The Fijian Cup Touch Rugby Tournament Ballot Drawn

The Fijian Cup Championship Trophy

Freddy Walker/MediaPA

The Fijian Cup touch rugby tournament is set to heat up with the ballot now being drawn for the tournament.

With the countdown for the tournament being less than 250 days away, teams are now gearing towards one of the most exciting and lucrative touch rugby tournaments to be held around the world.

“We are extremely excited for the ballot to be done and the competition draw to be released. It will add a sense of realism to the tournament. The touch rugby will be awesome and the location even better” says TourismHQ, the organisers of the tournament.

The Fijian Cup is complimented by the Kava Cup women’s competition and both will run across two days. Afternoons will be spent relaxing in luxury accommodation with parties being run in the evenings for athletes to unwind.

“We are expecting that for years to come we will have teams continually coming back. We are attracting some high-quality players, which will add more competition to the tournament and see it ranked highly with similar competitions across the world.“

The tournament will be overseen by the Touch Federation of Fiji, who will appoint a Senior Technical Official to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly.

With the ballot now being drawn, teams will be closely following all information to come on the tournament. The tournament is going to be the ultimate touch tournament in paradise.

Head to to find out all you need to know around tournament logistics.

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Prizes at The Fijian and Kava Cups set to blow minds with over FJD$150,000 worth up for grabs

The Fijian Cup Championship TrophyFreddy Walker/MediaPA

The most incredible touch tournament in paradise is sure to attract the attention of touch rugby lovers across the globe with prizes adding up to over FJD$150,000!

The tournament is sanctioned by the Federation of International Touch and is run by Touch Fiji with support from Touch New Zealand.

The winning team of The Fijian cup men’s and Kava cup woman’s tournaments will receive a cash cheque for FJD$7,500. 10 accommodation and entry packages are included to allow the winning teams to return and defend their title the next year. Along with this comes a FJD$1,500 bar tab for both teams to celebrate with.

Along with these main prizes are afternoon experience spot prizes, which include Cloud9 trips, massages, zip lining, Beachcomber Island day trips, rounds of golf and half day fishing charters.

The team with the best costume will receive a FJD$1,000 bar tab, and the same amount will be given to the player who scores the most tries.

The tournament will mix enjoyment of the game with competition between some of the world’s best touch rugby players and teams.

“We are expecting that there will be some serious touch players and teams attending the Fijian and Kava cups. It is an exciting opportunity to play rugby in the most beautiful of locations” says Olivia Rogers, head of events for Tourism HQ.

To be a part of the most incredible touch rugby tournament in paradise, visit the Fijian Cup website today at

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The Fijian Cup in beautiful Fiji!

The Fijian Cup Sofitel Resort

Freddy Walker/MediaPA

While enjoying the competition of the Fijian Cup rugby tournaments, there is plenty to be experienced in beautiful Fiji.

“Along with the cups, we have a number of packages available to suit participant’s travelling needs” says the 2017 Fijian cup touch tournament organisers.

The competitions start on November 4, 2017 with support from Touch Fiji and New Zealand Touch.

There is an option for participants, along with the packages available to enter the touch tournaments to extend their stay by a night either side of the tournaments, two nights either side or to remove flights altogether and stay in Fiji for an extended period of time.

This provides the perfect opportunity for participants to experience all that Fiji has to offer. This includes attractions such as Bula Park, which is a great place for tournament players to cool off and enjoy a day of relaxation in the waterpark.

Another attraction is the famous Cloud9 floating platform. The experience includes an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria. Add to that a music surround sound system like no other, and it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The option to extend your stay is perfectly complimented by the opportunity to spend a day going to the world-renowned Beachcomber Island. The island is hailed as the ultimate ‘party by night, paradise by day’ experience and is one that every participant in the Fijian and Kava cups should strive to be a part of.

Along with these activities, there is zip-lining, golf and massages that can be frequented during the stay in Fiji. Each of these goes hand in hand with the Fijian and Kava cup touch tournaments.

“I would recommend making the most out of the time in beautiful Fiji, and participants really should try and see as much of the country as possible” enthuses the Fijian Cup 2017 organiser.

For more information about what can be experienced during and after the Fijian and Kava cup tournaments, visit

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What is the Fijian Cup?

The Fijian Cup Championship Trophy

The Fijian Touch Cup is, quite simply, the ultimate touch rugby championship hosted in the paradise pocket of the world, Fiji.

The Fijian Cup is a four day celebration of pacific island sport within a union of cultural exchange, party and relaxation. We have created an all-encompassing itinerary that provides our guests with a high class touch rugby competition, an authentic Fijian adventure and the chance to experience 5* luxury with all the relaxing benefits that that brings.

Join us in sporting paradise for the time of your life. Let’s break it down;

The Fijian Touch Cup is a chance for teams from across New Zealand and Australia to compete against Fiji’s biggest sporting stars and rising talent. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, not only to play internationally but to compete for prizes worth $150,000 FJD!

The Fijian Touch Cup is an open invite competition meaning any formal club team can sign up and play. Although this is considered a recreational tournament the standard of play is high and competition tough; we insist you bring your A-game! We host a men’s tournament, women’s tournament and a mixed tournament side by side. There’s never a dull moment and the skill level will blow your mind!

Our aim is to provide players a chance to experience true Fiji as well as a top rate sporting environment. The Fijian Touch Cup is bigger than just the event weekend, the programme has been designed to raise the profile of Fijian players and by choosing to attend this phenomenal competition you will be contributing to the development of local players. We believe that the Fiji Touch Cup is the first stepping stone for undiscovered Fijian talent in reaching the world stage. By investing in your own game you are also investing in the future of Fijian sport. Thank you, seriously.

Over the next 5 years we plan to create Academy Fiji, a leading body in the talent development pathway for Fijian players alongside offering a top notch academic education. The Fijian Touch Cup is more than just a competition, it’s a lifeline to sporting talent in the Pacific. For a rundown on how the competition works, click here. (LINK)

We are aware that time at the Fijian Touch Cup is short so we have every last detail mapped out for you, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to chill too. Games will be held across two days and are to be played from 9am until 2pm, this then gives players plenty of time to rest, recover and explore! To find out the full itinerary breakdown, click here. (LINK)

On top of the snorkeling and paddle boarding included in your package you can opt to join on our half day island tours or kick back in the Sheraton Fiji’s immaculate spa complex. You can even join us on Cloud 9! Fiji’s only floating paradise, featuring two levels of bars and a classic wood-fired pizzeria designed for you and your team to party hard after the boots are off!

We want everyone to be able to experience the magic of the Fijian Touch Cup so even if you’re not down for competing you can come along too! We’re always in need of cheerleaders! Bring your Mum, your Dad, your Sis and your Bro for the family holiday of a lifetime! The more the merrier! We have packages for non-paying guests, click here for more info. (LINK)

What’s Included in the Fijian Touch Cup?

The Fijian Touch Cup is the ultimate open invite sporting competition in the Pacific. To make sure you make the most out of your time in sporting paradise we have created an incredible timetable of events and an awesome package deal when you purchase your ticket.

Our packages have been meticulously designed to not only offer our guests great value for money but the time of their lives. We know that in the run up to kick off your sole focus is on getting ready and fighting fit. So you can concentrate on honing in on your skills we’ve taken all the stress out of organising your trip.

As you know, the Fijian Touch Cup is a chance to raise the profile and empower local Fijian players. By choosing to join us in Fiji you are helping to fund Touch NZ officials to come to Fiji to run refereeing and coaching clinics to our hosts and also the cover entry for local Fijian teams. You’re a bit of a hero to be fair!

Let’s break it down. In your Fijian Touch Cup package you will receive;

Return Flights

We realised that the most time consuming part of organising a trip is finding a good deal on flights, so we’ve got that covered, back to the gym you go! Your Fijian Touch Cup package includes return flights from either Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney to Nadi in Fiji.

If you want to stay longer in Fiji that’s easy as to do! We deduct $600 from your package and you can arrange your own flights and stay as long as you like!

You’ve just gotta turn up to the airport with your boot bag and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your passport too!


The highlight for many of the Fijian Touch Cup experience! Four nights with the option to extend to six nights!! You’ll be staying at paradise within paradise!

Private Transfers

As we said, only the best for our sporting superstars! We have arranged your transfers from the Nadi Airport to Pacific Harbour and back again, plus transport to and from the playing fields throughout each day. We’re good like that!

Big Buffet Breakfast

You’ve gotta be fuelled up before you hit the pitch! Making sure you get your carbs loaded and your protein fixed we lay on a luxury tropical breakfast buffet every morning.

We know how rugby players love their food; come back for seconds…thirds…even forth servings, there’s plenty to go around!


We love this! Included in your package you have access to paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling! Games and competitions finish at 2pm daily leaving you plenty of time to cool off in the ocean for a bit of active recovery!

We have a tonne of add-on activities you can enjoy too!

The Fijian Cup

Last but by no means least is the epic Tournament and all the prizes! Best ’til last!

Included in your package is entry to the Fijian Cup and the chance to win prizes worth well over $150,000 FJD! The competition is open for mens, womens and mixed teams.

On top of this we have a welcome ceremony with cocktails galore as well as a huge prize giving evening and explosive entertainment!

So there you have it! Not only does your package deal offer you entry to the best touch rugby tournament in the Pacific but accommodation, return flights, incredible island activities and more!

We’re buzzing for the Fijian Touch Cup, we can’t wait to show you our sporting paradise!

How Does the Competition Work?

Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament

We are proud to run the Fijian Touch Cup competition in conjunction with the Federation of International Touch and Touch NZ. In doing this we not only guarantee the highest standards of match officials and referees but ensure that the highest standards of safety are upheld at all times.


The Fijian Touch Cup is conducted in line with competition rules as stipulated by the Federation of International Touch, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The Touch Federation of Fiji assigns a Senior Technical Official who acts in the role of Technical Delegate. The Technical Delegate will oversee the implementation of all the governing rules and requirements of the games. Their decision is final.


Teams are to consist of a minimum of 10 athletes and a maximum of 16. All team members must be registered and confirmed by purchasing an official package.

Only 6 per team can be on pitch at any given moment of live play.

If you are low on numbers or have space free do let us know. We have a limitless number of Fijian players who would love to pull on your team’s shirt!

Competition Format
The tournament format will provide each team with a minimum of three games on each day of the preliminary rounds.

The tournaments have a play-off structure through to the finals to decide the winning teams in each division (men, women and mixed). The order of play will be announced once the final preliminary game has finished.

Each game will consist of two halves of 15-minutes each. There will be a 3-minute half time per match. There will be 5-minutes between each match.

Games commence at 9am and the tournament concludes at 2pm each day.


Touch balls will be provided for the official competition matches only. Team are required to bring their own balls and other training tools for the purposes of the warm up and training. If you have any questions about transporting your team’s equipment to the Fijian Touch Cup please email

Prize Giving

After the final games and team cool-downs have been held players and spectators will be transferred back to the Sheraton Fiji.
At 6pm on Day Three of the Fijian Cup experience all guests will be invited to attend the prize giving ceremony and join us for an evening of entertainment, awards and prizes.

What Makes the Fijian Cup So Special?

Over the past five years the game of Touch Rugby has had a massive surge in popularity. And about time too!

Touch Rugby is one of the best sports in the world for combining serious sporting competitions with a laid back, festival vibe once the final whistle has been blown. Rugby players have earned the reputation of being some of the most fun loving, caring and outright outrageous sporting bods in the world, not to mention the most gracious of winners and courteous of losers too. Whatever the result, rugby is the real winner!

We take these strong rugby values and up the ante. We bring island vibes and a taste of paradise into the mix. This, teamed with our community development pledge, is what makes the Fijian Touch Cup so special.

What is the Community Development Pledge?
In this surge of popularity has come a great deal of profit for sports tour operators, which is great. We, however, have seen an opportunity to send these funds into more deserving places than our director’s back pocket (he works hard and defo deserves a bonus though!).

We’re also keen to make sure our guests receive the best value for money as possible. Having looked at what was on offer we saw that some competitions charge upwards of $1000 per player, for entry alone.

We can do better than that, we thought…so we did.

Our packages start at just $1499 and include entry fees, return flights, 5* accommodation and more. For a full breakdown on what’s included in the Fijian Touch Cup package click here. (LINK).

Back to the point; the funds and the good they can do. Our vision is to create a unique community where Fiji’s most promising sporting talents have access to world class education, life skills training and professional sport development within a safe and motivational environment. We have some big announcements coming up, so watch this space. You’ll be pumped to be part of it!

In the meantime, by joining us for the Fijian Touch Cup you are helping to fund Touch NZ officials and coaches to come to Fiji to train, up-skill and empower local Fijians. Our aim is to support young local players onto the talent development pathway and one day play on the world stage. Not only are you providing them with a challenging opponent during the event but you’re contributing to the kick start their sporting career needs.

In the run up to the Fijian Touch Cup, Touch NZ officials and world-class coaches will be flown to Fiji to run workshops, camps and skills clinics to ensure that the local teams are best prepared for the stiff competition you will give them.

Finally, we believe that Fiji itself is what makes the Fijian Cup so special. Not only is Fiji home to an exhilarating and adventurous style of rugby but home to an exhilarating and adventurous style of travel too.

Off the pitch you can snorkel, kayak or paddle board until your heart’s content. You can kick back and enjoy some of the best beaches in the Pacific or head out into town and absorb Fiji’s vibrant culture. Let’s not forget the chance to be properly pampered at the Sheraton Fiji’s 5* spa complex!

No boring hostel rooms or uninspiring activities here; Fiji is waiting for you, it’s gonna be the time of your life!

Why the Fijian Cup is Great for Guys

Players at The Fijian Cup Tournament
Guys we hear you! You wanna head out on an epic team tour but don’t wanna worry about the logistics, booking flights, organising opponents or finding a hotel that’ll house you and your rowdy mob. Well, you’ve come to just the right place! The Fijian Cup is great for guys for so many reasons, let’s break it down!

All Organised

Literally all you and your boys have to do is turn up at the airport, with your passport and your boots!

We have organised everything else for you; awesome opponents, 5* accommodation, transfers, activities and a big buffet breakfast too. Bring some Fijian Dollars to put behind the bar and you’re golden.

If some of your crew are ready to pay up now and others need to spread the cost that’s no problem either. All you each need is an initial $50 to secure your spot at the competition and we’ll guide you from there. To check out our Fijian Cup monthly payment plan, click here. (LINK)

Team Activities

Paintball and Laser Tag is for the junior boys and gals, you and your crew deserve a more esteemed range of tour entertainment and we have the perfect set of team bonding activities for you.

Included in your package is unlimited kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling. Fiji is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world so be sure to charge up the GoPro. It’s a whole other world down there!

You can also opt to join onto adventurous half day tours of the island after the competition is done for the day, or even pamper yourselves in the Sheraton Fiji 5* spa complex…no, it’s not just for the gals!

Cloud 9 has to be the ultimate rugby tour treat. Cloud 9 is Fiji’s only multi-level floating platform and features not only an Italian wood-fired pizzeria but a cutting edge sound system, DJs and as much booze as a sensible performing athlete can endure! It’s ours for the duration of the Fijian Touch Cup, secure your spot ASAP, this fills up fast!

Value for Money

We looked at the prices teams are paying to enter touch rugby competitions throughout the Pacific and realised that we could do better.

Our package is not only super affordable but offers you and the guys great value for money. This, we hope, means that everyone can join us in sporting paradise.

Our packages start at just $1499 and include flights, accommodation, transfers and more. We have also kept the additional activity costs to a minimum too meaning you can all make the most of your time in Fiji.

Bro Time

We know that although you take your rugby very seriously that it’s actually a big part of your social life and down time too. We appreciate that you and your boys need some time to kick back, relax and shoot the shit. Where better to do that than in a 5* resort in Fiji?

The bar is open ’til late and we have booked out the whole resort. No need to worry about disturbing the honeymoon couple, you’re all in the same boat!

Just don’t be the tournament tw*t though!

There you have it, we doubt you needed any more convincing on whether or not the Fijian Touch Cup is great for guys but there are four top reasons why you should secure your spot right here right now…do it…click here!

Why the Fijian Touch Cup is Great for Gals

Female Team at The Fijian Cup

Girls, we all know the drill! Organising a rugby tour that keeps the whole team happy can be tough. You all wanna head out to play some high class touch rugby against challenging opponents but teaming this with a bit a R&R can be tricky. Good job you’ve found the Fijian Touch Cup!

This is a touch competition with a difference, you get the best of both worlds; a little touch of paradise and world-class touch rugby too.

The Fijian Cup is great for you and your gals for heaps of reasons, let’s break it down!

Easy to Organise
We feel you, trying to organise hotels, flights, transfers and matches for your tour makes life unnecessarily hectic. Even if you and your team head to a touch rugby festival chance are you’ll be camping or having to sort your own accommodation and hotel owners aren’t too fond of hosting a team of rowdy rugby players…can’t think why?!

sHere at the Fijian Touch Cup we’ve removed all the hassle and stress for you. All you and your gals have to do is register your team, each pay your $50 deposit and you’re halfway there!

Your Fijian Touch Cup package includes 5* accommodation at the Sheraton Fiji, return flights to Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland, transfers, team activities and a big breakfast buffet every morning.

That’s on to top of competition entry, prizes worth $150,000+ and an epic end of festival awards night!

To make organising your trip that bit easier we’ve created the Fijian Touch Cup Monthly Payment Plan so if some of your gals are ready to pay now and others need to spread the cost that’s no worries. We’ve intentionally kept out package costs as low as $1,499 in hope that everyone can join us in Fiji.

Epic Team Activities

Finding team activities to do on tour that aren’t gimmicky is kinda hard. Finding tour activities that everyone is genuinely happy to take part in is even harder. We have a whole host of kick ass team activities for you and the gals to enjoy when you’re not on the pitch.

Your packages include free, unlimited paddle boarding, snorkelling and kayaking. The gentle shores of the Pacific in Fiji are perfect for stand up paddle boarding and a great way to work that core for a bit of active recovery!

Fiji is home to some of the best snorkelling spots in the world. Remember to bring the GoPro to capture the underwater magic.

If you and your gals are in the mood for a party (and let’s face it you will be!) you can join us on Cloud 9!

Cloud 9 is the ideal rugby tour treat and is Fiji’s only multi level floating party platform. Cloud 9 features a state of the art sound system and classic Italian wood-fired pizzeria. This is where the party’s at! Make sure you and your gals book your spot on Cloud 9 as soon as possible; everyone want a piece of the action!

How could we forget! If you’re feeling like you need a bit of pampering between matches you can head to the Sheraton Fiji’s 5* spa complex. You and the gals can opt into a half-day spa package extravaganza; the perfect way to recover from a tough day on the pitch!

Unbeatable Value for Money

Having spoken to players like you we realised that value for money is important and that you and your gals deserve to have the time of your lives while on rugby tour.

We looked at the cost of touch rugby festivals across the Pacific, NZ and Oz and realised that we could do better…so we have!

We are proud to offer you and your gals unbeatable value for money, we hope that this means everyone can join us in the world’s greatest sporting paradise.

The Fijian Touch Cup programme of events has been intentionally designed to give you and the team a chance to experience world-class standard of rugby while having the travel experience of a lifetime all within a super affordable package.

Gal Time

We appreciate that rugby is a massive part of your life but that it’s the social side of things that really makes you love the game.

We also appreciate that work, family and all other parts of your life mean that opportunities to just hang out with your team mates sometimes come few and far between.

The Fijian Touch Cup is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the sisterhood, make heaps of memories on and off the pitch and ultimately have the time of your life in the world’s best sporting island, Fiji.

Well, there are four great reasons why the Fijian Touch Cup is great for gals! Share this with your teammates if they’re in need to convincing!

To secure your spot at the best touch rugby competition in the Pacific click here! (LINK)

Why is the Fijian Touch Cup is Great for Couples

Down Time at The Fijian Cup Tournament
Are you and your lover a rugby mad, uber competitive pair? Is one of you rugby mad and the other supportive but indifferent? Either way, the Fijian Touch Cup is great for a couple and we’re about to tell you why!

Whether you join us on the pitch or on the sidelines we know you and your beau are gonna have the time of your lives in Fiji; let’s break it down!

For Competing Couples

The Fijian Touch Cup is made for people like you! Whether you play for a guys team, a gals team or in the mixed teams the competitive element will do your relationship the world of good.

Psychologist have suggested that competitive couples are happier! By being active together you are constantly elevating stress and producing endorphins that boost your mood; competing the same environment can make for a more relaxed relationship.

You’ll also find you become each other’s cheerleaders. When your partner shares with you your successes and failures they can be a source of encouragement and critique too.

Seeing your lover succeed or perform well makes you want to up your game too. So although you’re competing against your opponents you’re also secretly competing against one another to see who really is the best touch rugby player in the house!

Off the pitch the Fijian Touch Cup is pretty damn perfect too. This festival is not only about rugby it’s about being able to experience Fiji and ultimately have a holiday too.

Always bear in mind that if you both win your respective competitions you win the chance to return next year to defend your title…

If you wanna add a touch of romance to your time away be sure to book onto our 5* spa afternoon at the Sheraton Fiji. There’s nothing like staying at a 5* hotel to start feeling a little bit lovey-dovey if you know what we mean!

We can literally take you and bae to Cloud 9! The ultimate Fijian party destination and it’s beyond luxurious!

For Playing/Supporting Couples

If you’re competing at the Fijian Touch Cup why not bring your lover along? We all need a cheerleader and this way everyone’s a winner! You get to play the game you love and your lover gets to see you do your thang while kicking back in paradise.

Even if your lover isn’t keen on rugby at all, bring them along!

A) They may find they get caught up in the spirit of the festival and find a new love of the game!

B) Competition only runs from 8am-2pm so they can do whatever it is that makes them happy for half the day while you’re playing and then you can enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening together at the 5* Sheraton resort.

We have package deals designed for non-playing guests too, they’ll have a whale of a time, we promise!

The Fijian Touch Cup is the ultimate couples holiday whether you’re a competitive pair or a playing/cheerleading combo.

You’re gonna have the time of your lives, we can’t wait!

Why You Should Referee at the Fijian Touch Cup

Players, Referee and Locals at The Fijian Cup
The Fijian Touch Cup is an incredible opportunity for you to referee some of the best touch rugby talent in the Pacific. Let’s take a look at why you should referee at the Fijian Touch Cup;

Up Your Game
Our tournament is organised and managed in conjunction with the Federation of International Touch, Touch NZ and the Touch Federation of Fiji. This is an incredible opportunity to get yourself on the radar of the sport’s governing bodies. Of course, we will send you away with glowing reference and invite you back next year should you wish to do it all again!

The Fijian Touch Cup players are fast, fit and incredibly skilled. Although they play within the law they know the game and know how to stretch and manipulate the rules to work in their favour. These are no ordinary players, many of the Fijian players in particular are on a player development pathway that will see them perform on the international stage in the not too distant future.

Refereeing at the Fijian Touch Cup will challenge you mentally and physically. Do you think you have the fitness to keep up with some of the Pacific’s fastest players? Can you maintain a level playing field within a fast paced game? Do you want to up your refereeing game in paradise?

If the answer is yes you all you better apply right now! Click here to apply now! (LINK)

Be a Part of Player Development

Like we said, many of the players who attend the Fijian Touch Cup are on player development pathways that will see them hit the international stage very, very soon. This makes the Fijian Touch Cup an exceptional opportunity for players but also an exceptional opportunity for referees and match officials too. Not only do you get the opportunity to up your game and challenge yourself but contribute to the development of players set to change the game big time.

It will be your job to ensure that these players get the most out of their game so they can learn, grow and adapt to the challenges they will face on the international stage. Touch rugby is no longer a simple training game for the age groups is a competitive sport in its own right and we need the best referees around to ensure that the Fijian Touch Cup remains the best touch rugby competition in the Pacific.

You, as a referee, will play a key role in the success of the Fijian Touch Cup.

Discounted Package Rates

This is a great reason why you should referee at the Fijian Touch Cup. In order to encourage referees to join us in sporting paradise we are helping to cover the package fees.

Referee packages cost just $999 and include flights and accommodation. You too get a room at the Sheraton Fiji 5* resort and access to kayaking, snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding after the games have finished each day.

Referees are a crucial part of our team and so of course you too will be invited to attend our epic end of festival party and prize giving ceremony.

There are three great reasons why you should referee at the Fijian Touch Cup. To go right ahead and register your interest click here!