How Does the Competition Work?

We are proud to run The Fijian Cup tournament in conjunction with the Federation of International Rugby and Touch NZ. In doing this we not only guarantee the highest standards of match officials and referees but ensure that the highest standards of safety are upheld at all times.


The Fijian Cup is conducted in line with competition rules as stipulated by the Federation of International Rugby, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The Rugby Federation of Fiji assigns a Senior Technical Official who acts in the role of Technical Delegate. The Technical Delegate will oversee the implementation of all the governing rules and requirements of the games. Their decision is final.


Teams are to consist of a minimum of 10 athletes and a maximum of 16. All team members must be registered and confirmed by purchasing an official package.

Only 6 per team can be on field at any given moment of live play.

If you are low on numbers or have space free do let us know. We have a limitless number of Fijian players who would love to pull on your team’s shirt!

Competition Format
The tournament format will provide each team with a minimum of three games on each day of the preliminary rounds.

The tournaments have a play-off structure through to the finals to decide the winning teams in each division (men, women and mixed). The order of play will be announced once the final preliminary game has finished.

Each game will consist of two halves of 15-minutes each. There will be a 3-minute half time per match. There will be 5-minutes between each match.

Games commence at 9am and the tournament concludes at 2pm each day.


Rugby balls will be provided for the official competition matches only. Team are required to bring their own balls and other training tools for the purposes of the warm up and training. If you have any questions about transporting your team’s equipment to the Fijian Cup please email

Prize Giving

After the final games and team cool-downs have been held players and spectators will be transferred back to the Shangri La Fiji.
At 6pm on Day Three of the Fijian Cup experience all guests will be invited to attend the prize giving ceremony and join us for an evening of entertainment, awards and prizes.

What Makes the Fijian Cup So Special?

Over the past five years the game of Rugby has had a massive surge in popularity. And about time too!

Rugby is one of the best sports in the world for combining serious sporting competitions with a laid back, festival vibe once the final whistle has been blown. Rugby players have earned the reputation of being some of the most fun loving, caring and outright outrageous sporting bods in the world, not to mention the most gracious of winners and courteous of losers too. Whatever the result, rugby is the real winner!

We take these strong rugby values and up the ante. We bring island vibes and a taste of paradise into the mix. This, teamed with our community development pledge, is what makes the Fijian Cup so special.

What is the Community Development Pledge?
In this surge of popularity has come a great deal of profit for sports tour operators, which is great. We, however, have seen an opportunity to send these funds into more deserving places than our director’s back pocket (he works hard and defo deserves a bonus though!).

We’re also keen to make sure our guests receive the best value for money as possible. Having looked at what was on offer we saw that some competitions charge upwards of $1000 per player, for entry alone.

We can do better than that, we thought…so we did.

Our packages start at just $1499 and include entry fees, return flights, 5* accommodation and more. For a full breakdown on what’s included in the Fijian Cup package click here. (LINK).

Back to the point; the funds and the good they can do. Our vision is to create a unique community where Fiji’s most promising sporting talents have access to world class education, life skills training and professional sport development within a safe and motivational environment. We have some big announcements coming up, so watch this space. You’ll be pumped to be part of it!

In the meantime, by joining us for the Fijian Cup you are helping to fund Touch NZ officials and coaches to come to Fiji to train, up-skill and empower local Fijians. Our aim is to support young local players onto the talent development pathway and one day play on the world stage. Not only are you providing them with a challenging opponent during the event but you’re contributing to the kick start their sporting career needs.

In the run up to the Fijian Cup, Touch NZ officials and world-class coaches will be flown to Fiji to run workshops, camps and skills clinics to ensure that the local teams are best prepared for the stiff competition you will give them.

Finally, we believe that Fiji itself is what makes the Fijian Cup so special. Not only is Fiji home to an exhilarating and adventurous style of rugby but home to an exhilarating and adventurous style of travel too.

Off the field you can snorkel, kayak or paddle board until your heart’s content. You can kick back and enjoy some of the best beaches in the Pacific or head out into town and absorb Fiji’s vibrant culture. Let’s not forget the chance to be properly pampered at the Shangri La Fiji’s 5* spa complex!

No boring hostel rooms or uninspiring activities here; Fiji is waiting for you, it’s gonna be the time of your life!