Whether you like sipping cocktails with new friends or want to party like there’s no tomorrow on a sandbank in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this is the ultimate trip for you!Over the past ten years our team have curated the ultimate ‘bucket list’ ticking experience in paradise. Just grab your bikini and be ready for the time of your life!


  • Meet the Crew
  • Airport Costume Takeover
  • Pre-flight Drinks
  • 98ft Yacht Party
  • Exclusive Chartered Island

When you turn up at the airport you will see SPRING BREAKERS taking over in full costume while being checked in by the team. Grab a SPRING BREAK goodie bag and our crew will room tag your bag for check in!

Once you are checked in, head through customs and meet up with everyone for pre-flight drinks, if you’re travelling solo we’ll be in touch to introduce you to all the other solo travellers! Don’t indulge too much though… we have 5 HUGE days and nights ahead of us!

Once we land in Fiji to a very warm BULA! You’ll see our chartered coaches signposted and ready for you to jump onboard. Your bags will be looked after from here and delivered to your room while we take the scenic route to our privately chartered 98ft Party Yacht complete with huge sound system, DJ’s and fully-stocked cash bar for a ride like no other, to our exclusively chartered island for your first night of partying!


  • The Legendary Sandbank Party
  • Speed Friending
  • Snorkelling & Mini Golf
  • Jetski’s, Scuba diving & Surf trips*
  • Locals vs. Trippers Tug of War Competition
  • Toga Party

Keen to meet new people? We’ve got you sorted with our Speed Friending… think Speed Dating.. but for mates!

We want you to make the most out of your SPRING BREAK experience so you can also choose from free activities on the island like snorkelling and mini golf. Don’t stop there… there is also a range of paid activities like jet skiing, scuba diving, surf trips or $20/hr massages!

For guests with a more competitive nature be sure to keep an eye on the black board for when our ‘locals vs trippers’ competitions with bar tabs up for grabs for the winning teams… kicking off with tug o war!

When the tide goes out, we pop up a bar, throw down some speakers and throw our legendary Sandbank party! It is literally in the middle of the ocean!

When you return to the Resort your toga will be waiting on the end of your bed – ready to launch into one of our most famous nights – Toga Party!


  • Underwater Sound System, Snorkelling & Tiki Hunt
  • Giant Jenga & Giant Beerpong Competitions
  • Parasailing, Fishing & Scuba Diving*
  • Locals vs. Trippers Volleyball Competition
  • Paint Party

Each morning we drop our pitch perfect speakers into the ocean and take you out by boat to snorkel amongst the music, this is a truly magical experience so be sure to rinse off the hangover and get on board.

Today will also see the locals vs trippers volleyball comp so grab your roomies and new mates and aim to win big!

Throughout the trip make sure you keep an eye out for random tiki’s hidden around the island each day to score a dope prize – including one for a free trip back next year!

We’ll have the sound system and DJ setup on the beach, for the ultimate afternoon of R&R!

Grab some dinner at the daily buffet then head down to our paint station to get ready for the epic paint party. We suggest to wear white for maximum effect under our UV lights. This night is truly one to remember.


Make sure you keep a keen eye out for random tiki’s hidden around the island each day to score a dope prize – including one for a free trip back next year!!!


  • Cloud9 Floating Bar & Funky Fish Resort*
  • Tiki hunt
  • Onsite Massage & Spa*
  • Locals vs. Trippers Soccer Competition
  • Legendary Foam Party

Enjoy scrolling through all your photos from the paint party last night while catching up laughing with everyone over breakfast.

Be sure to book a massage at the onsite resort and spa to give your body a break! If you secured tickets for Cloud9 be ready for something beyond magical!

Cloud9 is an incredible two-storey bar floating in the middle of the Pacific’s turquoise waters. Cloud9 makes for an unforgettable afternoon in the sun, especially when it’s pumping with our sound system and DJ’s! If you haven’t been yet, it is a must-do when you are in Fiji!

We’ll also be visiting Funky Fish Resort on the way out to Cloud9 for a BBQ lunch, which is also included! Once back at Beachcomber, it’ll be a paradise as always, with all the inclusions, just make sure you’ve got you best togs lined up for the epic Foam Party!


  • Underwater Sound System, Snorkelling & Tiki Hunt
  • Giant Jenga & Giant Beerpong Competitions
  • Parasailing, Fishing & Scuba Diving*
  • Locals vs. Trippers Volleyball Competition
  • Paint Party

Wrap up the ultimate week with Malamala Beach Club and be ready to be impressed!

This is the world’s first ever stand-alone beach club on its own private island. The food and incredible line up of cocktails will be prepared by no other than award-winning celebrity Chef Lance Seeto. Paddleboard around the island or simply lounge next to the infinity pool in style!

The late afternoon is all about giving back and truly appreciating our incredible hosts. We’ll have school children visiting the island from local schools to gift them school and sporting equipment (We’ll let you know before departing what to bring to help make a huge difference!)

To finish off this incredible experience we will also be hosted at a traditional Kava ceremony, learning how and why this tradition is so important to the Fijian community alongside our Beachcomber family before spending the evening under the stars with a traditional Lovo dinner, Fijian cultural dancing and performances by world-class fire dancers before launching into our final night of partying in paradise with full fireworks show!


  • Sunrise sail on our 98Ft Yacht
  • Return flight home

Rising bright and early we’ll sail back to the mainland on our chartered 98ft yacht during Fiji’s incredible sunrise. Don’t forget to exchange numbers or Instagram handles so you can easily stay in touch with everyone and tag each other in the pictures!

We’ll have our Facebook group open for sharing your best photos for another chance to win a trip back. We’ll all catch up again for the wrap-up party a few weeks after we return, for the official trip photo’s and the video release!

As we build up to the trip you’ll receive a collection of emails with all the details you need to make the most of this incredible trip, along with an official booklet in your goodie bag at the airport. And of course, if you have any questions, at any time, you can drop us an email at



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