What is the Fijian Cup?

The Fijian Cup Sevens is without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest amateur sevens competition of the season. Located in the simply stunning islands of Fiji, The Fijian Cup Sevens is not to be missed.

A three day extravaganza of sport, cultural exchange, partying and relaxation, the Fijian Cup Sevens is a spectacle to behold. Our action-packed itinerary offers our teams and their supporters the chance to experience a world class sporting environment, connect with the beautiful nation of Fiji, and kick back and relax in 5* luxury.

Consider this your official invite to the greatest tournament of the season. Get ready for the time of your life. Let’s break down the Fijian Cup Sevens.

The Fijian Cup Sevens is an opportunity for teams from both New Zealand and Australia to join an international sporting tournament and play alongside some of Fiji’s finest sporting talent and emerging superstars. We are offering the sporting opportunity of a lifetime – this competition is serving up your dreams on a plate! The Fijian Cup Sevens not only offers you the chance to play on an international platform but also compete for cash prizes worth $150,000 FJD!

This is an open invite competition so any formal team can register to compete, travel to Fiji with us and have the time of their lives. We are providing a platform for amateur and recreational rugby sevens teams to have a taste of the big time – you’ve really got to bring your A-game folks. Competition is tough but fair and friendly. The Fijian Sevens Cup hosts an inclusive itinerary of tournaments; a men’s tournament, women’s tournament and a mixed tournament that all run side by side. This explosive weekend of sport is open for all.

One of the core objectives of the Fijian Cup Sevenis that we want provide our players the chance to couple a once in a lifetime getaway with a top-class sporting competition – through our highly successful Fijian Cup we have achieved just that and we will emulate and build upon that success with the Fijian Cup Sevens. The Fijian Cup is bigger and more encompassing than simply a kick about in paradise. Our programme has been designed with our Fijian players at heart. The Fijian Cup Championship is an opportunity for us to showcase some of the hottest sporting talent Fiji has to offer and to deliver a competition and training support to local Fijian players in the step up to the big time. The Fijian Cup has proven to be a vital stepping stone for young Fijian players on their journey to the world stage.

Since day one of the Fijian Cup we have said that by investing in your own game you are investing in the future of sport in Fiji and that is priceless. This remains true for the Fijian Cup Sevens, so thank you – seriously.

Our ultimate goal is to establish our very own Academy Fiji. The academy will be a leading light in the elite talent development pathway within Fiji. With a strong focus on sport Academy Fiji will deliver high class academic education too so that our students are prepared for the second phase of their career after life on the field.

In just four short days the Fijian Cup Sevens changes hundreds of lives for the better, the ripple effect is real. While the tournament is held across two days there is never a dull moment. From action packed adventure activities to lavish and luxurious relaxation time we have catered for every eventuality. All you have to do is turn up at the airport and be ready for the time of your life – you can do that right?!