Health Benefits of Playing In Fijian Cup

Rugby Sevens is a discipline, more so than any other form of rugby union, rugby sevens is a gruelling 14 minutes of pure power and passion on the field. At The Fijian Cup Sevens our itinerary has been designed to elevate all of the health benefits of rugby sevens. You’ll leave the islands practically glowing with good health!

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that rugby sevens is good for your health, no matter how on edge you might feel heading into a final, the nerves and the stress is worth it for all these incredible health benefits.

Aside from helping players to look in tip-top shape (if that’s a concern of yours!) rugby sevens has a whole host of health benefits, both mental and physical at whatever level you play.

Rugby is good for you, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Let’s take a look at the health benefits of rugby sevens.

Social Benefits
Before we dive into the physical health benefits of rugby sevens we want to highlight the social benefits of playing this beautiful game. The camaraderie of a rugby team is something wonderfully unique. Rugby brings together an exceptionally diverse group of people all for a common cause.

The social benefits of rugby sevens are brought to the fore during The Fijian Cup Sevens as we focus on the experience off the field as much as on. Feeling part of a community, being part of a team does wonders for your mental health. The shared joy of the Fijian Cup Sevens is a huge boost for morale. Our collective mental health is so very important and needs training and attention as much as any muscle group.

Researchers have found a link between improved mental health and improved physical health. It’s all connected folks!

Alleviate Stress
All forms of exercise release endorphins into your system and these endorphins are that rush of good vibes you feel during and after exercise. This rush of good vibes helps to boost your mood and keep you feeling high for a good long while. This, in turn, helps to reduce your stress levels long term.

What’s more, playing rugby sevens either in a match or in a training session, is the perfect distraction for whatever is causing you stress in the first place. We’re not saying you should quash all that stresses you so that it’s out of sight, but if rugby sevens helps take your mind away from something stressful for a little minute, so you can get back to feeling like you for a little minute, then that’s a good a reason as any to pick up a ball, right?

Cardiovascular Health
We all need to give a little extra love to our tickers! Nothing raising the heart rate like 14 minutes of hard graft in a rugby sevens match. By raising your heart rate above resting for a sustained amount of time you are drastically improving your cardiovascular health. With a stronger heart and stronger lungs you are reducing your risk of heart attack and a stroke.

What’s more, by steadily improving your cardiovascular health you are also upping your game. The stronger and more efficient your cardiovascular system the quicker your body can work to deliver oxygen to your muscles. The more oxygen in your muscles the more quickly and powerfully you can move around the field without fatigue.

Improved Agility & Flexibility
This is vitally important for life in general, let alone in sport. Having a high level of agility and flexibility reduces your chances of injury and increases your multi-planar coordination. This helps you in life now and puts you in a really good position as you grow older – which is every minute of every day!

Being agile and flexible also boosts your mind-body connection which can help with focus and self awareness both on and off the field.

There you have it! In all honesty we could have kept going on and on and on about the health benefits of the rugby sevens all of which are incorporated into the Fijian Cup Sevens. Is there anything we have missed?

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