The Fijian Cup FAQ’s

We’ve grouped together the most frequently asked questions for the Fijian Cup Tournament! If your question is not covered below please feel free to touch base with our Customer Service team by emailing

Do we need to purchase an official package to enter the tournament?

Yes, by group buying together we’re able to deliver the best value-for-money packages while also underwriting the event and the incredible prize packages. These packages also help cover the costs of flying up Touch NZ representatives to run referee and coaching clinics for our Fijian Hosts and also entry for Fijian teams who might otherwise struggle to afford entry.

What format will the tournament run?

The tournament structure will provide a minimum of three games per team on each day of the preliminary rounds. With a play-off structure through to the finals to decide the winning teams for each of the Fijian Cups. Each game shall consist of two halves of 15 minutes, three minutes for half time and five minutes between each match.

What divisions are there at The Fijian Cup

We have four divisions that compete in the Fijian Cup

Mens Open
Womens Open
Mixed Open
Mixed Masters (35 years +)

Each division has a maximum of 4 teams including local Fijian teams and are all eligible to compete in the $50,000 prize pool.

What oversight and rules will be in place?

The Fijian Cup will be conducted in line with the competition rules of the Federation of International Touch (FIT), or as otherwise specified. The Touch Federation of Fiji will appoint a Senior Technical Official to act in the role of Technical Delegate. The Technical Delegate will oversee the implementation of all the governing rules and requirements of the Games.

How do I register to play?

To compete all athletes must be registered with the purchase an official package at A maximum of 16 players per team, each international team must have a minimum of 10 international players.

If you’re short of players their are a number of Fijians that would love to join your team. Players are limited to register for one team only. To ensure player accreditation and printing of passes before commencement, all players must have registered by booking an official package by 5pm July 30th.

Each team must have a referee attending The Fijian Cup, TourismHQ provides a subsidised package to help support this!

Do I need an accompanying parent or guardian if I am under 18?

Yes you do. As there is travel involved if you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

What is included in the packages?

Refer to the specific package page for a full breakdown of what’s included!

If I have booked a solo package who will I be roomed with?

If you want to be roomed with someone specifically then we recommend you book a twin package to guarantee this. All solo packages will otherwise be roomed with other team members. If you want to be roomed with someone specifically then this will need to go through your Team Manager and organised with the resort when you arrive in Fiji.

Can we extend our trip?

Yes, after placing down your deposit we provide you the option to add a night either side or even remove your flights all together so you can stay in Fiji for as long as you want!

Are there other accommodation options?

We’ve secured a deal that makes this luxury resort option better value than entry level accommodation!!! Being based all together in Shangri La is what makes this experience so incredible with access to the fields and a huge selection of bars and restaurants in the area. As past contestants will advise this is an experience like no other and is the only way to make this event possible!

What other meal costs can we expect?

Full buffet breakfast is included daily. There are restaraunts onsite and also bars and restaurants close by in  Sigatoka. A small supermarket available for refreshments and local markets is also available nearby in Sigatoka. 

What beverage prices can we expect?

You are welcome to bring Duty Free to the resort to drink in your rooms. Beers and Wine can be bought locally starting from AU/NZ $6 a pint. There is a shop onsite at the Resort that has supermarket priced beverages that you can also enjoy in your room.

Approximate Resort beverage costings are below

Local beer FJD$9.50/NZD$6.00

Wine FJD$14.00 glass/NZD$10.00

Standard spirit and mixer FJD$19.00 glass/NZD$13.00

Soft drink FJD$8.00/$NZD$6.00

What other inclusions are there at the resort?

There is always something happening around the Resort, whether it be pool aerobics or a volleyball game , there is plenty to do!
Children aged up to 11 years of age have complimentary access to a Kids’ Club

You can download a copy of an example kids club timetable here.

It’s not all about the kid’s though, adults can also have a tonne of fun with a range of free activities. To give you an idea of the sort of activities that are run each week, feel free to download a sample brochure.

What other activities are there at the Resort?

If you are feeling adventurous then there is heaps to do at the resort and in the area! Sigatoka is world famous for it’s massive sand dunes. Grab your crew then head  out of the Resort then right, make sure you take some cash. You will see the huge dunes about half way between the Resort and Sigatoka, just rock up and pay your cash (FJD$10) per person and a guide will walk you up. It’s about an hour round trip on the walk so be sure to sunblock up and also take some water!

Looking for something awesome to do at the Resort? Then we have pricelist here for watersports and land activities.

Everything can be booked at the Resort reception!

Do I need a passport?

Yes, please also ensure that there is also at least six months until expiry from thee of your return.

Do I need a visa for Fiji?

NZ & Australian citizens are automatically issued tourist visas when you arrive in Fiji. For more clarification on this and details on other national passports visit here.

When can I find out about flight times and the itinerary for the event?

As it is a group booking you won’t need a ticket as such however your flight itinerary will be emailed to your party’s primary contact 2 weeks prior to departure.

Do I need travel insurance?

Most definitely! Travel Insurance can cover a range of unforeseen instances that affect travel, such as medical expenses, trip postponement, trip delay or baggage delay, just to name a few!

How do I book?

You can secure your spot with a $50pp deposit, following payment of this deposit you will receive an email with the option to pay upfront or opt into a monthly or weekly payment plan. If no payment is selected within 7 days then your account will automatically be switched to weekly instalments. 

What payment methods are there?

All payments for security purposes are transacted by Credit Card. Failure to make timely payments may result in cancellation of your reservation. We provide a seven day window of lenience for payments to go through. The system will try to deduct the instalment once every 24hours from the due date, for 7 days. A default fee of $2.00 is incurred for each failed attempt to cover transaction fees.

Can I change the details of those travelling with me?

We provide the ability to change your name, or those travelling with you free of charge up until six weeks out from departure.

There is strictly no changes to bookings within 30 days of travel

What currency and payment methods are available in Fiji?

All transactions on the island will be in Fijian Dollars. While at the resort you can charge your expenses back to your room and pay this amount via credit card or with Fiji cash.

What fees should I know about?

Airport Fees:
Nil, we have this all covered in your package cost.

Additional Taxes:
Nil, we have this all covered in your package cost.

Name change fees:
Free of Charge until six weeks out from departure, following this changes will incur a $100pp fee. Strictly no name changes within 30 days of travel

Credit card Fees:
2.8% on all credit card transactions

Payment Plan Fee:
A 9% admin fee is added for those opting to pay their balance on a monthly basis.

Admin fees:

Name changes and most other changes can be made by signing into your account and navigating your way around. Any other changes or if you wish for TourismHQ to change for you will require a $100pp administration fee plus any additional charges that maybe required by the relevant suppliers.

Cancellation Fees:
In order for us to deliver such great deals we are unable to reimburse you. Depending on your circumstances your travel insurance may cover you in such an event.

Is there a fee for checked luggage with the airline?

Our flights for the Fijian Cup include standard check-in 23 kg luggage and 7 kg carry-on luggage. Please refer to Fiji Airways website for more information on standard luggage allowances.

Are hotel deposits required?

The resort will tab a refundable damage/security deposit that is collected at check-in and returned if there is no damage to your room. This is done at the time of check-in with a hold on a credit card or if paying in cash equivalent to FJD$150 per day for the duration of your stay.

What happens if I am late in paying an instalment

Failure to make timely payments may result in cancellation of your reservation. We provide a seven day window of lenience for payments to go through.

Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?

In most cases, yes, you may transfer your reservation to someone else, free of charge, up until six weeks out from the trip you can do this online by signing into your account. Within six weeks no changes are possible, please ensure you’ve secured travel insurance!

Can I plug in my electrical equipment?

Fiji has the same electrical outlets and power supply as in Australia and New Zealand. If you can get it onto the island you can plug it in.

Where can I fund the full Terms & Conditions?

You can view our Terms & Conditions here. If there’s a question not answered above please feel free to touch base with our Customer Service team by emailing

We’ve grouped together the most frequently asked questions for the Fijian Cup Tournament! If your question is not covered below please feel free to touch base with our Customer Service team by emailing