Why Touch Rugby is the Ultimate Island Sport / 5 Reasons Why Rugby is the Ultimate Island Sport

Rugby really is a special sport; touch rugby in particular is an incredibly accessible sport that not only improves players health and fitness but plays a key role in their social lives and development of interpersonal skills.

Without being too geeking and sports sciencey about it touch rugby has made a massive impact on the young communities of the Pacific islands and will continue to considerably contribute to their well-being in the years to come.

Touch rugby is without a shadow of a doubt the ultimate island sport and we’re gonna explore the reasons why. Let’s break it down;

Mixed Teams

What we love about touch rugby is that it is an all-inclusive game. Guys and girls, young and old, can join in with a game of touch rugby and enjoy a little light competition.

In the island villages it’s not uncommon to see youngsters having a game of touch before the sun goes down and they get called back home for dinner.

Unlike many other sports guys and girls can play touch rugby on a completely level playing field. The Pacific islands have a strong focus on community and the touch rugby community is one of the most open and welcoming sporting groups around.

Short Games

The islands are hot, always hot! Touch rugby is the ultimate island sport as games are only 30-40 minutes long. Short, sharp and highly skilled, touch rugby is made to be played in the hot, humid island nations.

Fun and Informal

Unlike the full contact game of rugby touch rugby is a more laid back, informal and fun version of the sport. The fun, laid back nature of the game mirrors the fun and laid back vibe of island life.

Although in full training and competition mode we all take our touch very seriously, outside of tournament time touch rugby is a great way to share skills, laugh, smile and get fit together.

Little to No Kit

Although at the Fijian Touch Cup we bring out the big guns and do everything by the book you actually need very little to play touch rugby. Literally just a ball (or ball like object..coconut?!) and jumpers for try lines.

If you’re playing on the beach you can draw the touch lines in the sand with a bit of driftwood and you’re away.

In terms of kit to wear on the islands you really can just come as you are. No need to fork out for the latest Nikes or Adidas boots, barefoot in the sand will do!

Get Beach Fit

Sports scientists reckon that in just 40-minutes of touch rugby the average player burns 700-calories! That’s the equivalent of one hour of jump rope! We know what we’d rather do!

Touch rugby is the ultimate island sport for making your beach buff and beautiful!

If you can think of more reasons why touch rugby is the ultimate island sport we’d love to hear from you! Share this post on Facebook and add your ideas to the list!

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