What is the Fijian Cup?

The Fijian Cup Championship Trophy
The Fijian Cup Sevens is without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest amateur sevens competition of the season. Located in the simply stunning islands of Fiji, The Fijian Cup Sevens is not to be missed.

A three day extravaganza of sport, cultural exchange, partying and relaxation, the Fijian Cup Sevens is a spectacle to behold. Our action-packed itinerary offers our teams and their supporters the chance to experience a world class sporting environment, connect with the beautiful nation of Fiji, and kick back and relax in 5* luxury.

Consider this your official invite to the greatest tournament of the season. Get ready for the time of your life. Let’s break down the Fijian Cup Sevens.

The Fijian Cup Sevens is an opportunity for teams from both New Zealand and Australia to join an international sporting tournament and play alongside some of Fiji’s finest sporting talent and emerging superstars. We are offering the sporting opportunity of a lifetime – this competition is serving up your dreams on a plate! The Fijian Cup Sevens not only offers you the chance to play on an international platform but also compete for cash prizes worth $150,000 FJD!

This is an open invite competition so any formal team can register to compete, travel to Fiji with us and have the time of their lives. We are providing a platform for amateur and recreational rugby sevens teams to have a taste of the big time – you’ve really got to bring your A-game folks. Competition is tough but fair and friendly. The Fijian Sevens Cup hosts an inclusive itinerary of tournaments; a men’s tournament, women’s tournament and a mixed tournament that all run side by side. This explosive weekend of sport is open for all.

One of the core objectives of the Fijian Cup Sevenis that we want provide our players the chance to couple a once in a lifetime getaway with a top-class sporting competition – through our highly successful Fijian Cup we have achieved just that and we will emulate and build upon that success with the Fijian Cup Sevens. The Fijian Cup is bigger and more encompassing than simply a kick about in paradise. Our programme has been designed with our Fijian players at heart. The Fijian Cup Championship is an opportunity for us to showcase some of the hottest sporting talent Fiji has to offer and to deliver a competition and training support to local Fijian players in the step up to the big time. The Fijian Cup has proven to be a vital stepping stone for young Fijian players on their journey to the world stage.

Since day one of the Fijian Cup we have said that by investing in your own game you are investing in the future of sport in Fiji and that is priceless. This remains true for the Fijian Cup Sevens, so thank you – seriously.

Our ultimate goal is to establish our very own Academy Fiji. The academy will be a leading light in the elite talent development pathway within Fiji. With a strong focus on sport Academy Fiji will deliver high class academic education too so that our students are prepared for the second phase of their career after life on the field.

In just four short days the Fijian Cup Sevens changes hundreds of lives for the better, the ripple effect is real. While the tournament is held across two days there is never a dull moment. From action packed adventure activities to lavish and luxurious relaxation time we have catered for every eventuality. All you have to do is turn up at the airport and be ready for the time of your life – you can do that right?!

What’s Included in the Fijian Cup?

The Fijian Cup Sofitel Resort

The Fijian Cup Sevens is the greatest sporting tournament of the season. Our open invite competition held in magical Fiji is an all inclusive adventure of a lifetime. We are not exaggerating!

Alongside an adrenaline fuelled sporting tournament we have designed an itinerary that offers you the opportunity to explore, relax, and party hard.

The Fijian Cup Sevens all inclusive package has been painstakingly curated to ensure that you experience everything you’ve been dreaming of and more. Your expectations will be blown out of the water – we guarantee.

In the run up to take off we know that you and your team will be training hard, running through those set plays and making sure you are ready for the international sporting stage. So that you and the team can focus on what you do best, we’ve focused on what we do best – organising the trip of a lifetime for our guests. You don’t need to worry about a thing, honestly, we’ve got you covered.

When we say all you have to do is turn up at the airport with your boots and balls – we mean it!

Let’s break it down – your all inclusive Fijian Cup Sevens offers you:

Return Flights
Truth! Whether you’re flying in from NZ or Oz we have got you covered. You and your team have the option of flying into Nadi, Fiji from Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney. Whatever works best for you folks.

Here’s a cheeky little bit of extra info for you. If you want to extend your time in paradise and arrange your own flight you absolutely can. We deduct $600 from your package and you can arrange your own flights and stay as long as you like!

Just don’t forget your passport!

5* Accommodation
There are so many reasons to be obsessed with the Fijian Cup Sevens package and this is certainly one of them. We are delighted to share that we will be staying at the 5* Shangri-La Hotel & Resort at Sigatoka throughout the duration of our time together. This exceptional hotel is a paradise within a paradise. Set right on the ocean shore, this really is the stuff of dreams.

Your accommodation options are pretty impressive too. You have the option of staying in a luxurious ocean front room – you’ll be sleeping in style; only the best for our sporting superstars!

Private Transfers
Our sporting starts deserve nothing but VIP treatment and that includes the finer details too. We have got all your transfers arranged for you. From Nadi Airport** to the Shangri-La Hotel, from fields back to the beach front bar – you don’t need to worry about a thing.

**Airport transfers only included if flights booked through Fijian Cup

Big Buffet Breakfast
How could we expect our sevens stars to hit the field without being fuelled up and ready to play. Your package includes a luxurious tropical breakfast buffet every morning. We know that rugby players have a healthier appetite than most (shall we say!) and there is always more than enough to go around.

The buffet menu has been designed with elite sportspeople in mind – it is healthy, it is hearty, it is everything you need on a match day.

Upon arrival we will have welcoming canapés and drink and on our final evening together we will indulge in a traditional Fijian Lovo dinner. It is incredible.

We know that for some of our guests after the final whistle has blown all they want to do is kick back with a few beers at the bar, but for those who are eager to fill every moment of the trip with action and adrenaline we have got a treat for you.

Included in your package is complimentary access to snorkelling equipment and more. You have the option of adding a few rounds of golf on the pristine 9-hole course, a divine spa treatment at Shangri-La’s CHI spa and so much more. You can add on a trip to discover the Care for Nature Project, head out on a glass bottom boat and embark on a sunset cruise.

Games and competitions finish at 2pm daily leaving you plenty of time to cool off in the ocean for a bit of active recovery!

The Fijian Cup
This is the clincher! Included in your package is your team’s entry to the Fijian Cup Sevens Tournament and the chance to win prizes up to $50,000 FJD for you and your team. This is the real deal people! We said the competition is friendly but no less fierce than an international competition. These are big stakes and we are here for it.

On top of this we have a welcome ceremony with cocktails galore as well as a huge prize giving evening and fiery entertainment!

Is there anything we have missed? We think not! The Fijian Cup Sevens offers you an inclusive sporting getaway of a lifetime and we know that you’re ready to click book now.

How Does the Competition Work?

Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament
We are proud to run The Fijian Cup tournament in conjunction with the Federation of International Rugby and Touch NZ. In doing this we not only guarantee the highest standards of match officials and referees but ensure that the highest standards of safety are upheld at all times.


The Fijian Cup is conducted in line with competition rules as stipulated by the Federation of International Rugby, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The Rugby Federation of Fiji assigns a Senior Technical Official who acts in the role of Technical Delegate. The Technical Delegate will oversee the implementation of all the governing rules and requirements of the games. Their decision is final.


Teams are to consist of a minimum of 10 athletes and a maximum of 16. All team members must be registered and confirmed by purchasing an official package.

Only 6 per team can be on field at any given moment of live play.

If you are low on numbers or have space free do let us know. We have a limitless number of Fijian players who would love to pull on your team’s shirt!

Competition Format
The tournament format will provide each team with a minimum of three games on each day of the preliminary rounds.

The tournaments have a play-off structure through to the finals to decide the winning teams in each division (men, women and mixed). The order of play will be announced once the final preliminary game has finished.

Each game will consist of two halves of 15-minutes each. There will be a 3-minute half time per match. There will be 5-minutes between each match.

Games commence at 9am and the tournament concludes at 2pm each day.


Rugby balls will be provided for the official competition matches only. Team are required to bring their own balls and other training tools for the purposes of the warm up and training. If you have any questions about transporting your team’s equipment to the Fijian Cup please email team@tourismhq.com

Prize Giving

After the final games and team cool-downs have been held players and spectators will be transferred back to the Shangri La Fiji.
At 6pm on Day Three of the Fijian Cup experience all guests will be invited to attend the prize giving ceremony and join us for an evening of entertainment, awards and prizes.

What Makes the Fijian Cup So Special?

Over the past five years the game of Rugby has had a massive surge in popularity. And about time too!

Rugby is one of the best sports in the world for combining serious sporting competitions with a laid back, festival vibe once the final whistle has been blown. Rugby players have earned the reputation of being some of the most fun loving, caring and outright outrageous sporting bods in the world, not to mention the most gracious of winners and courteous of losers too. Whatever the result, rugby is the real winner!

We take these strong rugby values and up the ante. We bring island vibes and a taste of paradise into the mix. This, teamed with our community development pledge, is what makes the Fijian Cup so special.

What is the Community Development Pledge?
In this surge of popularity has come a great deal of profit for sports tour operators, which is great. We, however, have seen an opportunity to send these funds into more deserving places than our director’s back pocket (he works hard and defo deserves a bonus though!).

We’re also keen to make sure our guests receive the best value for money as possible. Having looked at what was on offer we saw that some competitions charge upwards of $1000 per player, for entry alone.

We can do better than that, we thought…so we did.

Our packages start at just $1499 and include entry fees, return flights, 5* accommodation and more. For a full breakdown on what’s included in the Fijian Cup package click here. (LINK).

Back to the point; the funds and the good they can do. Our vision is to create a unique community where Fiji’s most promising sporting talents have access to world class education, life skills training and professional sport development within a safe and motivational environment. We have some big announcements coming up, so watch this space. You’ll be pumped to be part of it!

In the meantime, by joining us for the Fijian Cup you are helping to fund Touch NZ officials and coaches to come to Fiji to train, up-skill and empower local Fijians. Our aim is to support young local players onto the talent development pathway and one day play on the world stage. Not only are you providing them with a challenging opponent during the event but you’re contributing to the kick start their sporting career needs.

In the run up to the Fijian Cup, Touch NZ officials and world-class coaches will be flown to Fiji to run workshops, camps and skills clinics to ensure that the local teams are best prepared for the stiff competition you will give them.

Finally, we believe that Fiji itself is what makes the Fijian Cup so special. Not only is Fiji home to an exhilarating and adventurous style of rugby but home to an exhilarating and adventurous style of travel too.

Off the field you can snorkel, kayak or paddle board until your heart’s content. You can kick back and enjoy some of the best beaches in the Pacific or head out into town and absorb Fiji’s vibrant culture. Let’s not forget the chance to be properly pampered at the Shangri La Fiji’s 5* spa complex!

No boring hostel rooms or uninspiring activities here; Fiji is waiting for you, it’s gonna be the time of your life!

What to Pack

Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament

Whether you have your GoogleDoc locked and loaded, neatly colour coded lists of what to pack or whether you’re a chuck in a bag and move on out kind of traveller this little list of what to pack for The Fijian Cup Sevens is a must read.

Here are the six things you cannot forget to pack for the Fijian Cup Sevens!

We hate to state the obvious but we genuinely have had players land in Fiji without boots before! Although we all want to embrace the island vibes to the full, you have to insist that there are no barefoot trail blazers allowed on our fields.

Almost all of our players opt to play in their 3G boots but you should keep an eye on the weather reports before we fly out. Better to chuck your hard studs in your back too.

Swimming Gear
Again – you don’t want to be that person who lands in paradise without their swimmers. With multiple pools and lagoons to explore around the resort and the glistening Pacific ocean right on your doorstep you are spoilt for choice when it comes to cooling down after a day of hard graft on the field.

Protein Shakes & Electrolytes
You need to be prepared for the heat and humidity in Fiji and you need to take your hydration even more seriously than usual. We fly over a full team of medics and medical support staff should you need help but you also need to look out for you and your teammates. Make sure you bring plenty of post-workout electrolyte drinks to ensure you’re able to give your body a chance to recover properly. Be sure to amp up the hydration during and after your flight too.

The same advice goes for protein shakes too. Just make sure they are in your check-in luggage when you fly.

We provide water down on the fields. However, getting water to players on the field is the responsibility of your water runner. We recommend you and your team bring your own bottles to be refilled when needed.

Compression Tights
There is something iconic about the rugby compression tights – no? Can you really call yourself a rugby player if you don’t strut through the clubhouse bar post-match in tights and jandles?

Just as you need to be aware of the heat catching your hydration game off guard, making sure you’re aiding your body in recovering in every way that you can. You’ll cool down quicker than you think and compression tights are a great way to keep the blood flow moving and help prevent nasty cramps.

They’re super comfy for the flight too – just FYI!

Day Pack
You get 23kg of baggage included in your Fijian Cup Sevens deal so be sure to save a little room in your check-in bag for a day pack. You don’t want to be hauling your whole bag with you down to the fields each morning. Fold up a little rucksack in your bigger bag for your field side essentials.

We have designed areas for each team down by the fields so you will be able to leave your bags altogether in one place while you’re playing and training.

Smart Clothes
Trust us when we say that we would gladly hang out in our athleisure wear every darn day if we could! But, the we have chosen the 5* Shangri-La Hotel & Resort for its luxurious feel. While there is no strict dress code we are inviting all of our guests for our event of tournament awards evening with prize giving and we like to all look the part.

Be sure to pack your glad rags for our welcome evening cocktail party and our closing ceremony awards night. Everyone loves to see the transformation from sweaty field-fresh rugby players to chic and suave party people!

And last but certainly not least DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! If you forget anything in that list above we might just be able to pull out all the stops and get you out of a fix. But no passport is a strict no go friends!

Payment Options For The Fijian Cup

Female Team at The Fijian Cup Tournament

We are stoked to see that you are thinking about joining us at The Fijian Cup Sevens. This tournament really is the hottest sporting event in the Pacific. Before you proceed with your booking we are sure that you want to know what payment options are available to you. So, let’s not waste any time with chit-chat. Let’s break down your payment options for The Fijian Cup Sevens

So, you’re keen to sign up to join us at the Fijian Cup?! Yaaaas! You’re gonna love it! The best sporting competition in the Pacific!

We believe that the Fijian Cup Championship should be open to everyone which is why we have price points that are as affordable as can be. Consider that the Fijian Cup Sevens is a money can’t buy experience and you’ll see how much incredible value is on offer here. Packages for the Fijian Cup Sevens start at just $1,499. We appreciate that this is a decent amount of money to spend in one go so we have created some payment options for you.

Let’s break it down;

The Deposit

Maybe you will choose to pay upfront or perhaps you will choose to pay in weekly or monlthy instalments. The Fijian Cup Sevens Payment Plan has been designed with you in mind, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

However you choose to pay, you first need to secure you spot at the Fijian Cup Sevens with a non-refundable $50pp deposit.

This deposit secures your spot on the return flight to Fiji, your entry in the Fijian Cup Championship and all the other incredible extras that are included in your package. Following your deposit payment you have seven days to decide on how you want to pay for your package.

Upfront Payment

If you have the full amount of money for your chosen package ready to pay when you register you can go right on and pay. We are keen to ensure that everyone can pay for their trip to paradise in a way that suits them.

Once you’ve paid your $50pp deposit we’ll send you an email asking you if you want to complete the full payment now. If you’re ready to do so get your credit/debit card out and proceed to payment.

FYI, there is a 2.8% credit and debit card fee. Unavoidable for you and for us annoyingly! You can thank the Ozzie and NZ banking industry for that one!

Fijian Cup Sevens Weeklyand  Monthly Payment Plan

Should you wish to spread the cost of your Fijian Cup Sevens package over the months or weeks before we take off you absolutely can. It is very easy to join our payment plan and we have made sure that this is as cost effective as can be. Remember though, before we proceed with any of this, you must pay your $50pp deposit.

Once you’ve secured your spot at the Fijian Cup check your email inbox and you will be sent an email explaining your payment options once again and with the link to join our payment plan. It works like this;

Your payment amount depends on how many months or weeks there are left to go before we fly to the Fijian Cup when you book. So, if you pay your deposit the moment packages go live online you will have the full 8 months to pay.

For example, if you book a package costing. $1,999.

So that’s 999 divided by 8 = $249.87 per month.

The same goes for every month in between. Naturally the closer to take off you book the larger your  instalments will be.

Again, the 2.8% credit and debit card fee applies and an additional processing fee of 9%.

Just One More Thing….

As a standard with the 5* Shangri-La Hotel & Resort you will be required to put a credit card for security on your room when you arrive. Any funds pre-authorized are 100% refundable, provided you don’t smash anything. Don’t smash anything, please!

We regret to inform you that TourismHQ, organisers of the Fijian Cup Championship are unable to reimburse any Fijian Cup traveller should they choose to cancel. You can, however, sub in another player/spectator provided they are willing to complete the payments. We are happy to say that name changes are free of charge up until 8 weeks before we fly. That way you are totally safe there to on-sell your package should your circumstances change and you are unable to attend..

If you need to change the name on your package between 8 and 4 weeks before we fly a $100 fee is applicable.

In the final four weeks before we fly unfortunately no changes can be made. If you’ve taken out travel insurance they may be able to bail you out.

Remember, if you are low on players or a player pulls out we have a number of eager and uber talented local Fijian players who will step up to the mark and do you proud. Just let us know!

If one of your team members fails to cough up the full amount the whole team will lose out. This is why we insist you take out travel insurance as they may cover you if something unforeseen happens.

We’ve tried to keep your Fijian Cup payment options as simple as possible. If you have any questions fire us an email at team@tourismhq.com and we’ll help in any way we can.

How to Book Your Place at Fijian Cup

Down Time at The Fijian Cup

At The Fijian Cup Championship we like the simple things in life. Chucking a rugby ball around with our mates, walking along the beach, kicking back with a few beers at the end of the day – you can see why we love our own event so much!

We wanted to make booking your place at The Fijian Cup Sevens as simple as can be. We want you to be out training as hard as you can in the run up to the Fijian Cup Sevens, not sat at your computer faffing about with the booking process.

We have made the booking process foolproof…we think!

Here is your step-by-step guide to booking your place at the Fijian Cup Sevens. Let’s break it down;

Step 1: Gather Your Team
Even the best rugby players in the world struggle to hold the Fijian Cup Sevens field on their own. So, before anything else you have got to gather your team, make sure you’re all on board and get ready to get booking.

If you’re coming as a spectator you can skip straight to step two!

At the Fijian Cup you need a minimum of ten people to make up a team and a maximum of sixteen. If you’re running low or want to make your team up to the full sixteen let us know. We have a whole host of super speedy and highly skilled local Fijian players who would love to pull your team’s vest.

You need to assign a team manager and register your interest in the online form. Only four international teams are accepted into each division so you better get your act together folks.

Team together? To step two we go…

Step 2: Choose Your Accommodation
Do you want an ocean front view all to yourself or are you happy to share a twin room with your team mate? The rooms at the Shangri-La Hotel and Resort are incredible and we could spend all day chilling out in our room but remember if your first choice accommodation isn’t available all options we have on offer are pretty spectacular – you’ll be fine!

Now you have to go and get your debit or credit card. It’s time to pay your deposit.

Step 3: Secure Your Spot
Let’s talk about step 3, securing your spot at the Fijian Cup Sevens. In a bid to ensure everyone can join us in sporting paradise not only have we made our package deals super affordable but made securing your spot as cheap as we possibly could.

In order to secure your spot on the field, to be in with the chance of winning $50,000 FJD worth of prizes and to have access to the lavish American style buffet every morning you’ve gotta pay a deposit of $50pp.

Easy as really!

Step 4: To Stay or Not to Stay?
Now this is a tough choice. Once you have paid your deposit you will have the option of deducting $600 from your chosen package so that you can arrange your own flights to and form Fiji. This means that you can extend your time in paradise should you wish! And who doesn’t want to do that?

Step 5: Payment Plan or Upfront Payment?
Once you’ve paid your deposit and secured your place at the Fijian Cup Sevens we will send you an email explaining your payment options.

It is really simple, as that is the way we like things! You can read more about your payment options for the Fijian Cup Sevens here (LINK).

Whatever suits you best!

Step 6: Train, Pack and Fly!
Consider yourself ready to rock and roll.

Get training, get packing and get ready to touch down in sporting paradise at the Fijian Cup Sevens.

Why You Should Referee at the Fijian Cup

Referee, Locals and Trippers at The Fijian Cup Championship
The Fijian Cup is an incredible opportunity for you to referee some of the best rugby talent in the Pacific. Let’s take a look at why you should referee at the Fijian Cup;

Up Your Game
Our tournament is organised and managed in conjunction with the Federation of International Rugby, Touch NZ and the Rugby Federation of Fiji. This is an incredible opportunity to get yourself on the radar of the sport’s governing bodies. Of course, we will send you away with glowing reference and invite you back next year should you wish to do it all again!

The Fijian Cup players are fast, fit and incredibly skilled. Although they play within the law they know the game and know how to stretch and manipulate the rules to work in their favour. These are no ordinary players, many of the Fijian players in particular are on a player development pathway that will see them perform on the international stage in the not too distant future.

Refereeing at the Fijian Cup will challenge you mentally and physically. Do you think you have the fitness to keep up with some of the Pacific’s fastest players? Can you maintain a level playing field within a fast paced game? Do you want to up your refereeing game in paradise?

If the answer is yes you all you better apply right now! Click here to apply now! (LINK)

Be a Part of Player Development

Like we said, many of the players who attend the Fijian Cup are on player development pathways that will see them hit the international stage very, very soon. This makes the Fijian Cup an exceptional opportunity for players but also an exceptional opportunity for referees and match officials too. Not only do you get the opportunity to up your game and challenge yourself but contribute to the development of players set to change the game big time.

It will be your job to ensure that these players get the most out of their game so they can learn, grow and adapt to the challenges they will face on the international stage. Rugby is no longer a simple training game for the age groups is a competitive sport in its own right and we need the best referees around to ensure that the Fijian Cup remains the best rugby competition in the Pacific.

You, as a referee, will play a key role in the success of the Fijian Cup.

Discounted Package Rates

This is a great reason why you should referee at the Fijian Cup. In order to encourage referees to join us in sporting paradise we are helping to cover the package fees.

Referee packages cost just $999 and include flights and accommodation. You too get a room at the Shangri La Resort Fiji 5* resort and access to kayaking, snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding after the games have finished each day.

Referees are a crucial part of our team and so of course you too will be invited to attend our epic end of festival party and prize giving ceremony.

There are three great reasons why you should referee at the Fijian Cup. To go right ahead and register your interest click here!

Health Benefits of Playing In Fijian Cup

Health Benefits for The Fijian Cup
Rugby Sevens is a discipline, more so than any other form of rugby union, rugby sevens is a gruelling 14 minutes of pure power and passion on the field. At The Fijian Cup Sevens our itinerary has been designed to elevate all of the health benefits of rugby sevens. You’ll leave the islands practically glowing with good health!

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that rugby sevens is good for your health, no matter how on edge you might feel heading into a final, the nerves and the stress is worth it for all these incredible health benefits.

Aside from helping players to look in tip-top shape (if that’s a concern of yours!) rugby sevens has a whole host of health benefits, both mental and physical at whatever level you play.

Rugby is good for you, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Let’s take a look at the health benefits of rugby sevens.

Social Benefits
Before we dive into the physical health benefits of rugby sevens we want to highlight the social benefits of playing this beautiful game. The camaraderie of a rugby team is something wonderfully unique. Rugby brings together an exceptionally diverse group of people all for a common cause.

The social benefits of rugby sevens are brought to the fore during The Fijian Cup Sevens as we focus on the experience off the field as much as on. Feeling part of a community, being part of a team does wonders for your mental health. The shared joy of the Fijian Cup Sevens is a huge boost for morale. Our collective mental health is so very important and needs training and attention as much as any muscle group.

Researchers have found a link between improved mental health and improved physical health. It’s all connected folks!

Alleviate Stress
All forms of exercise release endorphins into your system and these endorphins are that rush of good vibes you feel during and after exercise. This rush of good vibes helps to boost your mood and keep you feeling high for a good long while. This, in turn, helps to reduce your stress levels long term.

What’s more, playing rugby sevens either in a match or in a training session, is the perfect distraction for whatever is causing you stress in the first place. We’re not saying you should quash all that stresses you so that it’s out of sight, but if rugby sevens helps take your mind away from something stressful for a little minute, so you can get back to feeling like you for a little minute, then that’s a good a reason as any to pick up a ball, right?

Cardiovascular Health
We all need to give a little extra love to our tickers! Nothing raising the heart rate like 14 minutes of hard graft in a rugby sevens match. By raising your heart rate above resting for a sustained amount of time you are drastically improving your cardiovascular health. With a stronger heart and stronger lungs you are reducing your risk of heart attack and a stroke.

What’s more, by steadily improving your cardiovascular health you are also upping your game. The stronger and more efficient your cardiovascular system the quicker your body can work to deliver oxygen to your muscles. The more oxygen in your muscles the more quickly and powerfully you can move around the field without fatigue.

Improved Agility & Flexibility
This is vitally important for life in general, let alone in sport. Having a high level of agility and flexibility reduces your chances of injury and increases your multi-planar coordination. This helps you in life now and puts you in a really good position as you grow older – which is every minute of every day!

Being agile and flexible also boosts your mind-body connection which can help with focus and self awareness both on and off the field.

There you have it! In all honesty we could have kept going on and on and on about the health benefits of the rugby sevens all of which are incorporated into the Fijian Cup Sevens. Is there anything we have missed?

We can’t wait to meet you fieldside in Fiji. Are you ready to roll? If you haven’t signed up already you need to BOOK NOW  – places are limited and we don’t want you and your team to miss out.

How to Stay On Form At The Fijian Cup

R&R at The Fijian Cup
The Fijian Cup Championship is a jam-packed four days, it’s pretty intense and we live for it. Staying on top form during The Fijian Cup Sevens is vitally important, although four days isn’t a huge amount of time we don’t want you to burn out on day one. You’ve got to sustain yourself folks!

Over the course of just four days you will be playing in a top level international sporting event, taking two international flights, exploring paradise, meeting hundreds of new people and just for a little minute, kicking back in the sun. So, there is a lot to cram in and if you know how to stay on form at the Fijian Cup Sevens you will be just fine. So let’s jump right in!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Hold up, hold up – we’re not trying to parent you here but trust us (we know from experience!) you cannot survive the Fijian Cup Sevens without a decent night of sleep. We are together in Fiji for three nights, we must implore that you get some shut eye on nights one and two. If you, the team and your newly found Fijian Cup Sevens fam decide to pull a celebratory all nighter after our awards evening you go right ahead. You can sleep on the flight home.

But a good night of sleep on day one and day two is imperative if you want to be on top form to play in the competition the following day.

Yup, another reminder to hydrate and this is the final time we’ll say something dull in this list of advice!

The Fijian Cup Sevens is all about hydration stations folks! No only does dehydration cause a significant decrease in performance but it can also increase your chances of cramp, heatstroke and burn out.

Especially if you’re having a few beers or even necking the cocktails at our welcome drinks event, make sure you balance those bevvies out with a good gulp (or more!) of that sweet sweet Fijian water!

Warm Up & Cool Down
This is a key way to stay on form. But you’re a sportsperson, you know the drill – literally! Just because you’re on tour, on holiday, away from the normal structure of training and match day doesn’t mean you can skip the essentials. More than ever it is important to warm up and cool down during the Fijian Cup Sevens.

Skipping a warm up and a cool down is a sure fire way to increase your risk of injury and although we always have a stretcher, physios and first aiders on stand by, we’d like them to stay put if at all possible!

Find the Balance
Our list until this point is a little bit serious, right? So, here is your reminder that one of the best ways to stay on form during the Fijian Cup Sevens is to find the right balance of competition and relaxation.

All our games conclude by 2pm each day which gives you and your team the whole afternoon and long into the evening to explore, adventure, relax and revitalise. Rest and recuperation is just as important as training and playing. There is so much to keep you busy and entertained at the Fijian Cup Sevens. Book yourself an afternoon out on the ocean on a glassbottom boat, go snorkelling, hit up the golf course or fall in a heap at the spa and allow yourself to be pampered!

Remember that we have your evenings sorted for you. Parties, dinners, cultural shows and more are all planned out and we are so excited for you to get involved.

The Fijian Cup Championship is going to be bigger and better than ever. You better be on top form, you don’t want to miss a moment!

Best Instagram photos from Fiji

Photography at The Fijian Cup
Fiji is one of the most vibrant and exciting nations on earth which is great for your best Instagram photos. Teaming ancient traditional and rituals with unrivalled natural beauty you’re gonna fall in love with Fiji.

Many of you will have visited this special series of islands before but through The Fijian Cup you get to experience the country in a whole new way. Not only do you get a taste of luxury during your stay in Fiji but you also get to see the place in a wholly authentic way.

To get you pumped up and dreaming of Fijian sporting paradise we thought we’d share with you some phenomenal photographers from Fiji.

Let’s take a look;

Things start hotting up when you join us at the Fijian Cup, in more ways than one!

If you’re looking for a post-match protein punch it doesn’t get much better than this!
After a tough morning on the field you’ll be busting to hang out in a beachside hammock, there’s plenty to go around!

Because even on a cloudy day Fiji looks amazing!

You legit don’t wanna miss out on Piña Coladas, pizza and this epic view!

5* luxury doesn’t get much better than this! Remember to take off your muddy boots!

If you thought the only action was gonna happen on the field, think again!

A fully stocked well chilled bar awaits you after a morning on the field. If that’s not incentive enough we don’t know what is! Perhaps $50,000+ in prizes?!

Be sure to pick up a $7 note! By way of celebrating Fiji’s gold medal at the Olympics they’ve commissioned a blue seven dollar note. We’re working on getting the winners of the Fijian Cup on a dollar note…wouldn’t that be awesome!

We know you’re gonna be snapping left, right and centre when you don’t have a ball in hand! Be sure to tag us in your photos of the Fijian Cup and use #FijianCup for a feature!