Why the Fijian Touch Cup is Great for Gals

Female Team at The Fijian Cup

Girls, we all know the drill! Organising a rugby tour that keeps the whole team happy can be tough. You all wanna head out to play some high class touch rugby against challenging opponents but teaming this with a bit a R&R can be tricky. Good job you’ve found the Fijian Touch Cup!

This is a touch competition with a difference, you get the best of both worlds; a little touch of paradise and world-class touch rugby too.

The Fijian Cup is great for you and your gals for heaps of reasons, let’s break it down!

Easy to Organise
We feel you, trying to organise hotels, flights, transfers and matches for your tour makes life unnecessarily hectic. Even if you and your team head to a touch rugby festival chance are you’ll be camping or having to sort your own accommodation and hotel owners aren’t too fond of hosting a team of rowdy rugby players…can’t think why?!

sHere at the Fijian Touch Cup we’ve removed all the hassle and stress for you. All you and your gals have to do is register your team, each pay your $50 deposit and you’re halfway there!

Your Fijian Touch Cup package includes 5* accommodation at the Sheraton Fiji, return flights to Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland, transfers, team activities and a big breakfast buffet every morning.

That’s on to top of competition entry, prizes worth $150,000+ and an epic end of festival awards night!

To make organising your trip that bit easier we’ve created the Fijian Touch Cup Monthly Payment Plan so if some of your gals are ready to pay now and others need to spread the cost that’s no worries. We’ve intentionally kept out package costs as low as $1,499 in hope that everyone can join us in Fiji.

Epic Team Activities

Finding team activities to do on tour that aren’t gimmicky is kinda hard. Finding tour activities that everyone is genuinely happy to take part in is even harder. We have a whole host of kick ass team activities for you and the gals to enjoy when you’re not on the pitch.

Your packages include free, unlimited paddle boarding, snorkelling and kayaking. The gentle shores of the Pacific in Fiji are perfect for stand up paddle boarding and a great way to work that core for a bit of active recovery!

Fiji is home to some of the best snorkelling spots in the world. Remember to bring the GoPro to capture the underwater magic.

If you and your gals are in the mood for a party (and let’s face it you will be!) you can join us on Cloud 9!

Cloud 9 is the ideal rugby tour treat and is Fiji’s only multi level floating party platform. Cloud 9 features a state of the art sound system and classic Italian wood-fired pizzeria. This is where the party’s at! Make sure you and your gals book your spot on Cloud 9 as soon as possible; everyone want a piece of the action!

How could we forget! If you’re feeling like you need a bit of pampering between matches you can head to the Sheraton Fiji’s 5* spa complex. You and the gals can opt into a half-day spa package extravaganza; the perfect way to recover from a tough day on the pitch!

Unbeatable Value for Money

Having spoken to players like you we realised that value for money is important and that you and your gals deserve to have the time of your lives while on rugby tour.

We looked at the cost of touch rugby festivals across the Pacific, NZ and Oz and realised that we could do better…so we have!

We are proud to offer you and your gals unbeatable value for money, we hope that this means everyone can join us in the world’s greatest sporting paradise.

The Fijian Touch Cup programme of events has been intentionally designed to give you and the team a chance to experience world-class standard of rugby while having the travel experience of a lifetime all within a super affordable package.

Gal Time

We appreciate that rugby is a massive part of your life but that it’s the social side of things that really makes you love the game.

We also appreciate that work, family and all other parts of your life mean that opportunities to just hang out with your team mates sometimes come few and far between.

The Fijian Touch Cup is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the sisterhood, make heaps of memories on and off the pitch and ultimately have the time of your life in the world’s best sporting island, Fiji.

Well, there are four great reasons why the Fijian Touch Cup is great for gals! Share this with your teammates if they’re in need to convincing!

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