How to Book Your Place at Fijian Cup

At The Fijian Cup Championship we like the simple things in life. Chucking a rugby ball around with our mates, walking along the beach, kicking back with a few beers at the end of the day – you can see why we love our own event so much!

We wanted to make booking your place at The Fijian Cup Sevens as simple as can be. We want you to be out training as hard as you can in the run up to the Fijian Cup Sevens, not sat at your computer faffing about with the booking process.

We have made the booking process foolproof…we think!

Here is your step-by-step guide to booking your place at the Fijian Cup Sevens. Let’s break it down;

Step 1: Gather Your Team
Even the best rugby players in the world struggle to hold the Fijian Cup Sevens field on their own. So, before anything else you have got to gather your team, make sure you’re all on board and get ready to get booking.

If you’re coming as a spectator you can skip straight to step two!

At the Fijian Cup you need a minimum of ten people to make up a team and a maximum of sixteen. If you’re running low or want to make your team up to the full sixteen let us know. We have a whole host of super speedy and highly skilled local Fijian players who would love to pull your team’s vest.

You need to assign a team manager and register your interest in the online form. Only four international teams are accepted into each division so you better get your act together folks.

Team together? To step two we go…

Step 2: Choose Your Accommodation
Do you want an ocean front view all to yourself or are you happy to share a twin room with your team mate? The rooms at the Shangri-La Hotel and Resort are incredible and we could spend all day chilling out in our room but remember if your first choice accommodation isn’t available all options we have on offer are pretty spectacular – you’ll be fine!

Now you have to go and get your debit or credit card. It’s time to pay your deposit.

Step 3: Secure Your Spot
Let’s talk about step 3, securing your spot at the Fijian Cup Sevens. In a bid to ensure everyone can join us in sporting paradise not only have we made our package deals super affordable but made securing your spot as cheap as we possibly could.

In order to secure your spot on the field, to be in with the chance of winning $50,000 FJD worth of prizes and to have access to the lavish American style buffet every morning you’ve gotta pay a deposit of $50pp.

Easy as really!

Step 4: To Stay or Not to Stay?
Now this is a tough choice. Once you have paid your deposit you will have the option of deducting $600 from your chosen package so that you can arrange your own flights to and form Fiji. This means that you can extend your time in paradise should you wish! And who doesn’t want to do that?

Step 5: Payment Plan or Upfront Payment?
Once you’ve paid your deposit and secured your place at the Fijian Cup Sevens we will send you an email explaining your payment options.

It is really simple, as that is the way we like things! You can read more about your payment options for the Fijian Cup Sevens here (LINK).

Whatever suits you best!

Step 6: Train, Pack and Fly!
Consider yourself ready to rock and roll.

Get training, get packing and get ready to touch down in sporting paradise at the Fijian Cup Sevens.