What to Pack

Whether you have your GoogleDoc locked and loaded, neatly colour coded lists of what to pack or whether you’re a chuck in a bag and move on out kind of traveller this little list of what to pack for The Fijian Cup Sevens is a must read.

Here are the six things you cannot forget to pack for the Fijian Cup Sevens!

We hate to state the obvious but we genuinely have had players land in Fiji without boots before! Although we all want to embrace the island vibes to the full, you have to insist that there are no barefoot trail blazers allowed on our fields.

Almost all of our players opt to play in their 3G boots but you should keep an eye on the weather reports before we fly out. Better to chuck your hard studs in your back too.

Swimming Gear
Again – you don’t want to be that person who lands in paradise without their swimmers. With multiple pools and lagoons to explore around the resort and the glistening Pacific ocean right on your doorstep you are spoilt for choice when it comes to cooling down after a day of hard graft on the field.

Protein Shakes & Electrolytes
You need to be prepared for the heat and humidity in Fiji and you need to take your hydration even more seriously than usual. We fly over a full team of medics and medical support staff should you need help but you also need to look out for you and your teammates. Make sure you bring plenty of post-workout electrolyte drinks to ensure you’re able to give your body a chance to recover properly. Be sure to amp up the hydration during and after your flight too.

The same advice goes for protein shakes too. Just make sure they are in your check-in luggage when you fly.

We provide water down on the fields. However, getting water to players on the field is the responsibility of your water runner. We recommend you and your team bring your own bottles to be refilled when needed.

Compression Tights
There is something iconic about the rugby compression tights – no? Can you really call yourself a rugby player if you don’t strut through the clubhouse bar post-match in tights and jandles?

Just as you need to be aware of the heat catching your hydration game off guard, making sure you’re aiding your body in recovering in every way that you can. You’ll cool down quicker than you think and compression tights are a great way to keep the blood flow moving and help prevent nasty cramps.

They’re super comfy for the flight too – just FYI!

Day Pack
You get 23kg of baggage included in your Fijian Cup Sevens deal so be sure to save a little room in your check-in bag for a day pack. You don’t want to be hauling your whole bag with you down to the fields each morning. Fold up a little rucksack in your bigger bag for your field side essentials.

We have designed areas for each team down by the fields so you will be able to leave your bags altogether in one place while you’re playing and training.

Smart Clothes
Trust us when we say that we would gladly hang out in our athleisure wear every darn day if we could! But, the we have chosen the 5* Shangri-La Hotel & Resort for its luxurious feel. While there is no strict dress code we are inviting all of our guests for our event of tournament awards evening with prize giving and we like to all look the part.

Be sure to pack your glad rags for our welcome evening cocktail party and our closing ceremony awards night. Everyone loves to see the transformation from sweaty field-fresh rugby players to chic and suave party people!

And last but certainly not least DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! If you forget anything in that list above we might just be able to pull out all the stops and get you out of a fix. But no passport is a strict no go friends!