How to Stay On Form At The Fijian Cup

The Fijian Cup Championship is a jam-packed four days, it’s pretty intense and we live for it. Staying on top form during The Fijian Cup Sevens is vitally important, although four days isn’t a huge amount of time we don’t want you to burn out on day one. You’ve got to sustain yourself folks!

Over the course of just four days you will be playing in a top level international sporting event, taking two international flights, exploring paradise, meeting hundreds of new people and just for a little minute, kicking back in the sun. So, there is a lot to cram in and if you know how to stay on form at the Fijian Cup Sevens you will be just fine. So let’s jump right in!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Hold up, hold up – we’re not trying to parent you here but trust us (we know from experience!) you cannot survive the Fijian Cup Sevens without a decent night of sleep. We are together in Fiji for three nights, we must implore that you get some shut eye on nights one and two. If you, the team and your newly found Fijian Cup Sevens fam decide to pull a celebratory all nighter after our awards evening you go right ahead. You can sleep on the flight home.

But a good night of sleep on day one and day two is imperative if you want to be on top form to play in the competition the following day.

Yup, another reminder to hydrate and this is the final time we’ll say something dull in this list of advice!

The Fijian Cup Sevens is all about hydration stations folks! No only does dehydration cause a significant decrease in performance but it can also increase your chances of cramp, heatstroke and burn out.

Especially if you’re having a few beers or even necking the cocktails at our welcome drinks event, make sure you balance those bevvies out with a good gulp (or more!) of that sweet sweet Fijian water!

Warm Up & Cool Down
This is a key way to stay on form. But you’re a sportsperson, you know the drill – literally! Just because you’re on tour, on holiday, away from the normal structure of training and match day doesn’t mean you can skip the essentials. More than ever it is important to warm up and cool down during the Fijian Cup Sevens.

Skipping a warm up and a cool down is a sure fire way to increase your risk of injury and although we always have a stretcher, physios and first aiders on stand by, we’d like them to stay put if at all possible!

Find the Balance
Our list until this point is a little bit serious, right? So, here is your reminder that one of the best ways to stay on form during the Fijian Cup Sevens is to find the right balance of competition and relaxation.

All our games conclude by 2pm each day which gives you and your team the whole afternoon and long into the evening to explore, adventure, relax and revitalise. Rest and recuperation is just as important as training and playing. There is so much to keep you busy and entertained at the Fijian Cup Sevens. Book yourself an afternoon out on the ocean on a glassbottom boat, go snorkelling, hit up the golf course or fall in a heap at the spa and allow yourself to be pampered!

Remember that we have your evenings sorted for you. Parties, dinners, cultural shows and more are all planned out and we are so excited for you to get involved.

The Fijian Cup Championship is going to be bigger and better than ever. You better be on top form, you don’t want to miss a moment!