Your Payment Options For Fijian Cup

Down Time at The Fijian Cup Tournament
How exciting! You will be joining us at The Fijian Cup Nines! The countdown is on folks! It’s time to set up your payment options! The Fijian Cup Championship is the most exciting sporting event in the whole of the Pacific and we want to make sure your journey to the games is as free from stress as possible.

So, before you commit to booking your place at The Fijian Cup Nines with your $50pp deposit we thought it helpful for you to know all the payment options that are available to you. We will also send an email to you with all this information too.

The Deposit
Irrespective of how you choose to pay the balance of your Fijian Cup Nines package you have to pay your non-refundable $50pp deposit. Once this is paid your place on the plane to paradise is secure and provided you pay the balance on time you are guaranteed to be running out on the field at the Fijian Cup Nines.

The $50pp deposit secures your spot on the return flight to Fiji, your entry in the Fijian Cup Championship and all the other incredible extras that are included in your package. You can read more about what is included in the Fijian Cup Nines here (LINK).

Once you have paid your deposit you have seven days to decide how you want to fund the rest of your package.

Fijian Cup Nines Payment Plan
Our aim to make the Fijian Cup Nines the most inclusive sports tour around is all-encompassing including how affordable and financially accessible our packages are.

If it works best for you to spread the cost of your Fijian Cup Nines package equally across the months or weeks prior to the championship you absolutely can. It is very easy to join our payment plan and we have made sure that this is as cost effective as can be.

Remember though, before we proceed with any of this, you must pay your $50pp deposit.

Once you’ve secured your spot at the Fijian Cup Nines check your email inbox and you’ll find an email from us explaining your payment options once again and with the link to join our monthly payment plan. It works like this;

Your payment amount depends on how many months or weeks there are left to go before we fly to the Fijian Cup when you pay your deposit. For example; if you pay your deposit the moment packages go live online you will have the full 8 months to pay.

For example, say your package costs $1499.

So that’s $1499 divided by 8 = $187.37 per month.

The same goes for every month and week in between. Naturally the closer to take off you book the larger your installments will be.

Again, the 2.8% credit and debit card fee applies and an additional processing fee of 9%.

Pay in Full
If you are ready to pay the full amount for your package when you pay your $50pp deposit you totally can. If you’re the kind of person who likes to get paid up upfront and then start saving for the next adventure straight away then this option is piercer for you.

Once you’ve paid your $50pp deposit we’ll send you an email asking you if you want to complete the full payment now. If you’re ready to do so get your credit/debit card out and proceed to payment.

For both payment options there is a 2.8% credit and debit card fee. Unavoidable for you and for us annoyingly! You can thank the Ozzie and NZ banking industry for that one!

Just so you know…

For both payment options there is a 2.8% credit and debit card fee. Unavoidable for you and for us annoyingly! You can thank the Ozzie and NZ banking industry for that one!

As a standard with the 5* Shangri-La Hotel & Resort you will be required to put a credit card for security on your room when you arrive. Any funds pre-authorized are 100% refundable, provided you don’t smash anything. Don’t smash anything, please!

We regret to inform you that TourismHQ, organisers of the Fijian Cup Championship are unable to reimburse any Fijian Cup Nines traveller should they choose to cancel. You can, however, sub in another player/spectator provided they are willing to complete the payments. We are happy to say that name changes are free of charge up until 8 weeks before we fly. That way you are totally safe there to on-sell your package should your circumstances change and you are unable to attend..

If you need to change the name on your package between 8 and 4 weeks before we fly a $100 fee is applicable.

In the final four weeks before we fly unfortunately no changes can be made. If you’ve taken out travel insurance they may be able to bail you out.

Remember, if you are low on players or a player pulls out we have a number of eager and super talented local Fijian players who will step up to the mark and do you proud. Just let us know!

If one of your team members fails to cough up the full amount the whole team will lose out. This is why we insist you take out travel insurance as they may cover you if something unforeseen happens.

We’ve tried to keep your Fijian Cup Nines payment options as simple as possible.

If you have any questions fire us an email at and we’ll help in any way we can.