Fijian Rugby Words and Phrases

Local Culture at The Fijian Cup Tournament
Whenever you travel to a foreign country it’s always good to be a good traveller. Part of being a good traveller is learning the lingo. Although English is an official language in Fiji we thought you might like to know some rugby specific Fijian Rugby language to try out on your opponents or even the local players that join your team.

Be sure to reach out to us if you’d like to make up numbers in your team with some local players, we have a long list of kick-ass players dying to pull on a shirt.

We’re sure that your new Fijian rugby buddies will teach you all the naughty words but we’re gonna stick to the rugby focused lingo right here, right now.

Let’s get started!

What time does the game start? – Gauna cava e na tekivu qito?

Yes sir (to the ref) – io saka

Pass the ball – yaco na polo

Pass left – yaco imawi

Pass right – yaco donu

I’m injured – Au sa mavoa

You played well – Ko sa rui qito vinaka

Great skills bro – O Baraca maqosa levu

Your boots are cool – O iko na vava vavaku e batabata

I love rugby – Au taleitaka na rakavi

Rugby is my religion – Na noqu Lotu na rakavi

Basic AF and a little cheesy we admit! But we all agree that after a The Fijian Cup we’ll all be saying ‘Au maru, Au sa oca’, I’m happy and I’m tired!