Effective 14 February 2023, international travellers arriving into Fiji by air or sea will no longer be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination




We take immense pride in the safety and enjoyment of all our guests attending the Fijian Cup and fully appreciate any concern you may have around Covid in the travel space!

Below is an overview of the safety of Fiji, and three key pillars to provide you confidence when booking your package!


Fiji has over 97.3% of their target population first dose and 90.7% double vaccinated!

With over 40% of Fiji’s GDP coming from tourism you can probably appreciate why!

Over 800 tourism operators in the country have also completed Tourism Fiji’s Care Fiji Commitment programme (CFC). This ensures all providers are fully compliant and well trained to minimize any risk of Covid!

Because of this Fiji was able to open their borders to travelers on the 1st December 2021 and has remained 100% ‘Open For Happiness’ since!



Securing Travel insurance is the first key step, this protects you for a huge array of unforeseen circumstances and can also cover you in a number of ways around Covid, particularly if you catch Covid while travelling, or even prior to travelling!

We recommend searching on google ‘Covid Travel Insurance + Your Country Name

To date, however, we haven’t found any insurance providers that can cover for Government travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19.


This here is biggest challenge for travelers across the Pacific. Suppliers such as airlines and accommodation providers (including suppliers in Australia and New Zealand) are not legally required to refund for things that happen outside their control, an example of this is Covid forcing the closure of borders.

Fijian Cup works directly with our suppliers and as one singular package we can remove the stress of traveling further afield!

To cater for this, we have confirmed with all our suppliers that if the situation ever arose that there were government travel restrictions introduced when the tournament is to be held. The tournament and your entire package will simply be postponed to a date when we are clear to travel again. This would also be looked after by The Fijian Cup Team, at no added cost to you!


And, as a final layer of confidence, your package includes free name changes, this provides you the ability to on sell your package! If for example you decided you no longer wished to attend up until 30 days prior to the tournament!

If you have any queries at anytime please don’t hesitate to email

With that all set, Bring on Paradise!