane pilot, the chef, the barman, the cleaners, the cameraman, the dude with the kayaks or the event organising team just ain’t on.

We’re in Fiji not the USA, we ain’t got time for no jocks around here!

Don’t Throw Shade on Your Opponents
Rolling on from the last point, it’s sunny in Fiji, why go throwing shade? We’re all up for a bit of friendly banter or cheeky rivalry but full on disrespect or over the mark winding up will not go down well, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with with legit seriousness.

Don’t Be Hungover on Finals Day
We’re honestly here for a good time not for a long time but don’t go all out on the second night thinking you’re over the hill! Finals day is a big day, a tough day, in need of a clear head day!

As tempting at the Shangri La Fiji bar is, hold off for one more night. Them cocktails will taste all the better after you’ve smashed finals day!

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Share Your Skills
Like we said, we’re all about peace and love and in creating this little harmonious rugby community in Fiji we also encourage you to share your skills, both with the locals and fellow international players. The Fijian Cup has been designed to help up-skill and nurture the talent of all who attend.

If you have a skill to share, a new drill to try out or a sneaky tactic to trial find a tribe and get sharing!

Don’t Miss Breakfast
Our hosts, the 5* Shangri La Fiji, are laying on an epic breakfast buffet every morning. You’ll kick yourself if you skip breakfast mostly because its super tasty and crazy nutritious but also ‘cus it’s a long time til lunch on game days!

Don’t Get Dehydrated
We like to bring things full circle, so we’ll finish where we started. Drink water, don’t get sick, don’t get injured, go home happy!

There you have it, seven do’s and seven don’ts of the Fijian Cup. Pretty easy rules to live by, don’t you agree?