Why the Fijian Cup is Great for Families

Families and Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament
The Fijian Cup Nines is a great opportunity for our players to have some quality team time. However we have heaps of players who want to bring their partners and families along for the ride. We love this! The bigger the community the better!

If you want to arrange for your family to tag along with The Fijian Cup Nines as spectators you absolutely can. While we can’t extend all the benefits of the Fijian Cup Nines players packages to absolutely everyone, we can certainly help you make arrangements so that you can all travel as one unit,

Let’s explore how the Fijian Cup Nines is great for families.

Something for Everyone
We chose to work with the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort because of their fantastic facilities. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort.

There is a kids club from 9am-5pm every day, so you and your partner can have plenty of time to yourselves and your little ones can have a holiday all of their own too. You can focus on the competition and your partner can cheer you on from the sidelines. You’ll even have a few extra hours to yourselves before the kids club closes for the day too.

You can also arrange a babysitting service through the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort too – we would hate for you to miss out on all our incredible evening entertainment.

There are activities for the whole family too. Unlimited access to non-motorised sea sports is available too. There is a family pool and a specially designed children’s menu too. If you little ones are not so little anymore and are old enough to hang out and do their own thing while you head off to the fields then there is plenty for them to be getting on with too. There are swimming pools, private lagoons to explore, a gym for a workout and a whole private beach to make the most of.

One Big Rugby Family
Rugby tours have a bit of a reputation to be fuelled by drink and debauchery. Now, while we all enjoy a few beers and a couple of cocktails and we can get a little animated during the Fijian Cup Nines we keep things on the fun and lighthearted.

We are one big happy tour family and we all keep our behaviour in check.

So, if you want to bring your family along to the Fijian Cup Nines, as supporters or just to enjoy a long weekend in the sun while you do your thaaang on the field, they are totally welcome.

The more the merrier! We’ll see you in paradise.