Why Fijian Cup is the Ultimate Team Tour

The Fijian Cup Sofitel Resort
If you are looking to shake up your team’s tour this year, then you are in the right place. The Fijian Cup Nines is the ultimate team tour, an opportunity so unique that even we struggle to find the words to explain how life changing this championship has been for our previous teams.

So, let’s explore why the Fijian Cup Nines is the ultimate team tour experience.

World Class Sporting Championship
We are not exaggerating when we talk about the Fijian Cup Nines as a world-class sporting championship. We run the Fijian Cup Nines in accordance with the Rugby League International Federation’s rules and regulations.

Although technically classed as an amateur competition, that does not mean that this is a casual kickabout. This is not recreational rugby! This is as tough and as challenging of a rugby league nines tournament as you’d find anywhere in the world.

With teams joining us from Fiji, New Zealand and Australia we open our doors to some of the most raw, undiscovered and rising talent in the Pacific. With $50,000FJD worth of prizes at stake and of course the pride of winning an international championship the Fijian Cup Nines is well deserving of its status at the ‘ultimate team tour’.

New International Community
Although fierce rivalries bubble up on the field, as soon as the final whistle blows we return to being one big happy tour family! It’s cliched but it is true. Rugby players, especially rugby league players, are famed for their deep sense of community and pride within their community.

The Fijian Cup Nines offers individuals and teams from across Fiji, New Zealand and Australia to come together, to share their love of rugby league, exchange skills, battle it out on the field and revel in all the good vibes and sense of joy that is so synonymous with a rugby tour.

A Whole World of Adventure
One reason we chose to create a rugby league nines championship in Fiji is, in part, because of the national love of the game but too because of the stunning landscapes of the islands and the opportunity for adventure.

Generally speaking rugby players are lovers of life, can barely sit still and are eager to be active and hitting that adrenaline high. Fiji provides the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. We have access to golfing greens, private lagoons, water sports, luxury spas and more during our time at the Fijian Cup Nines. You will always have something to keep you busy.

Cultural Immersion
Our time away at the Fijian Cup Nines is short but there is plenty of opportunity for you to learn, observe and connect to the rich and diverse cultures of Fiji. Throughout the four days of the tournament you’ll be invited to a traditional Kava ceremony, dine at a traditional Lovo dinner, watch warriors walk on fire and so much more.

The Fijian Cup Nines is, without a shadow of a doubt, the ultimate team tour. We can’t wait to share the adventure with you. We will see you field side in paradise folks.