What To Expect Off The Field At Fijian Cup

The Fijian Cup Sofitel Resort
So you know what to expect on the field at The Fijian Cup Sevens, now it is time to explore what will be going on off the field. We have an incredible itinerary lined up for you. We promise that there is never a dull moment at The Fijian Cup Sevens. Are you ready for the time of your life? You better be!

Brilliant Breakfasts
You may have read about our amazing breakfast buffets when you read about what’s included in the Fijian Cup Sevens (LINK) but we are obsessed with this breakfast. We’re all rugby players right, we love our food!

The breakfast buffet spread at the Fijian Cup Sevens is something to behold. You’ve got your tropical island fruits, your cooked meats and made to order eggs, then there’s all the freshly baked breads and even breakfast sweets too.

Fill your boots folks, you’ve got an intense timetable of rugby sevens ahead of you.

Welcome Cocktail Evening
We love the Fijian Cup Sevens welcome cocktail evening. With over 200 people to meet and greet and the chance to hang out with your own team too, the welcome cocktail evening really sets the up-beat, and community minded feel of the whole Fijian Cup Sevens weekend.

It is a time for warm welcomes, kind introductions and for that light hearted fighting talk to start bubbling up. This is not only your welcome to the tournament but also to each other. We have teams joining us from New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. If you are recruiting some local Fijian players to your team, now is the time to come together and confirm your team ethic moving forward.

Cultural Events
Fijian culture is rich and diverse. Although you couldn’t possibly learn the nuance of any culture in just a few days, at the Fijian Cup Sevens we think it is vitally important that our guests learn about the island and the culture that they have the honour of visiting.

Our cultural events are led by local Fijian people for whom these events are not a show for tourists but a very real part of their life and their faith. You are invited to join our friends in a traditional Kava ceremony and come together for a beautiful Lovo dinner.

Afternoon Activities
We have chosen the Shangri La Resort as an venue for its stunning location and their fantastic range of recreational and entertainment facilities. The Shangri-La offers a 9-hole golf course, an onsite pool, multiple bars, restaurants, free non motorised water sports in addition to their luxurious in-house spa, CHI.

You are welcome to book on to as many or as few additional activities as you like. You can head out into the private lagoon and snorkel to your heart’s content, can row out on a glass bottom boat and see the marine life whip around beneath you. The Shangri-La has a number of community and conservation projects. You can arrange to visit their Care for Nature project.

Award Evening & Closing Ceremony
With so much crammed into four days we like to bring the life changing experience that is the Fijian Cup Sevens to a close in the right way. There is also $50,000FJD worth of prizes to award to our worthy winners too.

Our awards evening and closing ceremony is good old fashioned fun. We call come together for drinks and dinner followed by prize giving, an impressive fireworks display and the chance to dance the night away with all our new found Fijian Cup Sevens friends.

The Fijian Cup Sevens is as much about adventure and community as it is about sport. We can’t wait to share this experience with you and your team. We will see you in paradise.

Using the Fijian Cup for Motivation

Female Winners team at The Fijian Cup
We all need something to aim for, something to work towards, something to give us motivation through the dingy winter and on those days when work really feels like too much bother.

The Fijian Cup is the ultimate source of motivation! We use it as a motivation, the goal is Fiji baby! If you need something to focus on in the coming months, why not make the Fijian Cup the thing?

The Fijian Cup Sevens can be used as motivation in many ways. Let’s break it down;

Motivation for Your Game – The Pride of Champions
If training is starting to get a bit monotonous or you don’t feel 100% committed to your game start using the Fijian Cup as your motivation.

We much as we all f**king love rugby there are days when we can’t be arsed. On those days think of Fiji. Think of playing against some of the best, raw talent in the Pacific and how you’ve gotta bring your A-game.

The standard of play at the Fijian Cup is super high, you’ve gotta go hard or go home. Training and preparation starts now…right now!

Although the Fijian Cup is a recreational competition there is a competitive element and everyone wants to be in with the chance of winning prizes worth over $50,000.

Think about the pride of lifting the Fijian Cup with your teammates and the sheer joy of having a $1000 bar tab at the 5* Shangri La cocktail bar!

When training doesn’t sound appealing think about the pride of winning the best rugby competition in the Pacific. Strap on those boots and get a ball in hand.

That should do the trick!

Motivation for Your Beach Body

If you’re struggling to find motivation for your gym training think about having the perfect beach body when you hit Fiji.

Whether you want a Sonny Bill six pack or toned arms like Portia Woodman think about how you’ll look sauntering along the Shangri La’s private beach while the sunsets on your first evening in paradise.

We think you look perfect just the way you are…seriously! But if you wanna look your best on the beach you’ve gotta earn it.

Get working out, baby!

Motivation for Your Holiday

When work gets tough and boring AF start using the Fijian Cup as motivation. Think about how you can splurge your holiday fund on Long Island Ice Teas by the poolside or treating yourself to one of the Shangri La Resort Fiji’s 5* spa packages.


All that hard work and dedication to the daily grind will be worth it as soon as you get to zip up your suitcase and jump in the taxi to the airport.

The Fijian Cup is a great motivation tool, whether you wanna up your game, get your beach bod or stay focused at work the Fijian Cup is the ultimate reward!

Why Fiji, Why Rugby Sevens?

Players at The Fijian Cup
Why Fiji and why rugby sevens we hear you say? You know that the Fijian Sevens Mens team are the current Olympic champions right? At the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics the Fijian Men’s Sevens team came away with gold! Fiji is synonymous with world class rugby and so, it wasn’t a difficult choice for us.

There are dozens of reasons why we chose to create the Fijian Cup Sevens and our reasons for choosing both Fiji as a destination and rugby union sevens as a sport are very much equal. Let’s dive into our reasons for heading to Fiji and our decision to add rugby union sevens to the Fijian Cup Championship.

We feel that Fiji is one of the most picturesque nations in the whole wide world. If you have been to Fiji before you will know what we are on about. If this year’s Fijian Cup Sevens will be your first visit to Fiji, you will soon see what we are on about.

Although Fiji is only a hop skip and a jump away from us at home for many of our players the Fijian Cup is their first taste of the Pacific. It’s legit life changing!

Whether you’re coming to the Fijian Cup as a player, referee or spectator we know you’re gonna fall in love with the place. From our beautiful hotel to the immaculate fieldss, from the pristine sandy beaches to the glittering Pacific ocean, you are in for a treat.

One key reason why we chose to create the Fijian Cup Sevens is because of Fiji’s national obsession with the game. If you think that we Kiwis and Ozzies love our rugby, you’re passion for the game will be given a run for its money when you arrive in Fiji.

Although the official religions of Fiji are Hinduism and Christianity it is rugby that really unites this nation. Fijian people have a strong sense of pride when it comes to their national sport and an even stronger sense of support for their provincial team. Rugby is life. End of! You will be blown away by the talent of our local teams – we’ve told you before you’ve got to put the graft in before you arrive at the Fijian Cup Sevens and we weren’t joking!

Finally, a key reason why we have worked to create the Fijian Cup Sevens is for all of our teams and individual players to get a taste of what it is like to play at an international level. Whether you’re aiming for the big time or perfectly content playing rugby sevens recreationally we know that the Fijian Cup Sevens is a unique opportunity for players from cross New Zealand, Australia and Fiji to come together for a high class tournament. Giving all teams and all players the platform to excel, to experience a tournament of international standards and to give our Fijian teams the chance to access international coaches and talent development support that is otherwise inaccessible.

The Fijian Cup Sevens is an incredible opportunity for everyone who attends and we cannot wait to see you run out on the field and work your magic. We’ll see you in paradise.

Best Agility Drills to Add to Your Session

Speed, handling and agility are the three most important aspects of the touch rugby game. Along with endurance and power of course!

Whether you’ve never worked on your agility before or whether you’ve started adding this focus into your training programme we have found a few kick ass agility drills that you should add to your session in the run up to the Fijian Cup.

We’ll tell you now, the local players are super speedy and super agile. It’s a joy to watch them weave their magic on the pitch but it’s not so fun trying to compete against them if you’re not prepared!

To help you bring your A-game to the Fijian Cup check out these agility drills to add to your session.

Ladders are a great training tool for speed and agility. You don’t even need the proper training ladders, you can use cones or even a real ladder!

There are many different ladder drills and the video below runs you through some of the best.
One option is to use fast feet and step both feet into each rung of the ladder. Alternatively you can place one foot, then the other inside the rung, then the left foot to the outside of the rung and the right to the opposite outside before moving onto the next rung.

Check out this video for some ladder agility drill inspiration:

EMBED VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iICTuTZCJyM

Agility Balls

Agility balls are a brilliant way to improve your agility, hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Agility balls aren’t very expensive and can be bought at most sports shops.

Find an empty all and stand about 3m away. Throw the ball at the wall using your dominant hand and catch using your non-dominant hand. The ball will rebound off the wall in a different direction each time.

To progress the drill move closer to the wall or use only your non-dominant hand. Even use two at a time.

Remember to stay light on your feet and keep up a quick throw/catch pace.

These kinds of drills are great for developing agility for every sport; football, lacrosse tennis, you name it!

EMBED VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxXGQm2iPzE
X Drill

The X drill is one of the best agility drills around. This helps improve your footwork and multi-directional speed. Agility is, after all, the ability to change direction at pace.

You need just four cones or markers for this drill set up in a square about 5m apart. Start at the top left cone and sprint on the diagonally to the bottom right. The shuffle laterally to the lower left cone. Immediately run diagonally up to the top right and laterally shuffle back to the top left cone.

Repeat this drill again but instead start at the top right cone, working the opposite side.

To see how it’s done and for more cone drills, watch this video

EMBED VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QObG3HEI0Q

These drills require very little equipment and can be done using stuff you’ll find lying around the house. So, there’s no excuses to not start working on your agility now!

Best Strength Exercises to Add to Your Training

We know you’re gonna bring your A-game to the Fijian Cup but it’s not all about the competition day. If you wanna be in it to win it you’ve gotta start training hard as of now!

Touch rugby is not for softies! Don’t listen to what they say! To compete with the best at the Fijian Cup you’ve gotta be strong, powerful and skilled.

Champions aren’t made in the gym, rather in the kitchen, that much is true. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to workout!

Strength training is not only vitally important to your playing game but also helps to keep you on the pitch. Strength training can help reduce your risk of injury.

We’ve collected some of our favourite strength exercises that we think will benefit you and your touch rugby game.

Let’s take a look;

Medicine Ball Throws and Slams
Medicine balls are the strength trainer’s best friend, aside from the barbell of course.

You have two simple options with the medicine ball, the throw and the slam.

Aim for 3 sets of 6 reps of each. Start off with a low weight and slowing increase the weight as you improve.

The Throw – hold the ball in two hands at chest height. Drop down into a semi-squat and lower the ball towards your feet. Then, using all your power, thrust your legs upwards and swing your arms towards the ceiling, propelling the ball above your head. Catch the ball and use the momentum to carry you into the next repetition.

The Slam – this is the opposite of the throw. Start with the ball above your head and engage your core. Using all your power slam the ball into the ground, bending at the knees to soften the blow. Pick up the ball and repeat.

To make it harder you can slam the ball down on alternate sides, working the core muscles more.

To see how it’s done, watch this video!

EMBED VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6YpxGyLDeo
Box Jump

For this exercise you need a plyometric box or a park bench. Start a comfortable distance from the box, test the distance before you start!

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart. Drop into a sem-squat and swing your arms back. Explode upwards jumping onto the box and propelling your arms forward for extra power. Land as softly as possible and engage your core muscles for balance.

Gently step back off the box and repeat. Aim for 10 reps in 30 seconds for 3 sets.

Check out this video to see an example.

EMBED VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxldG9FX4j4


There are so many squat variations that you can add to your training sessions, it is a staple strength exercise that is used by the world’s top athletes.

You can incorporate a squat flow into your training session very easily. You can use your own body weight or weight your squats if you have access to a gym.

Front Squat – the weight of the barbell or pole is resting on the front of the shoulders. Step into the bar and bring your arms up and under, keeping the elbows high. Your upper arms should be parallel with the floor. Take the weight of the barbell and step back from the rack. With your feet shoulder width apart and your weight in your heels start your set.

Back Squat – this is the most commonly practiced squat. The weight of the barbell is taken on the back of shoulders. Step under the barbell and place your hands a comfortable distance from your shoulders and grip the barbell. Take the weight of the barbell and step back from the rack. With your feet shoulder width apart and your weight in your heels start your set.

Overhead Squat – There’s no hiding bad form on the overhead squat. It’s best to practice this with a plastic pole or bamboo cane before adding weight. Step your feet shoulder width apart and grip the pole with your hands a little further than shoulder width apart. Raise the pole above your head and lock out your elbows. Drop into a squat and repeat.

For more squat variations watch this video!

EMBED VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C73Y3EsJWIk

Best Touch Rugby Warm Up

The warm up is one of the most important parts of your training session. Not only does it get you psychologically prepared for the session ahead but helps reduce the risk of injury.

A good warm up is made up of 4 key components;

● The Heart Rate Raiser
● Stretching
● Skills Practice
● Mental Preparation

We have created a basic, easy to follow warm up for your touch rugby training sessions. Let’s break it down;
The Heart Rate Raiser

This is the easiest part of the warm up but also one of the most important as it gets the heart rate and breathing rate up, the blood pumping and starts to get you, well, warm!

One simple exercise is to get into groups of 4 and simply jog from the try line to the 22m line and back again, using simple hands to pass along the line. When you hit the 22m line turn around and head back to the try line.

This helps get you mentally prepared as well by focusing on passing well off your left and right hands. This is the time that the gossiping stops and you hone in on the session ahead.

Repeat this two or three times.


Stretching is a vitally important component of the warm up, it allows ease of movement, increases flexibility and in turn helps to reduce the risk of injury.

Stretches should be dynamic and held for 10-20 seconds each. Stretches shouldn’t just focus on the lower body but the upper body and core too.

For those who have old injures or specific injury prevention exercise prescribed by an S&C coach or physiotherapist these should be incorporated into this section of the warm up.

For ideas for dynamic stretches watch this little video!

EMBED VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeWaZ0Pcs98

Skills Practice

This is another chance to get you and your team focused on the task in hand. This is an opportunity to get communication levels up and warm up those handling skills too.

Rugby Netball is a super simple warm up drill for touch rugby. It focuses on getting players to look for space to run into, offering support to the ball carrier and communication.

Divide the players into two teams first of all. The aim of the game is to score on the opposite team’s try line. This drill can be run on a quarter pitch. The condition of the game is that players can only move if they have NOT got the ball. Once the player catches the ball they have one step to stop moving and look for space.

The ball can be placed in any direction and tackling/contact is not permitted. Interceptions can be made and turnover ball is awarded if the ball is dropped, more than one step is taken by the player with the ball or a tackle/contact in made.

To make sure everyone gets involved you can bring in the condition that a try cannot be scored until all players on the team have touched the ball.

For more touch rugby warm up drill ideas, click here (LINK – https://www.rugbycoachweekly.net/rugby-drills-and-skills/warm-ups/improvised-rugby-warm-up-drills/ )

As we said, the warm up is the most important part of a session. Make sure you have your team warm up planned when you come to the Fijian Cup, and remember to bring your own kit. We only provide match balls!

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Immediately after you secure your place at the Fijian Cup Sevens with your $50pp deposit you need to crack straight on and book your travel insurance. This is no joke. We are as laid back as can be at the Fijian Cup Sevens but we do not mess around when it comes to the health and safety of our guests and our staff. We give you all the information you need to know in as fair and friendly tone as we can, so allow us to be a little more firm and serious for just a minute.

We’ll keep it brief (promise!) but here is a run down on why you’ve gotta get yourself covered before you join us at the Fijian Cup Sevens.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Legally no, but you’d be a total fool if you don’t get yourself covered. And we don’t suffer fools gladly.

So the long and short of it is, yes. Yes, you need your own travel insurance for the Fijian Cup Sevens.

But What Does Travel Insurance Do?

Travel insurance covers you for everything, little or large, that could go Pete Tong during your time at the Fijian Cup Sevens.

We’re not totally mental! We’ve thought of every eventuality imaginable and have a massive file of contingency plans and painstakingly detailed health and safety risk assessment forms all approved. We also have our own tourism industry insurance and public liability insurance too should the shit hit the fan.

Let’s be frank in 99.999% of situations everything will be hunky dory, but that 0.001% doesn’t sit right with us, nor should it with you!

In that 0.001% is a hurricane hitting Fiji in and the whole event being cancelled because of ‘an act of God’!

In that 0.001% is an awkward landing in a blinder of a try saving tackle in the Fijian Cup Final and an ankle bone goes CRACK…you know? We don’t want to tempt fate but you’ve just gotta be covered.

What Cover Do I Need?

For the Fijian Cup you need a single-trip fully comprehensive travel insurance policy.

A fully comprehensive policy will cover you for literally every scenario. This is everything from a breaking your leg and needing to be flown home to see a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, to compensating you if your bags are lost by the airline.

Shit happens, sadly, shit often happens when you go on holiday; life’s just not fair like that.

What is Fully Comprehensive?

A fully comprehensive policy will cover you for pretty much every outcome, their job is to assist you abroad and pay out for;

• Lost or stolen passport
• Lost, stolen or damaged luggage
• Trip cancellation
• Oversees medical fees
• Repatriation
• Person Liability
• Accident Cover for Extreme Sports/Activities (some policies do not include this as standard).

A fully comprehensive policy will also cover you if, for whatever reason, the Fijian Cup Sevens competition has to be cancelled; e.g a hurricane hits the Pacific and the NZ or Australian Ministry of Travel declare it an unsafe destination to travel.

This is where travel insurance will compensate you for the trip, should we be unable to find a solution.

Things to Think About

Make sure that your travel insurance covers you for playing recreational contact sport. This may mean you have to pay a little extra to upgrade your policy to include an ‘extreme activities’ style of package but those extra couple of dollars could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. You may have to call your provider to double check that this kind of event is covered and make sure you read ALL the terms and conditions before booking – as tedious as it is.

Accidents that occur under the influence of alcohol are seldom covered by insurance policies. So be sure to confirm this before you depart. Obviously, you’ll be drinking sensibly because you’re in competition mode so there will be no chance of a drunken accident, right?!

Before you leave remember to give your insurance policy details to someone at home, your partner or family, so that should you be unable to make a claim or inform the insurance company of an incident, someone else can call on your behalf as soon as possible.

Serious stuff out the way! Still have a few questions about travel insurance for the Fijian Cup Sevens? No worries, drop an email to team@tourismhq.com and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Why You Need to Book Your Team’s Place at the Fijian Cup Sevens ASAP

We know that you are super keen to join us at the Fijian Cup Sevens. You’ve got to act on you impulses though, the Fijian Cup Sevens books up super fast and we would be gutted if you and your team missed out on joining us in paradise.

If you want to be on the plane to paradise and be in with a chance of winning your share of the Fijian Cup Sevens $25,000FJD worth of prizes you have got to book early.

Ready to find out why?

We Limit Team Entries

We want to maximise everyone’s play time and we want the tournament to flow like a real international rugby sevens meet. So we limit the number of teams from each country to each tournament to four.

We take four teams from New Zealand, Australia and Fiji per category. These quotas fill up super quickly so if you want to be in with a chance of flying to paradise to compete against some of Oceania’s hottest sporting talent us have to have your finger on the pulse.

We Book Up Super Quickly

Just to drill this message home! The Fijian Cup Sevens is so incredibly popular that we know that we will sell out all of our places before we even put tickets on live sale.

With just over 200 places available at the Fijian Cup Sevens our tickets are highly coveted. You have to be ready to secure you and you team’s place with your $50pp deposit as soon as the tickets drop.

Remember to sign up with your team manager’s email address to ensure you all know the exact moment we set the ticket sale to live!

Accommodation Choices

We are absolutely delighted to be accommodating our Fijian Cup Sevens guests in partnership with the magnificent Shangri-La Hotel & Resort. This hotel is next level! The stuff of dreams!

A little nugget of 5* luxury it may be but we’d place good money on you still being a bit picky about what kinda room or suite you want. Right?

If you want to be waking up each morning with your own uninterrupted view of the crystal clear Pacific Ocean you have got to get first in line. We have a fantastic selection of rooming option available to our teams but if you want to be sleeping in ultimate 5* style, you’ve got to book your place at the Fijian Cup Sevens as early as possible.

No Money? No Worries!

Remember that you can secure your team’s place at the Fijian Cup Sevens with just a $50pp deposit. We have a number of payment options for you to choose from for when it comes to paying the balance of your package prior to take off.

We would hate for anyone to miss out on the chance to join us at the Fijian Cup Sevens which is why the earlier you book the easier and cheaper your monthly payments will be should you choose to split the cost of your place at the Fijian Cup Sevens.

Once your deposit is paid your place on tour is secured and we’ll email you with your payment options after.

To be fair, what kind of chancer wouldn’t secure their place at the best sporting event in the Pacific for just $50?!

Book your team’s place at the Fijian Cup Sevens as early as you can, you never know who else has their eyes on the $25,000FJD of prizes!