What’s Included in the Fijian Touch Cup?

The Fijian Touch Cup is the ultimate open invite sporting competition in the Pacific. To make sure you make the most out of your time in sporting paradise we have created an incredible timetable of events and an awesome package deal when you purchase your ticket.

Our packages have been meticulously designed to not only offer our guests great value for money but the time of their lives. We know that in the run up to kick off your sole focus is on getting ready and fighting fit. So you can concentrate on honing in on your skills we’ve taken all the stress out of organising your trip.

As you know, the Fijian Touch Cup is a chance to raise the profile and empower local Fijian players. By choosing to join us in Fiji you are helping to fund Touch NZ officials to come to Fiji to run refereeing and coaching clinics to our hosts and also the cover entry for local Fijian teams. You’re a bit of a hero to be fair!

Let’s break it down. In your Fijian Touch Cup package you will receive;

Return Flights

We realised that the most time consuming part of organising a trip is finding a good deal on flights, so we’ve got that covered, back to the gym you go! Your Fijian Touch Cup package includes return flights from either Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney to Nadi in Fiji.

If you want to stay longer in Fiji that’s easy as to do! We deduct $600 from your package and you can arrange your own flights and stay as long as you like!

You’ve just gotta turn up to the airport with your boot bag and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your passport too!


The highlight for many of the Fijian Touch Cup experience! Four nights with the option to extend to six nights!! You’ll be staying at paradise within paradise!

Private Transfers

As we said, only the best for our sporting superstars! We have arranged your transfers from the Nadi Airport to Pacific Harbour and back again, plus transport to and from the playing fields throughout each day. We’re good like that!

Big Buffet Breakfast

You’ve gotta be fuelled up before you hit the pitch! Making sure you get your carbs loaded and your protein fixed we lay on a luxury tropical breakfast buffet every morning.

We know how rugby players love their food; come back for seconds…thirds…even forth servings, there’s plenty to go around!


We love this! Included in your package you have access to paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling! Games and competitions finish at 2pm daily leaving you plenty of time to cool off in the ocean for a bit of active recovery!

We have a tonne of add-on activities you can enjoy too!

The Fijian Cup

Last but by no means least is the epic Tournament and all the prizes! Best ’til last!

Included in your package is entry to the Fijian Cup and the chance to win prizes worth well over $150,000 FJD! The competition is open for mens, womens and mixed teams.

On top of this we have a welcome ceremony with cocktails galore as well as a huge prize giving evening and explosive entertainment!

So there you have it! Not only does your package deal offer you entry to the best touch rugby tournament in the Pacific but accommodation, return flights, incredible island activities and more!

We’re buzzing for the Fijian Touch Cup, we can’t wait to show you our sporting paradise!