How to Survive the Fijian Touch Cup

The Fijian Touch Cup is a pretty intense few days, not only are you catching two flights in four days but you’re also competing at a high class sporting event…we’re not exaggerating, the standard of play is world class, in an undiscovered diamond in the rough kinda way!

Although you’ve survived many a rugby festival before we thought we’d give you a rundown on how to survive the Fijian Touch Cup just to help you out!

Let’s break it down;

Warm Up & Cool Down

The easiest way to survive the Fijian Touch Cup is to not get injured. The easiest way not to get injured? A comprehensive warm-up and cool down of course!

After the excitement of the finals or the blow of being knocked out the last thing players want to do is a cool down but this is just as important as your warm up; yes, your PE teacher was right!

Whatever the outcome of your final match remember to do a thorough cool down, even if it’s super hot, even if its super chilly, cool down baby!

We probably harp on about this one way too much but one sure fire way to survive the Fijian Touch Cup is to stay hydrated! In the Fijian heat you lose more water than you realise, you don’t have to have gotten super sweaty to be low on fluids.

Dehydration is not only linked to a huge dip in performance but is also the primary cause of heat exhaustion and heat stroke which are deadly serious. Drink up!

Good Night’s Sleep
Although we have a cocktail welcoming drink party on the first night make sure you don’t stay up all night on the dance floor, as tempting as it is! If you wanna survive the Fijian Touch Cup you’ve gotta suck it up and get a couple of early nights!

Stretch on the Plane
Sitting down is really bad for your circulation; sitting down on a plan, in a pressurised cabin does weird shit to your body. Even though the flight to Fiji is only a few hours long be sure to get up and walk about. Make an effort to stretch your legs out and get the blood flowing freely again.

When you get to our hotel take some time to stretch some more or even take a dip in the warm swimming pool. A mini aqua aerobic session may be in order!

We know you’re all about the rugby but don’t forget that you’ve come to the Fijian Touch Cup for a little holiday too. We have laid on some fantastic activities for you; half day tour of the island, a trip to the Big Bula Waterpark or a visit to Cloud 9.

To help you survive the Fijian Touch Cup you’ve gotta let your hair down, explore Fiji and embrace the island vibes!

Click here for a full rundown of our activities! (LINK)

As sensible of an athlete though you are, you’re here for a good time not for a long time. Once the competition is over don’t dwell on the result head to the bar and get in on the action.

Three sets of tournament winners get a $1000 bar tab to burn on their final night. Try as they might they may be in need of some drinking assistance! Piña Coladas all round team!

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